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The Pillars of an Exceptional Coworking Space

If you are looking for office rental space in Dallas, TX, you might end up being frustrated with the expensive prices! Luckily, there is an alternative if you want to save – a coworking space. But, with too many options available, which space is best for you? Read on and we will briefly tackle some of the things that will make a coworking space exceptional!

A Welcoming Design

From the moment you set foot in the coworking space, you must feel welcomed. Otherwise, you might end up being unproductive when you start to work. In recent years, hospitality in coworking spaces has been given a higher degree of importance by the providers, such as Common Desk. Meaning, they have been more proactive in thinking of ways to make their places more accommodating, which will help them to attract more clients.

A Strategic Location

The coworking space will be your office. Therefore, it should be in a location that is accessible and safe. If it is too far from where you live, you will end up wasting a lot of your time commuting or traveling. Also, if it is in a central location, your clients will be happy since it is a place they can easily visit when they need to meet you. A central location might be quite expensive, but it is sure to be worth your money.

A Social Environment

In one article from Forbes, the author asserted that coworking’s social aspect has been a big draw to its clients. People are inspired, and they tend to become more creative when they are surrounded by others. A good coworking space should be socially exciting. This will make the work less stressful. Plus, it also provides more opportunities for networking. It should be a place not only where work is done, but also where you can make friends.

An Opportunity to Grow

A lot of coworking spaces these days are actively organizing programs and events that can help their tenants grow in their professions. They provide workshops that are meant to mentor those who have yet to learn in their chosen fields. Choose a coworking space that is known for their initiatives in helping other people grow.

An Affordable Price

The main reason why people go to coworking spaces instead of traditional offices is the fact that it is cheaper. Therefore, find a place that offers prices that are easy on the wallet. They should have different plans that are available, such as daily, weekly, and monthly. Nonetheless, never trade quality for cost!

A Fast Internet

This is one thing that you should not ignore when choosing a coworking space, especially when your line of work requires you to be online most of the time. It can be frustrating to work in a place where the internet is slow! You can get more things done in a short span of time if your internet speed is blazing fast!

In sum, if you are looking for an exceptional coworking space, make sure that it ticks all the right boxes, including the things that have been mentioned above.

6 Benefits of Having a Digital Receptionist

With the use of a digital receptionist software such as Greetly, visitor registration and issuance of visitor badges can now be automated. A human front desk assistant is no longer necessary. If you are not yet convinced that a digital receptionist will be good for the business, keep on reading as we list down some of its most significant benefits.

  1. Save Money

Amongst the many cost-cutting measures that can be implemented in an office, one of the most promising would be using a digital receptionist as a replacement to a human receptionist. In the long-run, you will be able to save a lot of money since you no longer need to employ a full-time employee just so there will be someone to be on the front desk.

  1. Improve Availability

With a digital receptionist, availability will not be an issue. This means that there will always be someone available at the front desk to handle the arrival of guests. To add, depending on the scope of the software, it is also possible to set up an automatic answering feature, making sure that no calls will be missed, even during outside of office hours.

  1. Speed Up the Process

Using a visitor registration software like is also beneficial in terms of making sure that visitors won’t have to wait for a long time. One of the reasons for this is because they can already pre-register beforehand. To add, because the process is automated, it will be significantly quicker compared to signing in a logbook.

  1. Instant Notifications

After a visitor logs in through the software, the contact person will be immediately notified. This can be done in the form of voice, text, or email. Therefore, if you are the person to be visited, you will already know that there is someone in the lobby waiting for you. This gives you the time to prepare and to manage your own schedule.

  1. Customization

This is one thing that will depend on your personal choice of a digital receptionist to use in the front office. Generally, however, it offers a high degree of customization. You can have it personalized based on the interface that visitors will find easy to use. You can also customize the visitor badges to help identify the guests who are present in the office.

  1. Ease of Use

Again, this will be dependent on the software that you will be using. However, it would be safe to say that digital receptionists are easy to set up. Often, they might take only about ten minutes to get ready. Even the users of the system – your office visitors – will not have a hard time figuring out how the system works as there is a user-friendly interface.

Now that we have tackled the benefits of having a digital receptionist, there is no excuse to not have one! It is one of the technologies that can significantly improve the front office and provide guests with a better experience.

3 Year Cosmetic Surgery Business Plan

Becoming a doctor or cosmetic surgery is one of the hardest things to master, and while your educational history will train you to work under pressure, with skill and knowledge to help every choice, it doesn’t help your business acumen.


It can become a worry when you open the doors to a new surgery business, and there are a significant amount of empty beds and a lack of consultations. Sadly, being the best in your trade isn’t always enough to fill the books with enquiries and creating a business plan is a necessity. To give you a brief idea on what your plan needs to consist of, here’s a look at three years and what changes you need to make.


Year One: Build

The first few months will be the toughest, and it’s about creating trust with clients and potential partners. You’ll always need to ask patients if they are comfortable showcasing your work, which isn’t always the easiest task for a breast augmentation Manchester surgery as some people won’t be comfortable with being on the website or in a portfolio.


Advertising is the other option and if you find that you don’t have a rich portfolio yet, the digital market might be the breast approach. Building your website up on google searches and paying for social media ads prove to be the most effective as you can target people interested in cosmetic surgery. Having a billboard or a magazine section might work for big companies, but the ad can be wasted of people who aren’t interested at all.


Year Two: Develop

If you’ve gained traction and had people in the door for consultations and operations, you can begin to offer referral discounts and spread through word of mouth. You want your clients to go out and praise the work you’ve done, as when it comes to something as expensive or personal as surgery, a friends recommendation can’t be bought.


Consider adding extra services to your business, if you specialise in certain aspects of cosmetic surgery, through training or hiring new staff you can add new specialities to your practice, which in turn will attract additional clients and possible return business.


Year Three: Branch Out

While the first two years of the plan will be locally based, branching out around the country can work well for surgery practices. Plastic surgery is something a person would travel across the country for in order to receive the best service, so if you find your expansion needs a next level this is the way to go. Just be sure that you can control any influx of inquiries that can come from going nationwide.


A business plan is never set in stone, and you might find that the second part of your plan doesn’t take exactly a year, it’s best to use this as a guideline to give you a positive direction to strive for.



Amelia Morgan is a freelance writer with a current interest in surgery and it’s impacts before and after of a patient and is based locally to a cosmetic surgery Manchester practice. Amelia also enjoys blogging about the latest fashion trends and current news.

4 Golden Rules to Choosing the Right Online Business Opportunity

When deciding to start an online business, it’s important to have the right idea, and no matter how brilliant this idea is, keep in mind that it wouldn’t work without patience and a proper plan. Establishing an online business will require you to mount real dedication of time and effort, let alone the requirement of money.

If you are wondering how to choose the right online business opportunity, then you have come to the right place. Here are the four golden rules to finding one. Make sure to keep them all in mind!

#1. What Is Your Start-Up Investment?  

By now you already know that every business needs investments, not only money but also time. You must ask yourself how much you’re willing to move forward with for the overall start-up costs. This is where you need to determine how much money you can utilize and invest in your business.

However, you must find the balance – Just because you are starting a business it does not mean you have to skip meals and stop paying bills. Sure, a business cannot grow if it doesn’t have the money to start. However, it is never a good idea to put all eggs in one basket.

#2. What Kind Of Support or Training Is Available? 

This one here is important. Remember that as a new online business owner, you must have resources to learn all ups and downs. It also gives you the ability to enhance your general business skills. It also gives you the ability to enhance your general business skills. There is nothing wrong about enrolling in classes or constantly looking for support. Doing any of these does not mean you are incapable of running your online business.

For instance, you want to have knowledge about various online marketing platforms. In one way or another, you chanced upon the banner advertising platform You firmly believe that this could help your business in some ways. Obviously, you need to learn all about it first, and that’s exactly how you should take things further.         

#3. Do You Think Compensation Can Wait?

At the end of the day, your business – no matter how small or big it is – will have to make money. It’s crucial that you understand how money affects your online business’s primary stage. Ask yourself this: “Am I willing to see the fruits of my labor or am I just after for the quick financial reward?”

Regardless of your answer, the key is to always set realistic goals. If you think your budget is going to prevent you from achieving measurable returns, then perhaps it is not the best time to start your venture. Pull back for now and plan your next move.

#4. Do You Believe In Your Online Business?

Let’s say you are leaning towards a product-oriented business. Do you actually like the products you are selling? Do you believe your products are of high-quality? If you think otherwise, then there is no sense moving forward. If you do not believe in your business, no one else will. The same thing can be said for service-oriented business. You must believe in the services you’re offering and that it could benefit others.

The Working Student’s Guide to College Costs and Budgeting

As a student, budgeting is essential if you want to make college a lot more affordable. However, more often than not, many students fail to set a budget beforehand. In a 2016 study, 43 percent of students say that they don’t track their spending habits, while a staggering 58 per cent say that they aren’t saving cash each month. As a result, it doesn’t come as a surprise anymore that 7 out of 10 students are stressed, when it comes to their financial security.

Why Do You Need to Budget?

While managing your cash flow and budgeting may be the last things that are on your mind, especially if you have a term paper to finish, or you’re studying for an unexpected exam, it is vital. By having a budgeting plan early on, you’ll likely develop healthy financial habits in the future.


The Budgeting Basics

Know Your Cash Flow

The first step in the overall cash flow process is first getting an overview of your present finances. It’s crucial because if you don’t have a clear picture if where you financially stand today, how can you expect to achieve your financial goals of surviving college?

So before you buy an expensive concert ticket or a gadget, take time to assess if you can afford it. You have to come up with a concrete game plan so that you can pay your way through college.

You can do this calculating your assets and liabilities, your income (if you have). You also need to understand where you are spending your money. So, let’s say you’re sending $350 for groceries each month. But what would happen if you spend $300? Would you be eating less, at that state? Chances are, you won’t even notice. Or instead of eating one every weekend, what if you plan to go every other weekend?

Focus on what you need, instead of what you want. If you start making these little sacrifices, you’d be surprised how much you can save every month.

Anticipate College Expenses

As any valuable step in making a budget plan, you need to determine your expenses. When you map out a budget, it’s crucial to determine which costs will be covered by your parent or guardian. Then, subtract it from your total monthly expenses.

Here are the most common expenses you’re expected to pay for during college:

  • Housing
  • Books
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Savings

Also, if you want to go in-depth on how much college could cost you, check out this college cost calculator for additional computations on yearly attendance, possible scholarships, and loans that you may incur during your college years.

Track Your Spending

The next thing that you should do is to track the average amount of cash that you send each month. Review your bank accounts, credit cards, and debit card. See where your money is going for the last couple of months, and where are the more expensive items coming from. Once you have a good idea where you’re spending your money on, it would surprise you that a lot of things there are non-essentials.

Automate Money Management

You’d be surprised that there are a lot of online tools and apps that are available for you to utilize once your prioritize your spending. These tools will make it more convenient for you to track your spending habits. As a result, it will be easier for you to map out a budget plan to monitor your spending. These apps would usually already categorize your budget in different categories. Then, it would alert you if a particular category is close to exceeding its specified limit.

Also, the Department of Education’s federal student aid office also provides essential resources on budgeting that’s ideal for college students. Another tip is to separate your finances into two accounts ‒ one for fixed expenses, another for variable costs. That way, you won’t be tempted to spend your money on fixed expenses like your monthly bills, rent or car insurance.

On the circumstance that you need extra cash for a night out, then you can spend the money that you’ve set aside for variable resources or the credit card that’s linked to your variable money. Managing your cash by automating is a simple, but an efficient concept that you can take advantage of.

Look for Ways to Save Money

If your monthly income exceeds your total expenses, then it’s a good time to cut back. There’s no doubt that cutting back is hard ‒ this might require you to give up on indulgences like eating out with your friends every weekend, or going to your dream getaway this summer. Saving and cutting back takes a lot of commitment, but you’d be quite surprised that saving opportunities exist virtually, everywhere. The important thing is for you to be aware of it, should an opportunity present itself.

For instance, before deciding to buy a brand-new car, ask yourself first if you’ll be able to afford it. Buying a car can be expensive, especially if you’re a young adult with a lower income. Not to mention, other miscellaneous expenses of having a car can add up quickly, such as tires, brakes, gas, and oil change.

The Bottom Line

Here’s the thing ‒ while it’s hard to create a budget, it’s even harder to live with the budget you’ve set for yourself. There will be times that you might need to take a small break from trying to pinch pennies. However, one month without having a clear budget in mind can quickly send you to the wrong direction, and you’d be surprised how much everything can add up.

If you don’t learn how to budget as early as now, you’ll likely end up being in debt, by borrowing too much for school. Once you graduate, you might have a hard time paying off these debts, as well as manage your finances properly to pay off those loans.

Meanwhile, if you proactively shape your financial life as early as now, you’ll be off having a fresh start by the time you graduate. Taking control of your finances now can be quite challenging, but once you start a strict budget for yourself and stick with it, you’ll soon be moving forward to the right direction.

How to find quality Commercial Contractors in Dallas

Finding commercial contractors is nothing short of a challenging task. There are multiple aspects to take into consideration when it comes to employing a commercial construction company. Searching online leaves one feeling overwhelmed because there is an extensive array of companies offering services. This makes the decision-making process ten times more difficult than it already is. A project can run smoothly or be in shambles depending on the choice you make. If communication between you and your contractor is inconsistent, and they are unable to interpret the exact nature of your demands, the workings of your project can go wrong in no time.

Opting for the lowest bid is not the way to go because it might not be of the best value. In fact, it might end up costing you more money in the long run because you might have to go back and fight the faults they made. With proper guidance, you can find the right person for the job. Following are some tips to consider when on the hunt for quality Dallas commercial contractors.

  • Do your research:

Online reviews are simply not enough. Just because a company has an outstanding review online cannot determine their credibility or the quality of their service. It is prudent to thoroughly research the company and its background by scraping the surface and looking underneath. To be better able to assess whether the company is a good fit for you and the vision of your project, don’t be afraid to ask relevant questions and looking into their staff to better assess their skill set. This is crucial to determine whether they will be able to handle a commercial project.

  • Find reputable candidates:

Finding someone with good professional experiences, extensive knowledge concerning the field, and a positive response is essential when searching for a commercial contractor. Good supervision is an attribute any general contractor must possess. Find reputable candidates but consulting relatives searching online or in the newspaper adverts.

  • Experience matters:

Experience is important because to be able to handle a commercial project, the company must know the trade down to the very smallest of details. During the screening process, make sure to look into their experience relevant to the field and completed projects. If they don’t have experience in the kind of space you want to work in, it is best to explore other options.

  • Search for references:

Ask for references from the company’s past completed projects and clients that are similar to yours, so you can better assess their work quality. Follow up with the provided references and ask for their feedback regarding the company’s performance. Customer satisfaction speaks volumes about a company’s work ethics and communication skills. Do not forget to check for a license and any other legal issues in the past that they have dealt with.

  • Interview the contractor

To instigate the communication process, the first step is the interview, so you are better able to assess how the supervision process will work. During the interview, the two parties can discuss the specifics like the tentative timelines and sort out any other issues such as documentation and paperwork. Discuss an update schedule, so you know about the frequency of postings about progress.

  • Look for good customer service:

Customer support always makes a world of a difference when it comes to the overall work experience. Since commercial construction projects are a long and tedious process, communication is essential especially with the staff on board. When opting for a contractor, find one that is very open with their communication and is responsive to any queries or concerns from the clients. This will ensure customer satisfaction and thus lead to a smooth sailing process for both parties.