When it comes to caring for employee wellness, a lot of companies tend to focus the majority of their efforts on employees who are unwell or have long-term health issues. Whilst this is definitely money well spent, it is just as important to support the health of your other employees. On average, around 55% of a business’ workforce are “at risk” and are living with health risks, either from bad diets, smoking, drinking or not doing enough exercise. This can have an effect on their health and productivity.

As well as these obvious risks, a lot of employees are affected by health issues which are less visible. Stress, financial worries and mental health issues are also serious things to consider. So, if you have a small business and want to help improve the health of your employees, then here are some things to help you get started.

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Flexible Working Options

Employees have commitments outside of work and juggling a balance or work and home life can be incredibly difficult, especially for parents or those who care for others. By offering flexible working options, you can help to significantly reduce stress levels and make your employees feel far more comfortable when it comes to prioritising their work and home life.


Provide Private Health Insurance

A lot of employees tend to put off health issues due to not being able to afford the treatment needed. Dental, physio and mental health concerns can often be costly to treat, so by offering a private health insurance option, your employees have cover should they ever need it. This, in turn, reduces stress and financial worries on your employee’s behalf, and you know that you are there to support them when you can.

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Build A Culture Of Wellbeing

Putting a wellbeing strategy in place will help employees to address all of the traditional nutritional and physical issues that are associated with poor health. Gym discounts, for example, may encourage employees to take part in regular exercise and provide, whereas having regular team-building sessions will boost morale and workplace friendships. Having confortable office furnishing and handmade furniture and break rooms will also help staff feel much more comfortable in the office.


Nurture Emerging Leaders

People who are natural leaders and managers rarely ever emerge on their own. Previous evidence has shown that when these employees are supported within their work environment they will realise their true talent and potential. Whilst it is important to not show any favouritism, as an employer you must be able to recognise these employees when you can and offer them guidance. When these employees are not recognised, they feel undervalued and underappreciated, leading to poor motivation and productivity.

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Support Nutritional Health

Nutritional health is extremely important in the workplace. Whilst it is vital for employers to provide a safe and healthy place of work, it is also important to encourage healthy lifestyles. Eating healthily not only provides your body with the right vitamins and nutrients which it needs to function, but it also helps to keep your mind focused as your blood sugar levels naturally fluctuate throughout the day and if your a VW Specialist or another technical area, staying sharp is key. Relaying the importance of eating healthily to your employees should be high on your list, but you can also recommend digestive health supplements and probiotic tablets as well.