Whether you are building a two-story house or a proper skyscraper, you are going to need to call in a tower crane. Since there are numerous crane companies today, you have to know at least some parameters before you decide to hire one. The primary issue with cranes is safety. Tower cranes go tens of meters into the air and if they crash lives will be in danger, not to mention that they can topple down the entire structure you are erecting. There are numerous things to consider before hiring a crane and we offer you the 5 topmost things to keep in mind.

Safety Record

Feel free to google the company you preliminary decide on. This is a good way to check if their cranes have been involved in any accidents or have they had any trouble with the law recently. Alternatively, you can check out the comment section on their Facebook page or search construction-related online message boards. When you contact them, ask for their portfolio just to be on the safe side. An impeccable safety record is a green light to hire them.

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It is important to have people on the construction site who know what they are doing. Companies who have years and preferably decades of experience are less likely to mess things up. On the contrary, a good crane company will teach you a few tricks when it comes to using cranes and working at high altitudes. Their experience will prove valuable if you encounter any problems during the build. When enquiring about their experience, focus on the projects they did that are similar to yours. There is no point in hiring a crane company that specializes in commercial building if you need them for your house in the suburbs.

The Equipment

Whichever type of crane you need, the equipment they use has to be new and field tested. This means that they have to be able to operate in extreme weather conditions, like in the scorching summer and the chilling subzero temperatures during winter. That is why any tower crane rent must include machines that can operate during the summer months as well as cope with the cold in winter. Also, the crew needs to be trained on how to operate the crane and what to do in case of an emergency.

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Go Through the Plans

One scenario that really ought to be avoided is for the crane to simply show up and get the instructions what to lift on the sport. This ad hoc solution can lead to disaster, as both the crane operator and the construction crew have not had time to coordinate properly. Way before the crane arrives, hold a meeting and make a plan and a timetable of what the crane is actually going to be moving. One reason this is done beforehand is to test the ground if it can support the crane and its load.


All the pieces of advice he has provided you with so far have been in regard to the prevention of accidents. However, you should be ready for the worst case scenario. You need to have liability insurance and check with the crane company if they have one too. In case something goes wrong, both parties need to know exactly who is responsible for what and who will make up for the damages in insurance money.

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Hiring a crane is for many companies a routine task. They have done it tens of times before, but each time they went through the checklist we provided you with here. Be sure to take all these factors into consideration. before making the final decision.