Running a business is hard enough, but staffing challenges can make helming a company even more challenging. While many reports say that the job market is booming, the simple fact remains that some positions are harder to fill than others. Whether it’s your industry, an unexpected resignation, or the job itself, there are dozens of challenges to finding good applicants for your company. Here are some of the most common staffing issues businesses face, and why it may make sense to work with a recruitment agency if you’re really struggling.

Finding a good candidate in time

Timing is one of the trickiest aspects of filling a position because an unexpected departure in your business may cause a vacancy at a time when less people are looking for and applying to jobs. Even if you’re doing everything you can to put the jobseeker first, you may find that the lack of an employee is hindering your team’s ability to really make progress at work. Often times, a recruitment agency can help you address these concerns, as they are used to using their network to quickly find interested, qualified candidates. Agencies are accustomed to working under urgent constraints, and will do their best to find you a suitable replacement as quickly as possible.

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Adding new positions to expand your business

Sometimes, you need to add roles to your company but aren’t quite sure how to properly vet a candidate. For example, if you’re looking for a new creative director or press agent, you may be able to respond to their portfolio of work but aren’t quite sure what sort of experience can differentiate a good candidate from a great candidate. Finding a talent recruiter with time-tested experience sourcing applicants for specific positions is one way to solve this issue. Even consulting with them as you craft your job listing will ensure that you’re advertising the position appropriately and highlighting the skills and job responsibilities that fit your needs, too.

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Finding a specialized candidate

Sometimes, your business is really looking for a candidate with specialized skills or knowledge. Even if your job description clearly outlines the minimum requirements necessary to perform a job, many job seekers will still apply to your listing, hoping that they can learn the skill through experience. In these types of situations, it’s often a good idea to seek a recruitment agency to eliminate unqualified candidates. An article for LinkedIn outlines the most common kinds of recruiters, but generally an external recruitment agency with specific knowledge of an industry or field is a good direction to head in. For example, you may enlist engineering staffing agencies to help you find a good fit for your job if an engineering degree is a prerequisite for the position.

Recruitment efforts eating into other HR duties

If you have a human resources manager who generally handles recruitment efforts, they may find that some job searches simply take up too much of their time. Besides making hires and on-boarding employees, HR managers and directors are also responsible for thinking about your company’s big picture goals with administrative staff, serving as a liaison between employees and senior staff to ensure a collaborative and focused workplace. If you find that your human resources team is swamped by the recruitment aspect of evaluating job applicants, it may be worth your time to hire an agency to help.

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Recruitment is a tricky business, and it never hurts to get some help. Spending the time to find a recruitment agency that understands your company’s staffing needs and business goals can be a great way to combat any of the above staffing issues. A professional recruitment agency will be able to tap its staff of qualified candidates to quickly find you people worth interviewing, giving you a jumpstart on your search to find the perfect employee.