A man has two faces: one when he is hungry and the other when he is well fed. In any case, it is the circumstances of his life that truly determine which face comes forward and which does not. A man who hasn’t had a proper meal in over one whole week is bound to not only visibly look ill, but he will also appear to be mentally unstable as a result of the empty stomach. This is because our body needs an adequate amount of food and water daily in order for it to function normally.

Failure to meet the daily supply of food or water can lead to severe health concerns, such as infuriation, uncontrollable rage, anxiety, malnourishment, dehydration and liver problems, to name a few. People who do not consume healthy vitamins, proteins and a decent amount of food are likely to develop a fragile immune system, which is the gateway to all other diseases and problems related to sleep.

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What Do the Statistics Show?

Hunger and poverty go hand in hand. It is unlikely that a person who is not living in extreme poverty would make themselves starve or not be able to eat at least one proper meal a day. These are basic needs, without these, a person cannot enjoy a life that is good quality or even can focus on essential tasks throughout the day, no matter how simple these may be.

Statistically speaking, thereare about 900 million people  in the world today who are living in extreme poverty and are forced to go to sleep every night with empty stomachs and barely any water to get by. Although the numbers are still depressing, to say the least, there has, in fact, been an improvement over the years in the number of people that are living in extreme poverty. In 1999, the figures were at 1.75 billion, where are today, they are much lower.

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The United Nations, however, has large plans for the future in this regard and plans to bring world hunger to an absolute zero – meaning that there will not be extreme poverty or world hunger by 2030. Although this seems unlikely to many, companies along the lines of BraineHealth AB are quick to acknowledge that these goals can be achieved as long as there is moral support.

BraineHealth AB is a company that was founded by a group of geniuses, who have since devoted their lives to ensure that the world is a happy place for all. At BraineHealth, the team of experts is professionally trained to research newer and better technological advancements that can help bring the change that this world needs.

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There are plenty of other companies that are actively working with the United Nations to help bring about a change by helping complete the agenda set for 2030. The speed at which everything is improving now is impressive, and with enough support, it would be possible to achieve this goal.