Poetry is one of the highest forms of self-expression that human beings are involved in for centuries. It can be done in almost all ways of communication, whether writing or speaking. There have been many poets in the history whose work has continued to captivate us for centuries. Poetic expression remains highly significant because it is a progressive way of speaking about the unspeakable patterns and subjects that concern with deep emotions in the minds of human beings.

There have been many poets who have managed to entice human beings with their poetic sayings. These poets have touched subjects with poetry including love, heartbreak, sex, mental health, war, culture, tradition, religion, etc. In fact, these poets have discovered the most amazing ways to incorporate these subjects into their words.

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In today’s world, most poets are looking for great ways of making a name of themselves. They have already sighted opportunities to make it a full-time career. Following are a couple of great ways to become a poet.

Become a content creator – Social media is an essential tool for taking your creative potential up a notch. Many social media platforms host content creators who wish to bag remarkable success in their careers. Social media is home to billions of people in a community, and one can actually cater to them by establishing relevant profiles and posting their content. This way, their content reaches more and more eyeballs, and they get popular over the internet. Many content creators are also poets who have managed to bag exuberant success by hosting their profiles on platforms like Instagram.

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Write books – If you have a strong social media presence as a content creator, particularly a poet, then you should be compiling your best works in a book format and sell it to your audience. A good example remains Durga Madiraju, a poet who is remarkable at her work. She is also an IT professional as well, and has compiled her poetry in books. Durga has written over eight books where some compile her beautiful poetry while others showcase her expertise as an entrepreneur. Among eight of these books, there are two which have been remarkably successful. They are called “An Artsy Life: Collection of Short Stories” and “Scum Art Handbook”.

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Durga remains a fruitful example for all those aspiring to become professional poets wanting to escalate their efforts and make a career in the field of poetry.