The journey of entrepreneurship can be daunting and lonely. Having numerous duties, you have to attend to, with a few or no help. However, the access and availability of SaaS tools make your work easier.

Right now, there is over 9000 Software as a Service company in the world. That means, as a small business, you have a large selection of tools to choose from. It is similar to when you are searching for typing services near me.

To ease your search, we have curated a list of top tools that you should check out:

1. HootSuite- Social Media Management

You have accounts on multiple social media platforms and need to update them regularly. Use Hootsuite to schedule your posts across the different accounts. Measure the performance of your posts.

Use analytics to identify trends, all in a single dashboard. Monitor what others are saying about you, your competitors, and industry. Store your pre-approved content in a cloud file service and more.

2. Cloudpeeps- Outsourcing

If you are a solopreneur, you may be overwhelmed by the tasks that you need to do. Why not outsource and get the services of professionals, without having to employ an individual. This tool makes your work easier by aiding you in hiring professionals for a project when you are on a budget.

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It could be for convert scanned handwriting to text services. You create a job post, receive proposals from interested parties and take your pick.

3. Google My Business- Advertising

Google is the world’s most used search engine. It offers businesses a way to connect with their customers through creating a free profile. You can use this profile to share your location, pricing, hours, pictures, and even a virtual tour.

This way, when customers search for you, online, they will view this information. Also, you can improve the SEO ranking of your website by completing your Google My Business profile.

4. Freshbooks- Accounting

There’s no debate that you have a lot on your plate, why not spend more time doing what you love while keeping your books in order. It is a cloud-based app, and you can access it using any device with a connection to the internet. It is an ideal tool for small businesses with less than ten clients or contractors.

Freshbooks automates tasks. That includes organizing your expenses, follow up with clients, invoicing, and tracking time.

5. Skype- Meetings & Communication

You don’t have to hold physical meetings. Make use of Skype with its free calls, both voice, and video. It is essential for communication with team members. Also comes in handy when you need to reach out to contractors, other entrepreneurs, or podcast guests.

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You can upgrade to premium where you could call cellphones and landlines. It leads in, VOIP calling.

6. Canva-Graphics

Do you need some assistance in finding suitable graphic images for your website or social media posts? Canva is an excellent tool for creating professional graphics, even for novices in graphic designs. They have numerous templates that you can work with.

7. Kickstarter- Business Financing

Are you looking for a reliable crowdfunding platform for business? It is a tool to help you crowdsource the funding for your business without you needing to give away your equity. You can use it to recruit micro-donors.

Develop incentives to attract donors such as offering them future gifts or products. Kickstarter takes a small percentage when your campaign gets fully funded.

8. TripIt- Travel

It is a travel organization tool. Whereby it creates a master itinerary for your trips. You just forward to them the confirmation of your booking, be it flight, hotel, restaurant confirmation, or car email. It creates the itinerary, and you can access it from your device.

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When you go Pro, you can also share the personalized itinerary with others and receive mobile alerts.

9. Asana- Project Management

When you have tasks or events that require steps to complete, you can use Asana to track the work. It has an intuitive interface that you can use on your mobile or desktop. Also, it is easy to navigate.

A useful tool when collaborating with other people on a project. Every member of the team gets a to-do list at a glance to notify them of responsibilities and next steps. Even if it’s, finding proper typing services near me. Create and assign tasks, and update their progress, too.

10. Meetup-Networking

Grow your network and connections by attending local gatherings or networking events in your niche. For attendees, it is free, if you are hosting a meetup, the charge is $5, per month. Create your event or discover ones that could be of benefit to you.


As an entrepreneur, you do not have to walk alone. The above tools will make your work easier as you focus on other areas of the business.