Having to spend eight hours a day stuck behind an office desk is one of the hardest things in the world, but it’s quite manageable if you love your job or have something that helps you pass the time. You can also become more efficient and forget about the time by using certain apps and gadgets – these don’t look like much at first, but ultimately manage to take some pressure off your stressful workday. So, what are some of these apps and gadgets, what do they do and how can you implement them into your own workplace?

Portable computers

A powerful computer is the first step towards professional success and something you can’t picture your day without, but not just any computer will do. If you really want to stand out, try portable computers on USB sticks – there are lots of models you can try and these work by connecting your USB to any monitor or TV in your office. That way, you can keep all your necessities in your pocket, which is perfect for all businesspeople who prefer travelling without a laptop, but still need to access their files in a matter of seconds.

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6 Useful Apps and Gadgets For An Easier Workday

Bluetooth technology

Being chained to an office desk is sometimes simply unbearable, but many people love exploring the possibilities of Bluetooth technology. Having a wireless mouse and a Bluetooth keyboard is sometimes the only way to add some excitement and fun into your busy workday, but these gadgets aren’t just useful – they also make you work faster and turn you into a more productive worker. So, try them out as soon as possible and see how they affect your workplace efficiency.


Label printer

This might not be on top of everyone’s priority list, but a reliable label printer can help you achieve a ton of work in no time and get you organized better than ever. Whether you’re printing labels – addresses and name badges included – or just want to organize your office, a label printer is a must-have. So, check out useful Dymo label printer labels that offer a lot of labeling options. After you start using a label printer, you’ll bring your correspondence, office organization, and filing cabinets to a whole new level in no time.

Productivity apps

What most working people are struggling with is productivity: they either can’t handle their workload or get distracted easily, and their day suddenly turns from productive to useless. That’s why productivity apps – Any.do, WeDo, Newton and Taskworld are just some you should try out – can be quite helpful and actually encourage you to complete your workload on time. These take care of your correspondence, help you save valuable time and, above all, remind you that you need to complete your daily tasks, which is, admittedly, quite useful.

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Organizational tools

Working in a big company means you’ll have to talk to lots of different people and handle lots of tasks, usually at the same time. In order to get on top of all your projects, start using a proper project management and team communication tool. Apps like Slack, Basecamp, GoodDay and Procore will help you get organized and keep all your separate tasks in perspective at all times. These will also play a major role in your company’s overall communication, avoid communication problems and solve various issues, which is something all employees want.

gooday app

Relaxation and destressing apps

No matter what we do and what position we hold, the chances are all of us are under a ton of stress that affects our private and professional lives, slowly preventing us from being happy and at peace. That’s why you need to relax and take a step back, and the best way to do this is by using appropriate destressing apps that will teach you how to meditate, breathe deeply and avoid negative thoughts. Or you can just hire an in-house masseuse and yoga instructor instead.

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Apps and gadgets play a huge role in our lives on a daily basis, and relying on them makes a lot of sense in the long run – these can help you do more in less time, and turn you into a happier and more efficient person, and that’s something you can’t put a price on!

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