We are already a few weeks into 2018. It is time to put your marketing affairs in order. As technology, advances so does the digital marketing arena. These innovations are disrupting what was the norm in marketing.

As a business, be it in ghostwriting services , the success of your business depends on your customer base. It is, therefore, of utter importance to have effective marketing strategies for your products or services. The availability of numerous platforms to leverage your business needs, make this an exciting time for marketers.

It gives you an opportunity to interact and foster stronger relationships with both your current and future customers. Here’s an overview of the trends you need to embrace:

1. Micro-Moments

When looking for content online, most of us use our smartphones. It calls for business to refurbish their websites and make them mobile friendly. Also, many people are researching the spot.

Say, you have an itch that is persisting. You will Google to see whether you need to visit your physician or it’s going to fade away. Businesses now have to anticipate and provide relevant content in these impulsive moments of informational splurges.

2. Visualization

Online videos are growing in popularity. You can witness this from the incorporation of video features on different social media platforms. People are more likely to attach to interactive and high-quality video content.

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You may need to start promoting in your websites, high-quality video content. It is an opportunity to differentiate your brand from the others, in this competitive market.

3. Conversational UI

It allows the brand to interact with their clients naturally. It could be for entertainment, transactional purposes, or information. The daily routine of a consumer will experience an increase in conversational interactions.

You can also include it with your professional ghostwriters services. Let your clients feel like they are having a normal conversation, just like any other. It could by live chat or using a chatbot.

4. Influencer Marketing

It is a strategy where, as a business, you find an influencer with your customer base and pair with them. Strong influencers will help to build your credibility. It will also give you an authority in your field.

The peers of the influencer will be able to build trust as you gain social proof. Among your customers, there are influencers. Get out there and partner with them.

5. Mini-Ads

There’s no debate that the attention spans of people are reducing. And now, marketers have to create ads that can pass across their message in a short amount of time. It is a challenge for brands to create 6 seconds ads.

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But that’s what YouTube introduced. Fox is also incorporating such techniques in their live events.

6. Customer-Centric Content

It is time to personalize the experience of your customers. Each person on your site has different objectives and needs. A continuing customer and a visitor are looking for different things.

To increase your conversion rate, the, you have to provide the right content to the customer at the right time. Visitors may also be from different psychographics or demographic groups.

7. Native Advertising

Do you want to increase engagement with your customer base? You need to combine your digital marketing plans with native advertising. To encourage viral sharing, you will need to utilize native language.

It will increase your reach and the relevance of your professional ghostwriting services brands. It will also improve your relationship with the target market. It helps your marketing strategies to blend easily with the environment.

8. Machine Learning

As people become more demanding than before; businesses need to be able to respond to their needs, quickly. Machine learning offers predictive knowledge. You can use the information gained to your advantage.

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It is already disrupting areas such as detection of fraud and the healthcare industry.   marketers will need to work in collaboration with entities of automation. It is already helping Paypal in the fight against the laundering of money.

9. Augmented Reality

It is a concept to help improve the communication between businesses and customers. It allows for engaged marketing. Users will be able to see ads before, as well as, around them. Various applications are already utilizing AR technology.

It provides better engagement opportunities for a business. Depending on one’s location, a brand could trigger an on the spot sponsored content using AR.

10. Retargeting

It is an attempt to engage with the people who once visited your site. It can help you draw them back to your e-commerce site. Statistics show that over 90% of those who visit your site for the first time, leave without purchasing anything.

It is now time to increase your conversion rates.


It is still early in the year to revamp your digital marketing strategies. Leave no stone unturned.