Ever look at your closet and thought that it might need a little sprucing up? Tired of the ole shirt with jeans combo and looking to step up your trouser game? Then look no further.


If you’re looking to re-energize your wardrobe and modernize your trouser styles, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed seven modern trouser styles that you should own to spice up any outfit. Read along to find out more.

1. Peg Trousers

If you’re looking for a comfortable but elegant pair of trousers, then a Peg Trouser may be what you’re looking for. A Peg Trouser is a pair of trousers that are fitted around the waist but taper off around the thigh and knee area.


Peg Trousers have been a popular style late last year and are continuing for this year. These are a good pair of trousers to wear for a stylish look that maintains the appearance of professionalism.


For a professional ensemble, pair your Peg Trousers with a simple, white, long-sleeved, button-down and a good pair of oxfords. For a more casual alternative, match the trousers with a tucked in white shirt and white sneakers and you’re good to go.

2. Wide leg trousers

A lot of good things happened in the 70s, one of them being the popularity of the flared jeans. This style is making a return so for people with generous hips, and Wide Leg Trousers are highly recommended.

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Wide Leg Trousers give a festive and party-like feel to any outfit. They can accentuate your curves and balance out how your body flows. Plus, if you were them with heels, they can lengthen your silhouette.


Pair your trousers with a turtleneck that has a similar color and some chunky-heeled sandals for a sleek and modern look. A tucked in a tank top, a choker, and a purse with your trousers can be your go-to party outfit.

3. Crop trousers

Capri Pants or Cropped Trousers have been a much-criticized fashion look since the 90s. However, this will not be stopping its continued rise this year.


People with shorter legs should add the Cropped Trousers into their wardrobe as they can get away with it more, compared to our more legged brethren. This is an excellent way to make an outfit look more casual and dressed-down.


Take advantage of the trousers showing your ankle by wearing colorful or creative socks. Another option is by skipping the socks altogether and wearing ballet flats for a cute and simple look.

4. Boot cut trousers

Boot Cut Trousers originally were created for sailors to make it easier for them to wear boots. Now, it is a flattering pair of trousers for any body type that can enhance the curves of the body.

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The name in itself is a good idea of what type of shoes to wear with this. You can pair these pants with a loose sweater and some ankle boots for a winter look. If you’re looking for a summery look, try a flowy top and a pair of sandals for a refreshing outfit.

5. Robell Trousers

If you find yourself at a loss for a couple of trousers that can complete any look, try Robell Trousers. These trousers are made to be a perfect fit no matter what body type you may be. The stretch and give of the trousers accentuate the highlights of your body and gives it a nice silhouette.


With some strappy sandals and an off-shoulder top paired with the Robell Trousers, you can have a girly and summery look. If it’s feeling a bit nippy out, try a poncho sweater and some ankle boots with your trousers for a comfortable but warm outfit.


Having these pair of trousers in your closet is a time-saver as it can complete any outfit you choose. It fits you just right, and it looks good too.

6. Palazzo Trousers

Palazzo Trousers are, again, nothing new in the fashion industry. They’ve been popular since the 1920s by a lot of fashion-forward women of that time.


There are a lot of ways you can style an outfit with Palazzo Trousers. Given the fact that these trousers can be high-waisted, try wearing them with crop-tops to balance the loose fitting trousers out.

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Palazzo Trousers can also be used to wear for a more elegant evening look. Pair these trousers with a stylish lace top and some black stilettos with a matching purse and your evening look is complete.

7. Floral Trousers

Wearing Floral Trousers can help you achieve an effortless summer look and can be paired with simple tops. However, that doesn’t mean you can only wear them during the summer. Floral Trousers can give a pop of color, especially during gloomy weather.


A simple top is sufficient enough to complete the look of floral trousers. In keeping that summery feel, try a spaghetti strap top to keep your outfit looking fresh and breezy. An alternative top to pair with these trousers are button-downs for a smarter look.


Modern trouser styles are becoming more comfortable without compromising on style. Although a lot of these differ in look, with the right pair of tops and accessories, anyone can make them work.


If you still don’t have some of these trousers in your closet, it’s not too late to start. They will surely be a great addition to your roster and can make you look cool and chic while still feeling comfortable.