Communicating with clients over the telephone is important, because it can create an impression of your business. In that moment you are the image of the business and if done incorrectly, it can result in an unhappy customer. There are some telephone skills one needs to look at mastering to help the business succeed.

You could write the best book author biography, but if you do not communicate with others in a good manner, you could put people off. It goes beyond personality and has more to do with customer service. When you put the phone down, the customer should feel like a need has been met.

1. On hold

A customer who needs help is not going to appreciate being put on hold, but you can do this in a less frustrating manner. Ask the customer if you could put them on hold before you do so.

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2. Show Appreciation

After you place the caller on hold with their permission, be sure to show some appreciation for their patience. This might break the tension the customer is feeling and start the conversation off on a good note.

3. Use their Names

When a customer tells you what their name is, be sure to use it throughout the conversation. You of course do not want to overuse it, but reassure the customer that you are paying attention to what is being said.

4. Don’t Interrupt

Sometimes customers go on a rampage and want to get some of their dissatisfaction out. You might be tempted to interrupt the customer if you have an easy solution. Try and let the customer say what needs to be said before responding.

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5. Take Control

In relation to knowing when to speak, there are some moments when you have to take control. If the customer complained about your book, but starts talking about the author biography, you want to take control of the conversation. Try and direct the customer to the initial point of discussion.

6. Eliminate Distracting Noises

Imagine being on the phone with someone and they are chewing bubble-gum. This is annoying and might get the customer off on a bad note before you have a chance to fix the situation.

7. Last Impression

As important as the first impression is the last impression you leave. After the customer gets over the phone with you, they should be happy or at least satisfied.

8. Have Solutions

It’s senseless talking to a client and ending the phone call without a solution to their problem. There are some issues that always come up and you should have an answer ready when these types of calls come in. If everyone has something to ask about the author biography, read it yourself and prepare some answers.

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9. Don’t Waste time

You do not want to waste too much of the customer’s time when they call in. Get to a solution and be quick about it. The sooner you are done, the faster you can get to some of the other customers on hold.

10. Be Positive

Personality is not what always makes or breaks a phone call, but a positive one will get you further. Shed some light over the phone and attempt to make someone’s day a little brighter.