Did you know that more than 80% of your website visitors will not convert? Being able to get these visitors to return to your website is where retargeting comes in. Remarketing campaigns are some of the most highly efficient and cost-effective campaigns to run, and by targeting existing visitors and customers, you already have an audience filled with engaged shoppers who are more likely to purchase.


Retargeting can also be used to reach those who didn’t open your email or those who have shown a special interest in your product or services but have not yet purchased. To make sure you make the most from your retargeting ads, here are some useful tips.


Invest Time

By investing time into your setup, you’re more likely to see results. It’s worth taking time to import your products, set up some custom groups and start implementing any customer conversions that you want to use within your retargeting. The more detailed you make your setup, the more options you’ll have to play with when it comes to targeting.

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Target Market

E-commerce brands can select the right audience to see their retargeting banners. If a customer has ordered a week ago it’s unlikely they will order again in a short space of time (unless you have a new sale on). Selecting customers who haven’t shopped in a long period, people who viewed the site and didn’t order or looking at customers who shopped for a certain range can help narrow your audience down. This way, the banners aren’t viewed by people who won’t take advantage. With the advancements in Android and IOS app development, you are also able to see who has viewed the website on different devices and the software they are using.

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Upsell to your Engaged Visitors

Targeting your more engaged customers with upselling ads is a great way to increase customer lifetime value. By upselling with ads, you’re able to target customers based solely on their shopping behaviour. For example, if you are a retailer selling food and drink products, upselling similar meals or drinks based on what your customer has already purchased works well.


Recover Those Abandoned Carts

Upselling is great for serving Facebook Ads to existing customers, but what if some aren’t quite ready to convert? Abandoned cart ads are a must for recovering customers. You may be already sending out abandoned cart emails, but by taking a multi-channel approach you’re able to give shoppers another touch point for them to interact with you and your brand.

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Rewards for VIPs

Your remarketing ads don’t have to be just about encouraging your first-time customers. Start off by identifying your VIP customers, and reward them with exclusive offers, single-use discounts and early access to sales. It makes sense to not only look for new customers, but to look after returning customers too, and this is easy to do with retargeting ads.


If planned and executed well, retargeting ads can be an extremely cost-effective way of gaining additional revenue for your business. Don’t forget to plan your campaigns carefully, and make sure to combine them with a traffic generation strategy to make the most out of your ads.