Most Common Staffing Issues (and Why You Should Enlist the Help of an Agency)

Running a business is hard enough, but staffing challenges can make helming a company even more challenging. While many reports say that the job market is booming, the simple fact remains that some positions are harder to fill than others. Whether it’s your industry, an unexpected resignation, or the job itself, there are dozens of challenges to finding good applicants for your company. Here are some of the most common staffing issues businesses face, and why it may make sense to work with a recruitment agency if you’re really struggling.

Finding a good candidate in time

Timing is one of the trickiest aspects of filling a position because an unexpected departure in your business may cause a vacancy at a time when less people are looking for and applying to jobs. Even if you’re doing everything you can to put the jobseeker first, you may find that the lack of an employee is hindering your team’s ability to really make progress at work. Often times, a recruitment agency can help you address these concerns, as they are used to using their network to quickly find interested, qualified candidates. Agencies are accustomed to working under urgent constraints, and will do their best to find you a suitable replacement as quickly as possible.

Adding new positions to expand your business

Sometimes, you need to add roles to your company but aren’t quite sure how to properly vet a candidate. For example, if you’re looking for a new creative director or press agent, you may be able to respond to their portfolio of work but aren’t quite sure what sort of experience can differentiate a good candidate from a great candidate. Finding a talent recruiter with time-tested experience sourcing applicants for specific positions is one way to solve this issue. Even consulting with them as you craft your job listing will ensure that you’re advertising the position appropriately and highlighting the skills and job responsibilities that fit your needs, too.

Finding a specialized candidate

Sometimes, your business is really looking for a candidate with specialized skills or knowledge. Even if your job description clearly outlines the minimum requirements necessary to perform a job, many job seekers will still apply to your listing, hoping that they can learn the skill through experience. In these types of situations, it’s often a good idea to seek a recruitment agency to eliminate unqualified candidates. An article for LinkedIn outlines the most common kinds of recruiters, but generally an external recruitment agency with specific knowledge of an industry or field is a good direction to head in. For example, you may enlist engineering staffing agencies to help you find a good fit for your job if an engineering degree is a prerequisite for the position.

Recruitment efforts eating into other HR duties

If you have a human resources manager who generally handles recruitment efforts, they may find that some job searches simply take up too much of their time. Besides making hires and on-boarding employees, HR managers and directors are also responsible for thinking about your company’s big picture goals with administrative staff, serving as a liaison between employees and senior staff to ensure a collaborative and focused workplace. If you find that your human resources team is swamped by the recruitment aspect of evaluating job applicants, it may be worth your time to hire an agency to help.

Recruitment is a tricky business, and it never hurts to get some help. Spending the time to find a recruitment agency that understands your company’s staffing needs and business goals can be a great way to combat any of the above staffing issues. A professional recruitment agency will be able to tap its staff of qualified candidates to quickly find you people worth interviewing, giving you a jumpstart on your search to find the perfect employee.

Why You Should Study A Digital Marketing Course If You Want To Succeed On The Web

In the past decade the internet has become a powerful life-force. It can even be described as a world of its own where everyone from your family and friends, to your favorite brands and celebrities has created their own unique space. People use their digital space for a variety of things. We use it to shop online, keep in touch with family and even as a news source. Others use it for professional networking, as a way to reach new customers and to engage with fans.

With the constant advances in technology and the evolving nature of the internet as a whole one can easily get lost in the shuffle if you don’t keep up with all these changes. The reality of living in a tech-savvy world is that everyone needs to have a basic knowledge of digital marketing to be successful online.

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing and Why Is It Important?

Textbooks describe digital marketing in a broad sense, as the marketing/advertising of products or services using digital technology and platforms.Since the rapid rise in technology over the last decade business have started to place more focus on their digital marketing efforts in order to maintain prominence in their respective fields.

People spend an extremely large amount of time online. As a brand or business this means your potential customers are online. This is why digital marketing is important. It gives you the opportunity to reach your audience/customers directly and instantly.

How Will A Digital Marketing Course Help Me?

You may not realize it but everyone with an online presence does a little bit of digital marketing every day. Each time you tweet, upload a photo to Instagram or share a post on Facebook you’re marketing yourself to your friends and followers.

It might sound odd but the thought and time you take to choose a photo, meme or inspirational quote (while taking into account the type of reaction you will get) is basic digital marketing.

Your favorite brands, musicians, movie stars and business do the same thing too. But when it’s done on a larger scale they hire a marketing team to create the content for them.

If you’re a professional blogger, influencer or freelance writer a digital marketing course can help you master the basics of digital marketing in order for you to maximize your success online.

What Does A Digital Marketing Course Offer?

There are a wide variety of digital marketing courses to choose from with each course giving you the skills and knowledge you need to create a successful online presence.

The courses cover aspects such as content creation, search engine optimization, social media management, analytics, public relations, web design, email marketing, audience segmentation, copywriting, website marketing, brand advocacy and much more.

Final Thoughts…

Digital marketing is the way of the future. Every type of business, brand or entrepreneur will constantly need to have someone on staff with proficient digital marketing skills. The digital marketing industry is constantly expanding to include a wide range of marketing services and products that are provided online. It’s the fastest growing and most active marketing technique used today, and it’s expected to grow further in the coming years. This is why a qualification in digital marketing is becoming increasingly valuable.

Digital content has become the preferred choice in today’s world so even a basic knowledge of digital marketing is a must-have.

If you want to expand your digital skills take a look at the digital marketing courses on offer at the Digital School of Marketing. Our courses will give you the edge you need to be successful on the web.

Advancing in Your Career as a Poet

Poetry is one of the highest forms of self-expression that human beings are involved in for centuries. It can be done in almost all ways of communication, whether writing or speaking. There have been many poets in the history whose work has continued to captivate us for centuries. Poetic expression remains highly significant because it is a progressive way of speaking about the unspeakable patterns and subjects that concern with deep emotions in the minds of human beings.

There have been many poets who have managed to entice human beings with their poetic sayings. These poets have touched subjects with poetry including love, heartbreak, sex, mental health, war, culture, tradition, religion, etc. In fact, these poets have discovered the most amazing ways to incorporate these subjects into their words.

In today’s world, most poets are looking for great ways of making a name of themselves. They have already sighted opportunities to make it a full-time career. Following are a couple of great ways to become a poet.

Become a content creator – Social media is an essential tool for taking your creative potential up a notch. Many social media platforms host content creators who wish to bag remarkable success in their careers. Social media is home to billions of people in a community, and one can actually cater to them by establishing relevant profiles and posting their content. This way, their content reaches more and more eyeballs, and they get popular over the internet. Many content creators are also poets who have managed to bag exuberant success by hosting their profiles on platforms like Instagram.

Write books – If you have a strong social media presence as a content creator, particularly a poet, then you should be compiling your best works in a book format and sell it to your audience. A good example remains Durga Madiraju, a poet who is remarkable at her work. She is also an IT professional as well, and has compiled her poetry in books. Durga has written over eight books where some compile her beautiful poetry while others showcase her expertise as an entrepreneur. Among eight of these books, there are two which have been remarkably successful. They are called “An Artsy Life: Collection of Short Stories” and “Scum Art Handbook”.

Durga remains a fruitful example for all those aspiring to become professional poets wanting to escalate their efforts and make a career in the field of poetry.

Why Education is so Crucial when Huntingdown the Right Job for You

There are many reasons to want to get ahead in life. From career goals and dreams of achieving something big, to being able to support yourself and your family, gaining employment is one of the best ways to provide a platform and financial security in the years to come – it can be the difference between opening a coffee shop and working in one.

When it comes to securing a job, some of them are, of course, easier than others, but it is also the case that the ones you want to do most tend to be harder to get. The higher the salary, and the more tempting the role, the more likely it is that you will be competing against a long candidate list.

Should you find yourself up against too many experienced candidates, you need to find a way to stand out that will make employers take notice. This is where getting the right education comes in, and shows how essential it can be to getting the right kind of job for you.

According to data available from the US government, having a decent education can also make a huge difference in terms of salary. It indicates that if you are at the highest level of profession from education, such as being a doctor or dentist, you could be earning triple that of someone who did not graduate with anything more than a high school diploma.

When you are figuring out what you should focus on in order to get the right kind of education that will elevate your CV to the next level, social media has made it a lot easier to keep track of who is offering what you need.

If you want to keep updated with the latest courses and offerings from Bryant and Stratton College, then you should definitely be following Bryant and Stratton on the relevant social channels such as LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has a huge following, and it is a great way to get your burgeoning professional profile noticed. With over half a billion users on this site, if you get connected to the right networks, then you may well find some amazing opportunities.

Education is also an incredible tool to help you develop ways of learning before you end up in a professional setting. By the time you take up a full-time job with expectations that come with these responsibilities and salary, you will also have to be able to carry out all of the tasks that are fitting for such a position.

When you are studying, you will find out what does and does not work for you in terms of picking up new information, and being able to handle several things at once. Not every person is well suited to it, and there is scope to believe that employers will value taking on graduates who have shown that they have what it takes to be determined to cope with deadlines and create work to a very high standard.

Since all of this work is assessed, and you have to go through it over a solid period of time, you will also get a much better idea of how well suited you are to your chosen industry. You might have a really firm idea of the type of career you would like, and which ones getting education will help with, but if it changes after studying the subject, then it is easy to branch into other fields.

Although studying specific subjects and topics may make it seem like you cannot have a career transition afterwards, this is not necessarily the case, and it is perfectly viable to move into other sectors after getting a level of higher education.

As employers are known to value the benefits that come with studying and education, including the determination and dedication to come out with good results at the end, you will still find yourself highly valued and in demand.

This is one of the key reasons why so many people are now considering getting more education in order to get the level of employment they want, and to work for a company that ticks more of their boxes. In an increasingly competitive market, every little aspect that makes you stand out means that you have more of a chance of getting the job you really want. When there are great places to get your education started, it makes it an easier choice to decide where you should begin.

7 Modern Trouser Styles All Women Should Own

Ever look at your closet and thought that it might need a little sprucing up? Tired of the ole shirt with jeans combo and looking to step up your trouser game? Then look no further.


If you’re looking to re-energize your wardrobe and modernize your trouser styles, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed seven modern trouser styles that you should own to spice up any outfit. Read along to find out more.

1. Peg Trousers

If you’re looking for a comfortable but elegant pair of trousers, then a Peg Trouser may be what you’re looking for. A Peg Trouser is a pair of trousers that are fitted around the waist but taper off around the thigh and knee area.


Peg Trousers have been a popular style late last year and are continuing for this year. These are a good pair of trousers to wear for a stylish look that maintains the appearance of professionalism.


For a professional ensemble, pair your Peg Trousers with a simple, white, long-sleeved, button-down and a good pair of oxfords. For a more casual alternative, match the trousers with a tucked in white shirt and white sneakers and you’re good to go.

2. Wide leg trousers

A lot of good things happened in the 70s, one of them being the popularity of the flared jeans. This style is making a return so for people with generous hips, and Wide Leg Trousers are highly recommended.


Wide Leg Trousers give a festive and party-like feel to any outfit. They can accentuate your curves and balance out how your body flows. Plus, if you were them with heels, they can lengthen your silhouette.


Pair your trousers with a turtleneck that has a similar color and some chunky-heeled sandals for a sleek and modern look. A tucked in a tank top, a choker, and a purse with your trousers can be your go-to party outfit.

3. Crop trousers

Capri Pants or Cropped Trousers have been a much-criticized fashion look since the 90s. However, this will not be stopping its continued rise this year.


People with shorter legs should add the Cropped Trousers into their wardrobe as they can get away with it more, compared to our more legged brethren. This is an excellent way to make an outfit look more casual and dressed-down.


Take advantage of the trousers showing your ankle by wearing colorful or creative socks. Another option is by skipping the socks altogether and wearing ballet flats for a cute and simple look.

4. Boot cut trousers

Boot Cut Trousers originally were created for sailors to make it easier for them to wear boots. Now, it is a flattering pair of trousers for any body type that can enhance the curves of the body.


The name in itself is a good idea of what type of shoes to wear with this. You can pair these pants with a loose sweater and some ankle boots for a winter look. If you’re looking for a summery look, try a flowy top and a pair of sandals for a refreshing outfit.

5. Robell Trousers

If you find yourself at a loss for a couple of trousers that can complete any look, try Robell Trousers. These trousers are made to be a perfect fit no matter what body type you may be. The stretch and give of the trousers accentuate the highlights of your body and gives it a nice silhouette.


With some strappy sandals and an off-shoulder top paired with the Robell Trousers, you can have a girly and summery look. If it’s feeling a bit nippy out, try a poncho sweater and some ankle boots with your trousers for a comfortable but warm outfit.


Having these pair of trousers in your closet is a time-saver as it can complete any outfit you choose. It fits you just right, and it looks good too.

6. Palazzo Trousers

Palazzo Trousers are, again, nothing new in the fashion industry. They’ve been popular since the 1920s by a lot of fashion-forward women of that time.


There are a lot of ways you can style an outfit with Palazzo Trousers. Given the fact that these trousers can be high-waisted, try wearing them with crop-tops to balance the loose fitting trousers out.


Palazzo Trousers can also be used to wear for a more elegant evening look. Pair these trousers with a stylish lace top and some black stilettos with a matching purse and your evening look is complete.

7. Floral Trousers

Wearing Floral Trousers can help you achieve an effortless summer look and can be paired with simple tops. However, that doesn’t mean you can only wear them during the summer. Floral Trousers can give a pop of color, especially during gloomy weather.


A simple top is sufficient enough to complete the look of floral trousers. In keeping that summery feel, try a spaghetti strap top to keep your outfit looking fresh and breezy. An alternative top to pair with these trousers are button-downs for a smarter look.


Modern trouser styles are becoming more comfortable without compromising on style. Although a lot of these differ in look, with the right pair of tops and accessories, anyone can make them work.


If you still don’t have some of these trousers in your closet, it’s not too late to start. They will surely be a great addition to your roster and can make you look cool and chic while still feeling comfortable.

What You Should Know About Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury law is considered to be one of the most complex areas of law due to its diverse nature and expansive applications. This area of law governs many different aspects of society and understanding personal injury requires a substantial degree of knowledge regarding the relevant legislation and the established precedent.

Anthony Castelli is an attorney at law who focuses his law practice in the areas of bodily injury cases, including motor vehicle injuries, workers’ compensation claims, and mediation.

Most firms set an appointment with each of their prospective clients and will provide them with insight on how this law operates. Without knowing the nuances of personal injury law, it can be very difficult for you to effectively understand the litigation process.

Most cases are handled on a contingency basis and if there is no recovery, there are no fees, although there may be costs, which personal injury lawyers like Anthony Castelli may or may not bear for the people he represents. However, thanks to his dedication and vast experience, he enjoys a high success rate which is beneficial for the injury victim.

Furthermore, due to the intricate nature of personal injury law, most people labor under an array of different misconceptions on how this area of law operates. To alleviate any misconceptions on personal injury law, there are some important aspects of personal injury law that everyone should know. These aspects are as follows:

Personal Injury Law Covers More Than Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injury. However, bodily injury law is not limited to vehicle collisions. Personal Injury actually applies to any form of physical injury or psychological trauma that occurred due to the fault or negligence of another party involved. So, if you have suffered a legally recognized form of injury due to another individual’s negligence, then you may seek legal action.

Personal Injury and Assault Are Two Separate Entities

Some people believe that personal injury and assault are the same areas of law; this is the furthest thing from the truth. Assault is a serious crime and an injury is only considered assault when it is inflicted with intent. The intent, sometimes called malice-aforethought is a legal term that describes the intention behind the crime and is the deciding factor in assault cases.

However, negligence does not require intent. Negligence is described as a failure to exercise reasonable care.

Insurance Companies Offer Nominal Settlements

When it comes to road accidents, most attorneys look for insurance. They prefer to have the issue resolved through the negligent party’s insurance company. However, insurance companies operate by producing the lowest payouts and taking in premiums and investing them.

Often, their settlements will not cover all the loss of wages and all the medical bills for the accident victim. These settlements will even offer small amounts for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. This is exactly why it is imperative that every individual who has suffered a personal injury, contacts a personal injury attorney. Most lawyers will seek negotiation first. Then the lawyer may file a lawsuit.

Often these claims get directed to Court-ordered mediation or private mediation. If that does not succeed then a trial will result. Hiring a personal injury attorney is the only way to level the playing field that will hopefully help you get a higher settlement in comparison to insurance payouts.

The Attorney You Choose Is Paramount to the Success of Your Claim

As mentioned before, personal injury is a complicated aspect of law and only a seasoned professional can effectively represent you in court. Your lawyer’s ability can significantly affect the chances of your claim being successful in Court and their skill set will influence the final payout.

Before investing in an attorney’s services, people should conduct as much research as possible regarding the lawyer’s experience, work ethic, and the relevant specialty. Consider spending time in determining who will represent you in court.

SMB Guide: What You Need To Know When Hiring Overseas Employees

Usually, a business will look for a way to hire someone locally. Sometimes this is a viable option, because even if they don’t have the set of skills that you require, you can set up training programs that are going to be enough for them to become exactly what your business needs.

Sadly, this isn’t exactly something that you can always rely on. Sometimes it just becomes necessary to hire someone overseas. For example, there may be a position in your company that you really need to fill as fast as possible, so there is just no time to train someone who isn’t skilled enough.

Also, hiring an employee from another continent can bring you a whole new outlook along with the required set of skills. This means that your Australian company will be working with someone from a different business and cultural background.

Find out whether the applicant can work for you

What you first need to do is do the necessary research and be sure that the employee from overseas has legal rights to work in your Australian company. No matter whether you have found a staff member via a labor hire working arrangement, the same rules apply. While a citizen of Australia who is a permanent resident already has working rights in the Land Down Under, pretty much every other potential employee must have an appropriate visa. The issue here is that not every visa enables the person to have working rights.

So, you need to do the necessary checks. Do this whenever any kind of work is started, every time that the worker’s circumstances have changed in a significant way, and during the two days of the visa’s expiration dates. You should do these checks every three months.

It is also vital that you keep in mind that if you decide to employ someone illegally, you can be seriously penalized. The maximum that you might have to pay can go up to $315.000.

The best visa to get for your overseas employees

According to experts such as Sydney migration agents, the best visa that you can get for your oversea employee is a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa. This is a subclass 482 kind of visa, and it enables people from all over the world to work and reside in Australia. It lasts for either 2 or 4 years, which depends on the job. What is extremely significant about this kind of visa is that people can bring along their family members and enable them to live, work, or study in the Land Down Under as well.

There is, however, a number of qualifications that an applicant must pass in order to get it:

  • They need to have the necessary skills and qualification requirements. If it is needed, they should also go through a skills assessment process
  • Of course, they must have a formal offer for getting employed in Australia for a particular position, one that is listed as a relevant skilled profession
  • A certain degree in speaking the English language is vital
  • There are particular character and health requirements as well
  • Any extra requirements also need to be met, relevant to the position that the person is applying for

Finally, it is important to mention that every applicant for the TSS visa needs to go through the business sponsorship, nomination, and visa stage.

In summation

When you are unable to find a local talent to fill a particular position in your company, you need to hire a qualified employee from overseas. This can be a great opportunity, as such a worker can bring a new perspective based on their business and cultural background.

Of course, in order for you to employ them, they need to be issued an appropriate visa. The best kind of visa in this case would be the Temporary Skill Shortage visa. Make sure that the applicant is qualified for it, and you will have a new talent in your midst that can do what you require.

The Consequences if a No-Deal Brexit on Graduate Employment

Britain’s exit from the EU is set for the 29th March 2019. This deadline is fast approaching and there is a level of uncertainty across the broad remit of UK-based industries, as the government is yet to agree upon the exit deal.


A hard Brexit could see the collapse of many industries, as trading routes are changed, cut off and overall production is delayed. For example, the UK property market could collapse if the Bank of England is forced to raise interest rates sharply.


Experts believe that a hard Brexit will only have one certain outcome and that is a recession. The UK economy will be hit hard by a no-deal Brexit, meaning that there will be fewer job vacancies for graduates and job seekers. The question of a hard Brexit is not so much, whether there will be a recession, but how quickly UK business will be able to bounce back.


How will business be affected by a hard Brexit?

Many studies have been conducted in the wake of Brexit discussions, but one of the most prevalent is the fact that a fifth of surveyed UK firms stated that they would cut and in some cases halt employment in the event of a hard Brexit.

It’s likely that with a hard Brexit, that the economy would suffer greatly. Many experts fear that without securing a deal with the EU, the UK property market and banks would crash, leaving the country in recession. Because if this, businesses will be tightening their belts in every way that they can. Although graduates are desirable candidates for many businesses, in the event of a recession, skilled workers, who have experience in the field will be favoured every time.

The graduate market is oversaturated, meaning that many industries are very competitive for graduate employment. In order to be considered for many sought after positions, you have to be a high achiever, with a good degree from a reputable university, experience is always welcomed too. This competition will only become more intense in the event of a hard Brexit, as businesses will be less inclined to hire graduates, unless they have a reasonable amount of knowledge and will be willing to work for a lower wage.

This means that graduates will be a less desirable option for employers to choose, as they will have to make a conscious effort to employ those who have industry experience. As it stands, the graduate job market is extremely competitive, with hundreds of thousands of young people graduating from university every year. This market is set to becoming increasingly competitive regardless of a hard or soft Brexit.

The British Chambers of Commerce have recently surveyed 2500 participants, all of which being firms and business owners. Around 18% of these respondents have indicated that recruitment would be halted if no deal is agreed upon. In addition to this, 21% of business owners agreed that they would also reduce investment in their business.

Many business owners will halt growth in the wake of Brexit, as we are entering a period of financial uncertainty. Although there is no real evidence that a recession will happen in the wake of a no-deal Brexit, experts have calculated an extremely high probability.

A Hard Brexit could also see many international businesses that are currently based in the UK, to relocate to a different country. It’s been said that many global businesses are already considering to relocate to EU27 countries following the no-deal scenario. With May failing to get the approval from.


Employment Law in the wake of Brexit

Government officials have stressed that there will be no real change to UK employment law after Britain leaves the European Union, however, this is yet to be finalised.

If everything remains the same, then the UK will still offer maternity leave, holiday hours, sick pay and other amenities and protective legislation. There is a high possibility that the UK legislation will simply be holding a mirror up to the existing EU legislation. Experts were once worried that this would not be the case and that UK citizens would be worse off after Brexit.

Government officials have stated that it is likely that all of the current EU employment laws and other EU law will be reflected in the new UK law. The official legislation is set to be released either sometime after or before Britain takes its leave from the EU.


The Other Side Of The Medal: UK Graduates Abroad

It has been estimated that over 900.000 UK citizens are working abroad, whether if in Europe or elsewhere. With this in mind, in the last couple of months, we’ve seen a considerably rising concern from these professionals, who are (in fact) worried about their employment status in case of a no-deal scenario. It’s always a good idea to speak with immigration solicitors to get a second opinion.

This is a crucial aspect within the whole Brexit game since it impacts both the companies which relocated UK citizens and, clearly, themselves: as a domino effect, we can safely state that a no-deal scenario will cause several bureaucratic problems within blue chip companies with many offices in Europe. The fear of a no-deal Brexit has been quoted by many as a “possible crisis”, which is something to look after, especially from this business side of things.


GDPR-Related Professionals

As we all know, GDPR has been a major focus for certain businesses in 2018 and has created thousands of vacancies ranging from admin to the technical sphere. This is incredibly important, given the fact that no one knows what will happen in case of a no-deal Brexit. Of course, given the fact that the UK was included into the original GDPR plan, this shouldn’t change, but there have been some questions raised on the matter recently (although GDPR isn’t that impactful, from a market’s perspective).

With this in mind, GDPR-related professionals are still a considerable part of the entire job market, and, given the fact that they normally fall into a graduate-working and development scheme, this could be extremely relevant to Brexit as a whole. This could also lead to an intensified employment screening process in the future.


When it comes to dealing with Brexit projections, whether in case of a deal/no-deal scenario, it’s important to understand the fact that this will start to impact businesses and workers after 2021 when all these data will be actually put into action by the government.

With this in mind, panicking over projections at the moment (and given the fragility of the overall matter) is pretty futile as the whole plan is most likely to change in the next couple of months. For now, we can safely say that graduate employment will keep on going as for now, given the fact that VISAs are still not required on both ends (UK citizens working in the EU and EU citizens working in the UK.)


To Conclude

As feared by many, a no-deal Brexit will naturally drive the business-side of things towards critical changes, both from an architectural point of view, but also from a bureaucratic one. As said above, things are very uncertain at the moment and are most likely to remain in the same limbo for at least a couple of months after March 29th.

Graduate employment is something that will definitely suffer in case of a no-deal Brexit but, as said multiple times, we just have to wait and see what and how the EU will react to the current plans the UK has.

Richard has an interest in Brexit and works with the Immigration Advice Service to better inform business owners on employability in a post-Brexit UK.

The Fitness Sector: A Small View On A Trillion Dollars Industry

In the last 3 years, the fitness business grew over 200 times compared to its previous ones. This happened because fitness and working out are nowadays something that is related to social media, image and overall “fashion”. Let’s analyse the matter in more detail.

The Streetwear Era: The Starting Fire

When it comes to fitness and working out, outfits and clothes to wear at the gym are a core part of the growth in this sector’s market. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Champion and so on saw a significant rise in their sales due to the fact that streetwear trends started to combine what once was pure activewear to clothes you can wear on a day to day basis. This, combined with the fact that these companies started to collaborate with many athletes and personalities within the fitness game, was definitely the main reason why the fitness sector became so big.

The Personal Training Business

Many business analysts and market experts in the fitness sector pointed out how “become a personal trainer” is one of the most searched terms in Google when it comes to workouts and gym life. This is due to the fact that the entire personal training sector, especially when it comes to becoming a level 3 personal trainer diploma, has reached its maximum business level since personalities like Kim Kardashian and Amanda Cerny united the fitness business to social media.

Gym Memberships As A Luxury Matter

Having a gym membership nowadays is a status quo, which is a good thing, as it shows the fact that more and more people are approaching a healthy habit such as working out. In order to adapt to the matter, many gym companies decided to create AAA services and elite buildings for their top-tier, most demanding members, with swimming pools, saunas and indoor tennis, for example.

To Conclude

Although the fitness business as a whole grew considerably in the last couple of years, the experts are saying that it could double its value in the following 3/4 years, given the fact that many companies ranging from fashion to tech are investing in the matter with new collaborations, pieces of software and machines.

Do You Know the Education Profession’s Number One Reform Issue?

An example of why reform fails in the classroom is represented by two initiatives designed and funded by the Gates Foundation. These are The Measures of Effective Teaching, and The Intensive Partnerships for Effective Teaching programs. The Measures program provided extremely helpful insights when it reported the following findings in 2012: “[A] consistent pattern of weak subject-matter instruction. … the instruction was weakest … on [developing] content understanding . . . intellectual challenge . . . explicit strategy use . . . [and] student participation in making meaning and reasoning . . .” (pp. 24–27). Classroom raters “rarely found highly accomplished practices for the competencies often associated with the intent to teach students higher-order thinking skills” (p. 26).

Yet, according to the RAND Corporation’s June 2018 report on the Gates’ Intensive Partnership program, none of its six research questions addressed the weak instructional findings of the Measures program. The report’s key finding? Goals for student achievement were not achieved. A search of the RAND documents shows that there is no mention of rote instruction, rote learning, critical thinking, critical reading, critical writing, and critical instruction. In effect, the findings of one Gates effort (measures showing poor critical instruction and learning), are ignored in another Gates effort (achieving effective teaching).

The devastating Gates’ instructional measures and instructional findings capture the Number 1 Issue of education reform. After centuries of existence, the profession still practices a pedagogy based on roteism instruction. Roteism denies the natural science of how the human mind innately thinks and learns critically when it engages the world and its subject matter. Therefore, roteism pedagogy inherently defeats subject matter comprehension and development of critical thinking, reading, and writing abilities in all learners, teachers, and student. The profession does not practice critical instruction, which uses innate cognitive powers possessed by all as the basis to think, read, and write critically as the means to comprehend new and revisited subject matter.

The profession’s failure to evolve instructionally claims many innocent and unaware victims. They include teacher educators, teacher candidates, teachers, researchers, professional developers, textbook authors, all school and college students, and all others with an interest in seeing all learners, teachers and students, succeed.

Here is what must be taken away from years of teacher education, school, college, and textbook reform efforts: None of it has changed the ineffective way thinking, reading, and writing; subject matter; instruction; and learning come together mentally in classrooms at all levels and in all disciplines. After centuries of instructional practice, professional pedagogy continues to be defined by firmly entrenched roteism instruction. No amount of well-meaning teacher education, practice, mentoring, coaching; professional development, measurement, digital technology, or other initiatives that lie outside the classroom can cure professional practice that is rooted in roteism.

Solving this central-to-everything instructional problem requires that the profession minimize roteism instruction. But how? The profession needs to evolve into a pedagogy for critical instruction.

Dr. Victor P. Maiorana is at the forefront of fulfilling this need. His ground-breaking critical instruction pedagogy emphasizes a core body of knowledge for preparation, practice, certification, research, and professional development based on critical language-literacy and intellectual ownership of content. These basic elements, together with a core curriculum and related resources, can be found here.

How to Make Your Resume Look Good (When You Don’t Have Experience)

 It’s the age-old riddle: which came first, the chicken or the egg? Without experience, it’s hard to get a job, but it’s hard to get experience without a job first. When your resume is looking a little bare, it can feel like you’re not qualified to do anything, but you’re not completely out of luck. These four tips on how to make your resume look good without having a ton of experience will shoot your resume to the top of the pile, and help you score your dream job.

  1. Include Everything

When you don’t have job experience to put on your resume, you have to beef it up with anything else that makes you look like a solid candidate. Include any internships, extracurricular activities (sports give you a great competitive edge), volunteer experience (if you don’t have any, it’s time to get some!), and any awards you might have received. Use your education history as much as you can, and any special skills you’ve honed like computer skills and language. If you’re lacking inspiration, use a resume template to keep yourself organized and to find great ways to structure your resume.

Photo of Woman Using Her Laptop

  1. Check the Details

The devil is in the details, especially when it comes to resumes. Pore through your resume several times for spelling and grammar and have a second or third pair of eyes look at it just to be safe. A spelling mistake can cause a hiring manager to toss your resume straight in the trash, especially if they have a stack to get through. Make sure your address, correct phone numbers, and email address are on your resume—ensure your email address is a professional one with just your name. When you don’t have a ton of impressive experience to distract a hiring manager, your resume needs to be flawless.

  1. Customize for the Job

You should be customising your resume to each job you apply to, or at least to each position. Job postings come with tons of great clues and buzzwords that you can use on your resume to make yourself sound perfect for the job. This will also help in case the company uses software to automatically scan and sort for the best resumes using keywords. It’ll take you longer to do, but it can be way more effective than just sending out 100 identical resumes.

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  1. Include a Cover Letter

While it might not be a requirement, adding a cover letter to every job submission is important. Not only does it show that you’re thorough and methodical, but it also gives you the strategic edge of being able to sell yourself. You get more than just a few bullet points to tell the hiring manager exactly why you’re the best fit for this job, which isn’t always easy to spell out in your resume. Even if it’s not required, skimping on the cover letter could automatically put you behind another candidate who took the time to craft one. Find more resume writing tips here to help you create your best resume yet.


Benefits and Value of Leadership Development


We live in a modern, heavily industrialized and mechanized business environment. An increasing number of jobs that have previously been done with good old elbow grease is being automated. Never the less, one of the main success gauges for a company is its human capital. Simply put, companies that invest in leadership development perform better than those that do not. Although the demand for skilled labour is in high demand, businesses are having trouble finding adequate personnel. On the upside, leaders can be made and moulded. This means we can rely less on looking outside for employees. We do have to be willing to invest our resources in developing leaders. About 50% of managers do not have the knowledge and experience to fulfil these needs. But, 96% showed interest in a leadership development program, according to studies. Here are some tips on how and why we should invest in leadership development in our company.

1. Attracting and keeping talent

A satisfied employee is a productive one. Managers play a key role in making this a reality for all involved. Effective leadership can increase employee’s engagement and will certainly offset a potential cost of replacing them. Inspiring and showing them the positive impact through their contribution is a method used by the best managers. Compare that to a bad manager who will never utilize these methods, and will be unable to attract or keep high-performance employees. No matter the industry we find ourselves in, our company should always focus heavily on our people. They are a key part of our brand and, if satisfied, they will become the word bearers in promoting our company anywhere they go. Employees can be a walking and talking marketing opportunity. Companies are recognizing that potential and are making internal investments in order to capitalize on it. This way, external talent will come flocking in.

2. Chain of inspiration

The best leaders inspire others to be even better. These programs enable us to see the enthusiasm and motivation of our employees as soon as possible. A healthy competitive environment is what motivates and creates strong bonds. Some might feel uneasy leading other leaders out of fear of not being up to the task. Most of the times, it is just misplaced insecurity talking. Leaders are not really in a competitive state relative to one another, when talking about one company. They should be complementary. With this presupposition, any leader can learn from the other. Any one of them can lead another. Their skills are simply complementary and fill each other’s potential shortcomings. The benefits that it brings might not be that obvious. So, we should have a bunch of leaders and none of them has the same frame of mind? Exactly. If that were to be the case, we would end up with an echo chamber of ideas. This way, everyone can provide something useful and new to a brainstorming session. And that is one of the crucial aspects that a leadership development program should focus on.

3. Uninterrupted communication

One of the main aspects of defining a company and its path is the way communication is being handled. Important on so many levels, both vertical and horizontal, it defines our culture. Failing to define clear paths of communication can result in mistakes which can evolve to conflicts. At the end we end up in a hostile working environment, scratching our heads wondering how it all came to pass. Another part of being a great leader is being able to communicate through anything business life throws at us. Communications is not only about transmitting a message. It is also about detecting and preventing gaps or conflicts from all perspectives involved. What these training programs should enable is for the leader to adapt messages depending on the actors involved. Everyone has their learning style and it is not easy for one leader to adapt on the fly and meet them all.

Companies can perform a lot better if their teams are strong and efficient. The glue that keeps them all together is adequate leadership. Minimizing mistakes means minimizing the potential for conflict. Maximizing results means maximizing our bottom line at the end of the year. It is as simple as that. Implementing leadership programs will ensure that these vital business aspects are met in a professional manner.