Becoming a doctor or cosmetic surgery is one of the hardest things to master, and while your educational history will train you to work under pressure, with skill and knowledge to help every choice, it doesn’t help your business acumen.


It can become a worry when you open the doors to a new surgery business, and there are a significant amount of empty beds and a lack of consultations. Sadly, being the best in your trade isn’t always enough to fill the books with enquiries and creating a business plan is a necessity. To give you a brief idea on what your plan needs to consist of, here’s a look at three years and what changes you need to make.


Year One: Build

The first few months will be the toughest, and it’s about creating trust with clients and potential partners. You’ll always need to ask patients if they are comfortable showcasing your work, which isn’t always the easiest task for a breast augmentation Manchester surgery as some people won’t be comfortable with being on the website or in a portfolio.

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Advertising is the other option and if you find that you don’t have a rich portfolio yet, the digital market might be the breast approach. Building your website up on google searches and paying for social media ads prove to be the most effective as you can target people interested in cosmetic surgery. Having a billboard or a magazine section might work for big companies, but the ad can be wasted of people who aren’t interested at all.


Year Two: Develop

If you’ve gained traction and had people in the door for consultations and operations, you can begin to offer referral discounts and spread through word of mouth. You want your clients to go out and praise the work you’ve done, as when it comes to something as expensive or personal as surgery, a friends recommendation can’t be bought.

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Consider adding extra services to your business, if you specialise in certain aspects of cosmetic surgery, through training or hiring new staff you can add new specialities to your practice, which in turn will attract additional clients and possible return business.


Year Three: Branch Out

While the first two years of the plan will be locally based, branching out around the country can work well for surgery practices. Plastic surgery is something a person would travel across the country for in order to receive the best service, so if you find your expansion needs a next level this is the way to go. Just be sure that you can control any influx of inquiries that can come from going nationwide.

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A business plan is never set in stone, and you might find that the second part of your plan doesn’t take exactly a year, it’s best to use this as a guideline to give you a positive direction to strive for.



Amelia Morgan is a freelance writer with a current interest in surgery and it’s impacts before and after of a patient and is based locally to a cosmetic surgery Manchester practice. Amelia also enjoys blogging about the latest fashion trends and current news.