Usually, a business will look for a way to hire someone locally. Sometimes this is a viable option, because even if they don’t have the set of skills that you require, you can set up training programs that are going to be enough for them to become exactly what your business needs.

Sadly, this isn’t exactly something that you can always rely on. Sometimes it just becomes necessary to hire someone overseas. For example, there may be a position in your company that you really need to fill as fast as possible, so there is just no time to train someone who isn’t skilled enough.

Also, hiring an employee from another continent can bring you a whole new outlook along with the required set of skills. This means that your Australian company will be working with someone from a different business and cultural background.

Find out whether the applicant can work for you

What you first need to do is do the necessary research and be sure that the employee from overseas has legal rights to work in your Australian company. No matter whether you have found a staff member via a labor hire working arrangement, the same rules apply. While a citizen of Australia who is a permanent resident already has working rights in the Land Down Under, pretty much every other potential employee must have an appropriate visa. The issue here is that not every visa enables the person to have working rights.

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So, you need to do the necessary checks. Do this whenever any kind of work is started, every time that the worker’s circumstances have changed in a significant way, and during the two days of the visa’s expiration dates. You should do these checks every three months.

It is also vital that you keep in mind that if you decide to employ someone illegally, you can be seriously penalized. The maximum that you might have to pay can go up to $315.000.

The best visa to get for your overseas employees

According to experts such as Sydney migration agents, the best visa that you can get for your oversea employee is a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa. This is a subclass 482 kind of visa, and it enables people from all over the world to work and reside in Australia. It lasts for either 2 or 4 years, which depends on the job. What is extremely significant about this kind of visa is that people can bring along their family members and enable them to live, work, or study in the Land Down Under as well.

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There is, however, a number of qualifications that an applicant must pass in order to get it:

  • They need to have the necessary skills and qualification requirements. If it is needed, they should also go through a skills assessment process
  • Of course, they must have a formal offer for getting employed in Australia for a particular position, one that is listed as a relevant skilled profession
  • A certain degree in speaking the English language is vital
  • There are particular character and health requirements as well
  • Any extra requirements also need to be met, relevant to the position that the person is applying for

Finally, it is important to mention that every applicant for the TSS visa needs to go through the business sponsorship, nomination, and visa stage.

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In summation

When you are unable to find a local talent to fill a particular position in your company, you need to hire a qualified employee from overseas. This can be a great opportunity, as such a worker can bring a new perspective based on their business and cultural background.

Of course, in order for you to employ them, they need to be issued an appropriate visa. The best kind of visa in this case would be the Temporary Skill Shortage visa. Make sure that the applicant is qualified for it, and you will have a new talent in your midst that can do what you require.