Want to be a working mom? There are many women who are ready to work at home. But they are not ready to run the risk and attract big capital. Also you should love what you do. It’s rare to meet an entrepreneur who is not invested in own business. Do you think you need much money to start? Of course, if you want to create something as much big and successful as ACE, United Technologies, or Target you need big money to invest. Also, it needs much time and attention.

But if you have some free time and want to add some money to your budget, you should think of partial jobs. It’s when you like cooking but don’t have enough money for opening your restaurant. So, you decide to cook at home for taking out. So, any ideas about where to start?

  1. eBay Trades

You can easily sell something on eBay. This is rather cheap and fast platform to sell your old even broken stuff online. If you have nothing to sell you should buy something for cheap so that you can sell it from eBay later. Let’s count. Giving your valuable time for eBay trades every week (about 20 hours), you can earn about $1000 per month. It’s real money! Of course, it might be not enough for you but the sum seems to be impressive when you sum up. And you even didn’t go to the office!

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2. Negotiations

Negotiators are neutral people who try to make peace between different sides in the court or during negotiations. They keep their neutral position and don’t take one or another side. You don’t even need a certificate to take part in negotiations. You take about $ 80- $ 100 per hour, but prices much depend on your experience and knowledge. Where to start? Try to contact to American Arbitral Association.

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  1. Answering Service

If you have a sweet voice and good communication skills, you may try yourself in the answering service. You can do it by phone from your home. It depends on what sphere you are expert at. One way or another telephone answering service usually takes about $200 monthly from every new client. Count! Also, you need to spend some money to start business.

  1. First Aid Boxes

Medical products are very popular for business because they are always in high demand. First aid boxes are good for schools and other organizations that MUST HAVE such a box in daily use. You need to buy all components from the wholesale dealers and mix them up. Ready-to-use box costs about $ 10 – $ 150 depending on your local market.

  1. Bookkeeping

This work is good for you only if you have some professional experience in this sphere. That’s so great to work from home! If you are a well-trained accountant, you have good chances to make good money. Such a freelance work is very helpful for small businesses. They badly need a bookkeeper but they don’t want to spend much money for it. So, it will be enough for you to have about $30 000 per year.

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  1. Hairstylist

Of course, this profession is good only if you already have experience in cutting hair or manicures. So, you have a good chance to start your own business in this sphere. Just don’t forget to check your state’s requirements for providing salon care at home. What about money? You can make about $20 500 per year.

  1. Copywriting

Copywriting is good if you are good in writing. You can write materials for businesses, websites, promotions, newsletters, mails. Be attentive! You have to be a good writer so that you can do your writing task in the best way. The salary you can get is about $50 000 per year.

  1. Translation

Translation business is good only if you are good in languages. It’s so simple to translate documents from home. You don’t need even go to somewhere. Work online! You can get about $40 000 per year. Nevertheless, much depends on your professional skills here.

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  1. Blogging

Blogging can be rather profitable business if you are active and have something to share. Also, if you like talking, sharing your ideas, this job is right for you. By the way, the niche blogs are still growing. There are no limits if you have something to say. Try to be interesting and positive.

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The most important investment from your side is your time. It is not a secret that starting a new business is always money-taking. Also, your business takes your time and energy. If you like what you do, you’ll be satisfied from every small detail. That’s why it is really important to think twice and implement your ideal into life even from home.