A well-designed and clever marketing video has the power to elevate your brand and boost your conversions. However, it isn’t as easy to great a brand video that converts as it may seem – it requires a strong narrative, SEO considerations and a whole lot more.

To create a powerful marketing video that sells, heed these 20 tips.

Communicate a story

A good marketing video that converts its viewers does not take the sales approach, it tells a story. Use narrative and themes to evoke an emotional reaction within the viewer and appeal to their desires and their needs.

Make an impression with the title

To get a viewer to click on your video, you need to capture their attention with a title. Ensure that the title is eye-catching and is also SEO-optimised so that it appears on the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Pay attention to the first 10 seconds

When it comes to capturing the attention of your viewers, you have less than 10 seconds. This means that in this time you must get your message across whilst being entertaining, engaging and impactful.

Keep it short

People today are very busy; they simply don’t have time to watch a video that is long in length. Therefore, as a rule, you should make your video no longer than 60 seconds, and fill it with plenty of peaks and highlights to stop a viewer from clicking off of it.

What’s your mission?

In order to elevate your brand and strengthen its impact within your industry, you should use your videos to sell your mission, as much as your products. What do you stand for? What are you trying to change? What can you do for your customers?

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Make it educational

To really add value to your viewers, ensure that your marketing video educates and informs. If your video can offer guidance, advice and tips on a matter that is relevant to your viewers, it will be considered more valuable and engaging.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk

Risqué videos are remembered, and boring videos are forgotten as soon as a viewer clicks off on it. Whatever your brand or industry, you should look for ways to stand out and do something different – so long as it’s still appropriate and on-brand.

Use sound

Music and sound has a profound power to evoke emotion when used in conjunction with high-resolution imagery. Therefore, music and atmosphere should be carefully considered in the design of the video to make it as impactful as possible.

Optimise it for mobile

In today’s digital age where most internet interaction is on smartphones, it is critical that your video is mobile-friendly. If it isn’t, your brand will lose credibility. If a user cannot easily watch your video on their marketing device, they won’t waste their time.

Don’t skimp on quality

The quality of your video – including the quality of the picture, the sound and the design of the story – has the ability to make or break your brand. To ensure you get it right, consider enlisting the expertise of a video production company sydney.

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Consider SEO

In order for your video to convert, it first has to be seen. Good SEO will make your video discoverable, and this means that it should have keywords in the description, the URL, the title and the ALT tags.

Use the URL in the video

Don’t forget to embed the URL to your website in the video so that the viewer has a direct journey to what he or she is looking for.

Create a designated landing page

Any marketing endeavours are fruitless without a landing page in which customers can land on and find exactly what they came for. If your video is selling something, they should be able to click straight through to a considered landing page that will convert them.

Use testimonials

Use testimonials of real customers to entice and reassure prospective customers and build the trust of the viewer. Interview your customers and ask them how your product or service has benefitted them.

Implement tutorials and how-to guides

Internet users love to consume information and learn new things, so if you can teach them to do something they didn’t already know how to do, you will achieve their respect and their time. Show them just enough that you have engaged them, but always leave them wanting more – don’t give away all of your secrets for free.

Give customers a BTS insight

Appeal to viewers appetite for a behind the scenes looks into your brand or business operations by showing them what goes on behind closed doors. This could include a short interview with the CEO or employees at work in the office.

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Include a Call to Action

Any good marketing content features a powerful Call to Action, including video. Just like you would at the end of a blog post, or on a landing page, give your viewers a clear instruction into how to act in order to move them down your sales funnel so that they convert.

Ask questions

Good marketing is about presenting a common problem that your target audience have, and then offering them a solution. Therefore, your video should make your viewers think about themselves and their own situations, which then makes it easier to sell your product or service.

Inject some humour

An easy way to connect with other people is through a shared sense of humour. So, if it’s appropriate for your business to tap into a lighter side, don’t miss an opportunity. If you can make a viewer laugh, even a little, they are much more likely to remember you.

Create a hype around the video

You can’t just make a video, put it on your website or on YouTube and assume it’ll gain traction on its own. You need to pull together all of your marketing streams and social media channels to promote the video and get viewers interested.


To ensure your marketing video makes an impression, follow the above 20 tips and you’ll experience great rewards.