Nowadays, more and more business owners are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly. Whether this means opting for better cooking oil at a restaurant or developing a mobile app so you aren’t so reliant on paper notifications, there are plenty of ways to amp up your green game.

Plus, customers are responding more positively to businesses that go the extra mile. Whether you’re a West Coast startup that’s looking to reduce your carbon footprint or you’re one of many small businesses that are trying to be kinder to Mother Earth, there are business ideas that match your eco-consciousness.

Eco-Friendly Car Repair

Many mechanics and body shops have yet to make the switch to renewable fuels. From partnering with a biodiesel company in Portland, OR to researching biofuels other than gasoline and crude oil, there are ways to pioneer a greener automotive industry. You’re going to need a robust business plan as well as easy access to fuels like biodiesel but if you can get yourself sorted out, you’ll be able to service any vehicle from tour buses to sedans and more.

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Green Business Ideas For Eco-Conscious Entrepreneurs

Cloud-Based Company

Many SaaS businesses are doing particularly well because they depend so heavily on cloud computing. Since electricity is renewable and doesn’t leave much of a footprint, this is a great way for entrepreneurs to get involved. Whether you’re looking into online video storage options that sync across mobile devices, or you want to partner with the best cloud storage companies as an alternative to Google Drive or Amazon Drive, incorporating cloud storage and cloud services into your business can help reduce your reliance on paper and other physical materials. The best part? All you need is an internet connection. Say goodbye to bulky hard drives and hello to cloud computing. Plenty of companies exist that offer parts of these services so you can easily find the right partnerships.

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An upcycling business takes older pieces of furniture and decor, restores them, and repurposes them. It’s a growing trend and it’s a great way for both businesses and consumers to feel good about the products they buy and sell. If you want to take it a step further, you can connect a Google account to an email service that works with mobile platforms. That way, you can send order updates and e-receipts without relying on printed materials. If you pair this with great customer service, you stand a shot at running a high-demand business.

Green Business Ideas For Eco-Conscious Entrepreneurs

Green Franchising

Want to be an entrepreneur without having to put every piece into place by yourself? Look into any number of green businesses that offer franchising opportunities. You can find them in Maine, Oregon, and almost any state in between. It’s a great way to scratch your entrepreneurial itch without having to do all of the heavy lifting all on your own.

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Green Consultant

Why not make a business out of helping other businesses and companies go green themselves? You can teach businesses how to switch to a paperless model and sync folder after folder worth of material. You can help companies find a free plan for a cloud storage service. You could even help businesses optimize video playback for their video files so they don’t have to send physical materials to a contractor. It’s an excellent way to pay it forward.

Green businesses will likely only continue to grow in popularity. Their messaging resonates heavily with consumers and the work they’re doing benefits the planet itself. Not feeling one of these business options? Thankfully, there are dozens more to choose from. Do some research on industries that could benefit from a greener touch. You’re bound to find the perfect niche for your business interests while doing something beneficial in the process.