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A Man Who Peaked the Summit of Success

There aren’t many people who can compete with the brilliance and excellence of Anthony Bennett Park aka Tony Park. Anthony was born to Merle Denise Park and Arther Frank Park on April 5th, 1957. Tony acquired his initial Master’s degree from the University of Tasmania where he studied Business Administration and Management. He has also done Masters from Adelaide University and Deakin University. Tony is currently completing his Ph.D. from the University of Tasmania. He is a renowned business coach and an internationally awarded entrepreneur.

Racing through Success

Tony has always been a fan of politics, a dream that led him to enter the political arena. He has a great deal of recognition to his name in Tasmania. Tony served as the president of Hobart Young Liberals between 1985 and 1989. He also worked with the Young Liberals Party of Australia during the same period. Later, Tony joined Cosy Cabins as a Director. He has also served the same position for several other companies including BIG4 Holiday Parks, and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Tony has had a vast and prolific career where at each of the positions he served, he was able to perform at his utmost best. He has served different companies in different capacities like the President and the Vice President. Apart from serving these positions, Tony Park is also a consultant and a broker. As of now, he is the Head Business Gardner at “The Business Gardner”.

The Author

Tony Park has reached the epitome of success in his career. This is the point where it becomes more of a moral obligation of yours to share the tricks of the trade with rising entrepreneurs and all those who look up to yours. The Entrepreneurial Giant has co-authored a book in which he talks about how he harvested such a prolific career.

The book, ‘Ignite Your Life’, talks about having clear visibility of the road you want to take. Tony says that it is all about the drive to be different! It is your will to get up from rock bottom and rise to the epitome of success that will be the decisive element. Different people have different levels of visibility in the beginning, which changes as you take the initial steps and strive to keep moving forward. The book is available right now at Amazon.

Tony has made a fortune by stepping into different businesses through the years. He made around $54 million and had won several local and international awards.

What’s Next?

Tony Park already stands tall on the pinnacle of success, but as he mentions in his book, always being proactive and continuing to strive for more and better is what leads you to greater heights. As for Tony, he is looking forward to developing a $8M Motel, as well as to launch a membership site where he could train those who wish to follow in his footsteps. Tony is also doing research for his Ph.D. on Guanxi and Networking bonds. You can learn more about Tony Park’s life and stay up to date with his work at

Curb Your Habit of Saving and Learn How to Invest – The Thomas Wos Story

A lot of people of all age brackets never really bother to learn about the benefits that investing carries. They think saving up their cash is the way to being wealthy when in fact it’s actually just stagnating. Money needs to be exercised in order for it to make gains. Investing in shares, property etc. helps your cash stock increase in value and number.

Thomas Wos is a marketing expert, an author, entrepreneur, investor, online marketer, real estate developer and hotelier. Before becoming the mogul he is today and being this decorated in the workforce, he was just a kid with ambition. Born in Germany 1986, Wos knew he would become the frontrunner in many walks of life and in order to do that, he moved to Switzerland in order to tap into his potential and give life to his career.

Wos was already fascinated by marketing when he was a student. He started his own ad agency to channel his newfound talent in digital marketing. Today, this company is situated in countries across the world and Wos has been deciding to shift the workforce of roughly 60 employees to 100 because of how high the demand is. Thomas Wos provides his marketing consultancy services to all companies that approach him, regardless of their size and popularity.

Apart from being very invested in his digital marketing agency, he was into building a hotel for a long time. The idea of hotels had always appealed to him and there’s no one that can stop a dreamer with vision and hard work. Therefore, he is now making plans to construct his luxury hotel “The Wos”. He aims to make it one of the biggest hotel chains in the world someday and has 3 divisions that focus on all the key appeal factors in the industry.

Aside, from directing The Wos and his swiss marketing firm, Thomas has served as the Chief Operating Officer of “Swiss Marketing System GmbH”.“Swiss Marketing System GmbH” is doing marketing and creating/develop own projects.

Thomas, apart from being involved in so many fields, and amassing a net worth of $200 million – Wos is also very involved in charity. All the projects that he works on, he personally oversees them in order to make sure that the environment is not infringed in a harmful way. Wos wants to be famous so he can make the world a better place to live in for everyone. As of now, he is donating and working meticulously to devoid the ocean of pollution. He has also helped in building schools in West Africa in order to uplift the literacy rate and help those that do not have access to quality education.

The key to remaining rich forever and to reach the success point in your life is to invest, have goals, not rely on one stream of income and make sure that you give as much money to charity as you can.

5 Reasons Why Office Cleanliness Is Vital To Workplace Safety

A clean workplace is great for everyone in the office. You can have a fresh for thinking building and ensures the safety of all of your employees. A lot of people are becoming injured in the office due to different issues in cleaning the workplace. Effective cleaning of the office is what you need now to avoid all of these repercussions for your human resources in the company. But, why? We will be giving you five reasons why you need to make your office clean and neat and how it can contribute to the safety in the office.

1. Prevents Slips and Falls

A big part of all of the general industry incidents are coming from slips, falls, and trips. It may also be a cause of accidental deaths. Slips, trips, and falls can occur to anyone in the office at any time, as long as your workplace is not clean enough. As an employer, you can incur extra expenses when this kind of accidents happen because you injured employee might lead to disability, or worse, death. You need to focus on cleaning to avoid slips, trips, and falls.

You can start by cleaning floors that are oily or wet. There may be leaks or other material that can contribute to a potential slip. Make sure also to make all of your floors even. Lastly, make sure your stairways are safe and appropriately designed.

2. Prevents Spreading Germs and Illness

Bacteria, fungi, and viruses are interacting everywhere and can lead to different illnesses. You can get those germs either through the air, through unclean equipment, and another person. As an employer, you should help in lowering the risks of your employees having illness from different germs at work.

What’s good is that we can prevent those diseases in the workplace. One of the most important ways to do to avoid these is to clean all pieces of equipment in the office. When not polished, it may transfer germs to the users indirectly. Make sure to always dust and make everything neat. Along with that, create a culture of hand hygiene in your office since handwashing can help in preventing such diseases and illnesses.

3. Lowers The Hazard Exposures Regarding Air Filtration

Proper air filtration is essential because you would not want to circulate dust and vapors in the office. Having a clean one also reduces the risks of air transmission of different germs and bacteria that can lead to illnesses. Knowing this, you should employ a regular cleaning of filters in the office. You should be mindful of the cleaning regularly of the air filtration system because of the potential growth of bacteria and virus in the area. Also, you can use a dehumidifier that can help in removing air pollutants.

4. Well Maintained Light Fixtures Are Eye-Friendly

Dirty light sources in the office can lower the performance of the light in the office. It can also contribute to lower accomplishments of the employees due to low light in their workplace. These kinds of issues with light may lead to eye strain and headaches to the employees and will lessen their productivity in the office.

A clean light fixture is a need, and you can clean this by dusting the fixture itself. For light bulbs, it should be unplugged to cool. After that, wipe it with a rag to getting rid of various specks of dust. Also, stairways should also be well-lit to aid in the walking of the employees and prevent slips, trips, and falls.

5. Clutter-Free Workspaces Means Freedom

When we say freedom, it means freedom from different pests and insects in the workplace. Creating clutters in the office can invite different pests to infiltrate your space. It can also be a potential cause of various illnesses that are coming from the workplace environment. Also, if you do not make your area clean, it can be a space for mating of different pests, making it easier for them to grow in number.

You can stop this by helping everyone to de-clutter their spaces. You should also put trash baskets that are ‘no-touch’ to reduce the transmission of germs. Another trash basket you need to have is a recyclable one, but you need to make sure that all things that are in the bin are clearly labeled as recyclable trash.

Workplace Safety and Office Cleanliness Works Together

As the employer of your company, along with all of the salary and benefits your employees deserve to have, they also deserve a safe and clean working environment from you. It is required to build a higher performance and productivity in the office, and of course, avoid different illnesses from workers which can lead to lower production in the office. Keep everything clean in the office, and it can lead you to places!


Author Bio: Raymond Chiu is the Director of Operations for, the leading office cleaning services in NYC. Maid Sailors take pride in providing outstanding office cleaning services at affordable prices. Maid Sailors helps workplaces transform into spotless places.

Do You Know the Education Profession’s Number One Reform Issue?

An example of why reform fails in the classroom is represented by two initiatives designed and funded by the Gates Foundation. These are The Measures of Effective Teaching, and The Intensive Partnerships for Effective Teaching programs. The Measures program provided extremely helpful insights when it reported the following findings in 2012: “[A] consistent pattern of weak subject-matter instruction. … the instruction was weakest … on [developing] content understanding . . . intellectual challenge . . . explicit strategy use . . . [and] student participation in making meaning and reasoning . . .” (pp. 24–27). Classroom raters “rarely found highly accomplished practices for the competencies often associated with the intent to teach students higher-order thinking skills” (p. 26).

Yet, according to the RAND Corporation’s June 2018 report on the Gates’ Intensive Partnership program, none of its six research questions addressed the weak instructional findings of the Measures program. The report’s key finding? Goals for student achievement were not achieved. A search of the RAND documents shows that there is no mention of rote instruction, rote learning, critical thinking, critical reading, critical writing, and critical instruction. In effect, the findings of one Gates effort (measures showing poor critical instruction and learning), are ignored in another Gates effort (achieving effective teaching).

The devastating Gates’ instructional measures and instructional findings capture the Number 1 Issue of education reform. After centuries of existence, the profession still practices a pedagogy based on roteism instruction. Roteism denies the natural science of how the human mind innately thinks and learns critically when it engages the world and its subject matter. Therefore, roteism pedagogy inherently defeats subject matter comprehension and development of critical thinking, reading, and writing abilities in all learners, teachers, and student. The profession does not practice critical instruction, which uses innate cognitive powers possessed by all as the basis to think, read, and write critically as the means to comprehend new and revisited subject matter.

The profession’s failure to evolve instructionally claims many innocent and unaware victims. They include teacher educators, teacher candidates, teachers, researchers, professional developers, textbook authors, all school and college students, and all others with an interest in seeing all learners, teachers and students, succeed.

Here is what must be taken away from years of teacher education, school, college, and textbook reform efforts: None of it has changed the ineffective way thinking, reading, and writing; subject matter; instruction; and learning come together mentally in classrooms at all levels and in all disciplines. After centuries of instructional practice, professional pedagogy continues to be defined by firmly entrenched roteism instruction. No amount of well-meaning teacher education, practice, mentoring, coaching; professional development, measurement, digital technology, or other initiatives that lie outside the classroom can cure professional practice that is rooted in roteism.

Solving this central-to-everything instructional problem requires that the profession minimize roteism instruction. But how? The profession needs to evolve into a pedagogy for critical instruction.

Dr. Victor P. Maiorana is at the forefront of fulfilling this need. His ground-breaking critical instruction pedagogy emphasizes a core body of knowledge for preparation, practice, certification, research, and professional development based on critical language-literacy and intellectual ownership of content. These basic elements, together with a core curriculum and related resources, can be found here.

New Underwear Labels Rivalling Victoria’s Secret

Gooseberry Intimates

This up and coming brand is all over social media as the next big thing. And it’s not hard to see why. With delicate lace underwear and beautiful designs, this lingerie brand is just as unique in style as their name. Their flagship store is in Bali, a destination featured in basically every influencer’s bucket list. They even offer free shipping over $200. So club together with a friend to transform your wardrobe.



Aerie is a company under the umbrella of American Eagle. They recently made headlines for their body positivity campaign, including models of all shapes and sizes. The now-famous photos were untouched, promoting a different side to other lingerie companies – an aspect that many customers loved and widely reported on fashion blog sites. Their profits were up for 16 consecutive months after the launch of the campaign.


Savage x Fenty

Rhianna’s brainchild ‘Savage x Fenty’ is a brand preaching exclusivity for all women, no matter their race, religion or size. They are perhaps on of Victoria Secret’s biggest rivals to date, catering to those women tired of industry standard models used by the brand. It features a range of classic bras for everyday as well as more seductive pieces.


Les Girls Les Boys

Originally started by the previous owner of Agent Provocateur, les girls les boys offer something different to the designer lingerie market. They focus on a ‘street-to-bed’ look, underwear that’s easily transitioned from bed to daywear in no time. Their pieces are all designed to be loungewear, and they also offer pyjamas in their range.



This brand offers something for women who may find it hard to get well-fitting bras. They start with a quiz, asking women about their body type and their preferred bra styles. They will then get to receive a personalised selection of bras in the post to try on for size. Any bras they don’t like they are able to send back. A great idea for those who struggle with finding a bra in other stores such as Victoria Secret.


What’s Next?

Victoria’s Secret has been receiving press in the last few months for all the wrong reasons. It seems that even their most loyal customers are tired of their yearly fashion show, showcasing skinny models who tell stories of their lack of food in preparation for the walk. Whether it’s enough for them to be dethroned yet it to be seen.

How to Make Your Resume Look Good (When You Don’t Have Experience)

 It’s the age-old riddle: which came first, the chicken or the egg? Without experience, it’s hard to get a job, but it’s hard to get experience without a job first. When your resume is looking a little bare, it can feel like you’re not qualified to do anything, but you’re not completely out of luck. These four tips on how to make your resume look good without having a ton of experience will shoot your resume to the top of the pile, and help you score your dream job.

  1. Include Everything

When you don’t have job experience to put on your resume, you have to beef it up with anything else that makes you look like a solid candidate. Include any internships, extracurricular activities (sports give you a great competitive edge), volunteer experience (if you don’t have any, it’s time to get some!), and any awards you might have received. Use your education history as much as you can, and any special skills you’ve honed like computer skills and language. If you’re lacking inspiration, use a resume template to keep yourself organized and to find great ways to structure your resume.

Photo of Woman Using Her Laptop

  1. Check the Details

The devil is in the details, especially when it comes to resumes. Pore through your resume several times for spelling and grammar and have a second or third pair of eyes look at it just to be safe. A spelling mistake can cause a hiring manager to toss your resume straight in the trash, especially if they have a stack to get through. Make sure your address, correct phone numbers, and email address are on your resume—ensure your email address is a professional one with just your name. When you don’t have a ton of impressive experience to distract a hiring manager, your resume needs to be flawless.

  1. Customize for the Job

You should be customising your resume to each job you apply to, or at least to each position. Job postings come with tons of great clues and buzzwords that you can use on your resume to make yourself sound perfect for the job. This will also help in case the company uses software to automatically scan and sort for the best resumes using keywords. It’ll take you longer to do, but it can be way more effective than just sending out 100 identical resumes.

Two Woman Chatting

  1. Include a Cover Letter

While it might not be a requirement, adding a cover letter to every job submission is important. Not only does it show that you’re thorough and methodical, but it also gives you the strategic edge of being able to sell yourself. You get more than just a few bullet points to tell the hiring manager exactly why you’re the best fit for this job, which isn’t always easy to spell out in your resume. Even if it’s not required, skimping on the cover letter could automatically put you behind another candidate who took the time to craft one. Find more resume writing tips here to help you create your best resume yet.



In modern world, along with personal lives, every professional field is getting highly influenced by technology. Among these professional fields, a great revolution has been brought by technology in the healthcare industry. With respect to Canada, this merging of technology and healthcare industry has done wonders in the healthcare app development, by improving as well as raising the health condition of people.


The AI technology merged with medical science has paved ways for innovation in healthcare industry. Various medical science areas like pharmacy, biotechnology, information technology, and development of medical devices and equipment have seen a rise just because of the advancement in AI. From relatively small innovations like adhesive bandages, ankle braces, to relatively large as well as complex technology like MRI machines, artificial organs, robotic prosthetic limbs, AI has put a significant impact on the medical as well as health care industry.


In medical as well as healthcare industry, the dependency on technology is greatly increasing because of which there has been a hike in healthcare app development. The health apps are useful in diagnosis of the patient, performing surgical procedures efficiently, and providing overall improved healthcare.


The information technology has also made a great contribution in the field of healthcare industry. Lately, there has been an increase in the usage of electronic medical records (EMR), along with smartphones and tablets. This is benefitting both the doctors and the patients as well.

The technology in healthcare industry evolved from making new equipment familiar to the doctors so that they can use the equipment for private practices and even in hospitals for enhancing the connectivity between patients and doctors. It is becoming common today for the patients to communicate with the physician via video conferencing so as to save money as well as time, that is spent usually on traveling or sending health information instantly.


With the construction of more hospitals as well as evolution of modern practices via technology like the mobile devices, the doctors can now access all the useful information, right from information about drugs, various new research studies, to the patient history, within a fraction of seconds. Also, due to their effective portability, the physicians can never be disconnected with any sort of information. There are different apps which can help in finding any potential health threat and examine the information digitally with the technology such as X-rays as well as CT scans. Thus, technology has been beneficial to the healthcare industry in many ways.


Because of various websites as well as mobile apps, the healthcare industry has converted into an online platform. Because of Internet, the technology has been able to show its importance in the healthcare, medical, and lifestyle domains. Today, there are many apps which focus mainly on the mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This has able to build a strong base for healthcare app development. These healthcare apps can be used as a medical reference database, clinical checkup tool, and medical calculator.

There are various health as well as fitness apps, which helps the users to track the health  by users and provide them with information about the fitness level. So, now some facts which are necessary to develop health apps are discussed below:

  1. Target hardware

A developer who is working on healthcare app development would aim to target more than a single platform. These platforms may include desktop as well as mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Each smartphone user operates the same app in a different way depending upon the information speed or information length. A healthcare app should be optimized to work on different platforms including smartphones as well as tablets. Though there are various healthcare apps which are developed to run on smartphone, only few of them are compatible with tablets.

  1. API components

Application Programming Interface (API) is a process, tool, or routine that executes some specific task or interacts with some part or the whole software. There are various social networking apps and advertisers which use APIs to communicate any information. Whenever a user login into the app, it is the API that supports the whole authentication process by connecting the device of the user to the remote server.

The healthcare app development operators add various API components which can help to authenticate the device of the user to access the information of the patient, in some case of patient engagement solution. Also, the developer should add other APIs coming from suppliers and vendors.

  1. Data security

The mobile app developers usually avoid to store the data of the app in the device for some security reasons. If the app runs on traditional clinical management system, the developer can easily store the data of the app to the server by limiting the number of API requests. So, if the security is given priority as in the case of healthcare apps, the developers are recommended to work on end-to-end encryption.

  1. Device security

There are various data security companies such as Arxan which suggest that in comparison with iOS apps, Android apps are less secure. In fact, there are various cybersecurity advocates which prefer iOS platform over Android for developing apps which need more security features.

Though Android, today, covers more than 80% of the smartphone market, the smartphone manufacturers are trying their best to fill in the security gap which pulls Android operating system back. These manufacturers are coming up with great solutions but still the path seems long.

Samsung Knox is a good example to prove that Android operating system seems less secure, but manufacturers are trying their level best. It is user-friendly and the user can do variety of activities ranging from work to personal activities. This is emerging as a good step from the manufacturers because today most organizations are working on “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy.

Second best example can be that of Blackberry. It is trying to develop smartphones with high security features so that it can rule the market again. Moreover, their developers have suggested some code of conduct which can be added to make the mobile app much safer.

Every daily-life app needs to possess some essential features which can indulge the user in it. These features are listed in an explained way below:

  • Step/Sleep/Run tracker

This tracker should work in collaboration with the details that the user provides. Like if a user wants to take 8 hours sleep and if this time limit exceeds, then it should signal the user. Some other features which can be associated with this tracker include blood pressure, heart rate, water intake and incline swings. For those users who really want to dig deep, some complex features may be included like calorie counter.

  • Analytics.

Here analytics refer to the measuring of metrics on the collected data of the activities of the user. This can further lead to make certain conclusions.

  • Push notifications

Push notifications in an app are very essential. These notifications act as a signal for any sort of reminder or update. In healthcare apps, these notifications can be used to encourage users to take care of their health.

Some healthcare mobile apps usually are monetized and come with some prepaid subscription for providing the services. Like, Headspace app offers a monthly as well as a yearly subscription, whichever is preferable to the user. Thus, a healthcare app developer can monetize the app by putting any advertisement but it should not degrade the quality of the user experience of the app.

Reasons why mobile apps fail

There are various reasons by which mobile apps are not able to work properly or altogether fail. Some of the reasons are listed below.

  • Poor User Experience

Though there may be many reasons behind the failure of a mobile app, the foremost is the poor user experience. It is essential to realize that the mobile app market is full of loaded stuff, many of them are not used by anyone, so there they reach in the category of “ghost house apps”. Thus, the developer should understand and avoid adding the irrelevant stuff to the app such as inappropriate content, or complex user flow because this can leave a negative impression on the customer about the app.

  • Poor Expertise and Less Industry Knowledge.

While developing a healthcare app, it is necessary that the developer should have excellent expertise to develop the app which can cater to the needs of the customer. Like, in case of a healthcare app, if the developer is not leaving any section by which the patient can communicate to the doctor, the user will part away from that app.

  • Not solving the Particular Problem

One of the major issues that the healthcare apps fail is that these apps do not solve a specific problem, instead they try to solve all the problems, resulting in none being solved.

  • Failure to Meet the Privacy Guidelines.

All the medical or health related mobile apps need to follow the rules laid by HIPPA. This is one of the major factors where many healthcare app development companies lack behind.

How to Drive on The Road to Reach $60 Million

It’s an average day for you and you’re just scrolling on Instagram. You see Louis Vuitton skins, voluptuous models in mink coats, business tycoons surrounded by stacks of cash and the classic pretentious couple in some exotic hotel in Switzerland or Bali. Any onlooker would wonder how these people got to this part of the world which every human being wants. Who wouldn’t want to know how to get to the upper echelon and live their best life? Being able to pay for anything and not being neck-deep in debts and financial problems is a huge blessing. However, all great things require sacrifice and relentless hard work.

People come up with all kinds of ideas on a daily basis. Nobody wants to take the backseat in the race to survival in this world. There is so much competition that if you don’t have any skill or talent to add to the game, then you are going to be the spectator under the bleachers. There is no shame or vanity when it comes to having a high ambition. Reality may limit our possibilities but if we don’t dream big then we can’t push past the limits of our reality. This is the way the world works.

What is a reality today was once a dream. So what you first need to do in order to get to the hotshot millionaire status is by recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have mastered self-awareness, begin to take interest and pursue different fields of study that have immense demand in the market today and are heavily paid for as well. It is only after you have experimented thoroughly will you know where your heart belongs and what kind of skill comes naturally to you.

We always wish that there could be someone out there who could mentor us towards having the leanest entrepreneurial techniques and to groom us into a person that knows how to get to the top and remain there. That happens through networking a lot and being in a lot of places at once. We would share the success story of an American producer, entrepreneur, musician, and songwriter Michael Blakey. He is a hardworking, dynamic and charismatic man who delved into every field of business when he was in London. At just 19 years old, Blakey got appointed as the resident producer of Hansa Studios in Berlin. After working in more companies and fields, Blakey became the Managing Director of Maserati UK Ltd. Wanting to pursue more options in America, and his ambition still soaring, Michael Blakey came to the States and began his own record label named Platinum Records. In 1999, he co-founded the label 2K Sounds which got him working with a handful of notable artists. The label grew quite large and was acquired by Virgin Records America and Blakey was made President of the Record Division. He wanted to pursue his passion for music and combine it with his polished entrepreneurial skills and he made another record label with Comedian Ron White. Blakey is also a certified marksman and has a Fixed-Wing aircraft pilot’s certification from both the Federal Aviation Administration and Civil Aviation Authority. He is a member of the Institute of the Motor Industry from England and is licensed to drive Formula 1 race cars as well as RAC Rally vehicles. He also supports cancer organizations and charity forums around the world. Today, Michael Blakey is worth $60 Million.

It was not a simple road as you can see. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Traits of a successful real estate investor

Real estate investment is a challenging business. The risk associated with this profession and the complexity of the business (as the property market fluctuate a lot) is high. To become a successful real estate investor you should have some traits which act as a driving force for your business and helps you to become a successful real estate property investor. Also, take advice from Property valuations Sydney to know about the property market condition and trends.

Here we are sharing some tips which help you to become a successful real estate investor –

Strong Networks – What helps the business most? Great contacts and strong networks. These help you to generate new leads. Good networks give you a chance meet many people who can advise you, challenge you, influence your overall meeting with new people helps you to build your business and grooms your personality. Build a better relationship with your real estate business contacts like – contractors, financer, lawyers, accountants, brokers, partners, clients, tenants etc. to increase your real estate business and to earn money. Ultimately this will make you successful.

Create opportunities – To become a successful real estate property investor you should have current knowledge of the property market. Learn new things which help to increase your property market knowledge thus you can make more sagacious decisions in real estate business. A businessman detects and predicts the future changes and think ahead of the time to grab the new opportunities this would be possible only if property investor have some knowledge of the property world.

Have proper strategies – Set your realistic and attainable goals and objectives. Make short term and long term plans to achieve your goals. Keep your property business organised, manage your finance well, update your knowledge and work on to improve your efficiency. To become a successful real estate investor treats the real estate property investment as a business.

Follow your ethics and rules – To stay successful your credibility matters the most. Which comes from your ethics and rules. If you stay adhered to your ethics it will help you to build your reputation which acts as an asset in your business. Good reputation builds your positive images in front of clients which acts as word of mouth i.e publicity this helps you to increase your business and ultimately makes you successful in real estate property business.

Hire professionals – You can’t do all the work by yourself in order to succeed. You have to hire subordinates and professionals to assist you and to guide you respectively. So hire property valuer Sydney, brokers, lawyers, contractors, inspectors to get your work done more effectively in less time.

Research – To establish your real estate business as a successful person you should have the ability to do research well. Research on everything related to the property market. Location, prices, after repaired value ARV, median housing prices, vacancy rate, occupancy ratio etc.

These are the traits a person should carry in order to become a successful property investor. For information contact valuers Sydney.

Online Shopping Advantages

Electronic commerce, widely known as e-commerce, is the business of buying and selling of product or service over the internet. Since the advent of the World Wide Web, merchants have sought to sell their products to people who surf the internet. People can visit web stores from the comfort of their homes or anywhere as long as they can get connected to the internet. Computer professionals and business people are more active at shopping from the Internet.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of the existence of online stores:

  • Online shopping does provide you convenience, no denying to it. Where else can you perform shopping in the middle of the night, sitting on your couch? You do not have to wait in a line or wait till the shopkeeper is ready to walk you through transactional processes of your purchase. You can do your shopping in minutes even if you are busy besides the reasons for saving time and avoiding crowds. You can also get information about the products with online product catalogs.
  • Online stores offer some cheap deals to customers. Many online shops offer discount coupons and refunds. Besides this, the Online Store can only collect sales tax if they have a physical store existing somewhere in our state, no matter if we buy from stores located somewhere far across in the world.
  • There is an opportunity to get a vast variety of products, from several brands, all at one place to choose from. You don’t need to go shop to shop to find products of your liking. When you shop online, you have the opportunity to shop from retailers in other parts of the country or even the world overcoming all the geographic barriers. These stores offer a variety of stuff than what you will find locally. The online stores relieve you of the hassle to visit different stores all separately. There are multiple such stores which deal in miscellaneous products and services – such as the famous They have a vast variety of products to choose from, from multiple brands – both local and international. There are also stores which deal in the provision of specific goods. For example – some stores deal only in sports goods. People involved in sports such as lax should check out They sell the best apparels, footwear and other sports goods.
  • Online Shopping makes sending presents to relatives and friends easy, no matter where they are.

Plus how many times has it happened to you that spend your money reaching a local shop only to find out that the product you need, is out of stock? One of the significant advantages of online stores is that you can check on the availability and unavailability of the product or service. Some good online stores do not accept orders without stock and take orders only when the stock is available. You also have the option of taking your business to any other online store where the product is available.

Highly Effective CEOs in the World Today

Every business graduate wishes to become a CEO of a company one day. The lust to climb the corporate ladder ignites as soon as you land your first job and for most people, this is the very space where they map out a career growth strategy and stay committed to it. Being a CEO of a company is not an easy job; people do not realize the underlying truth of such a responsibility. Surely, it is glamorous and you get to wear more suits than you ever will in your lifetime but all the stake relies upon your decision making and as much frightening it may seem, it is definitely fascinating.

We are talking about the top CEOs in the world today who have made significant contributions to their companies. These people are a core reason why their companies reach exuberant success every fiscal year and just why they are important besides their basic professional jobs.

James Michael Lafferty

He is the CEO of Fine Hygienic Holding, previously a CEO of The Coca-Cola Company (Bottling) in Nigeria, Procter & Gamble, and British American Tobacco in the Philippines. James has also been the coach of Nigerian Marathon team and Philippines in Rio Olympics of 2016. He co-founded a beginners’ marathon event called The Bull Runner Dream Marathon, which is held in Manila every February. A University of Cincinnati graduate, he is a professional athletics coach, award-winning columnist for a leading Philippines-based newspaper, a college professor and competitive powerlifter.

Indra Nooyi

The powerful President and CEO of PepsiCo have been a key individual. She is a graduate of Yale School of Management and is responsible for over 26,000 global employees. She even oversaw the major acquisition of Tropicana in 1998 and her business strategy has been followed since a decade now. Indra is the 5th CEO of PepsiCo and was named 2nd Most Powerful Woman in Business by Fortune magazine in 2015. Her net worth is $80 million.

Tim Cook

Filling the footsteps of late Steve Jobs wasn’t easy but Tim Cook has been recognized as a highly influential CEO in the tech industry today. He holds an MBA from Duke University and joined Apple back in 1998. After Jobs resigned, Cook was announced as the company’s CEO in 2011. Tim Cook has steered Apple Inc. to a great record of annual profits and overseen releases of most modern iPhones and other Apple products. He was named Person of the Year in 2014 by Financial Times.

Jack Ma

He leads an inspirational story and was even denied by KFC for a minimum wage job. He was rejected by Harvard University and different other institutions. After facing rejection from 30 job offers, Jack Ma decided to keep pursuing his goals. He started his first company in 1995. Then, founded Alibaba in 1999 with 18 people and it quickly became a billion dollar company. He is the Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group and has many different brands under the portfolio: AliExpress, Alipay, Alibaba e-commerce, Taobao Marketplace, eTao, Tmall, Alibaba Cloud Computing, 1688, Juhuasuan.

When and Where to invest,in this jungle of investment???

Many times we think about Should we invest Now ? Where to invest ? Does it matter lot in which investment avenue we invest ? Lets get a brief answer of all these questions…

Financial world has very important concept of Compound interest which is described as “the eighth wonder of the world” and “the most powerful force in the universe” attributed to Albert Einstein. Compound interest is the interest earned, not only on a loan or investment but also, on the interest previously earned.

Because of this compound interest, a delay of few years can dampen your returns like anything in long run. As the magic of the compound interest can be seen only in long run.

Let’s take an example to of 2 friends Nihar and Alpesh to understand the things. They both started working and joined company together at the age of 20.

Now let’s see first Case of Nihar

As Nihar understands the importance of investing early and benefits of compounding so he spends less money on entertainment and makes sure that he is investing Rs. 50,000 every year.

On this investment Nihar gets 10% return on his investment every year. At the end of 10 years, the accumulated amount is now Rs. 7.96 lakhs. (5,00,000+ 45000+40000+35000+30000+25000+20000+15000+10000+5000). However, due to some issues, Nihar is unable to save more money now but he doesn’t touch the accumulated invested amount. He keeps the amount (Rs. 7.96 lakh) as a fixed deposit in a bank at 10% interest rate till he gets retired at the age of 65. Nihar does not make any fresh investment. The interest keeps on accumulating on Rs. 7.96 lakh till 35 years. Finally at the age of 65 years, he gets Rs. 2.23 crore.

Now let’s see 2nd case of Alpesh

Alpesh spends a lot of money and doesn’t believe in investing early. He starts investing after 15 years when he is 35 years old and invests with discipline for next 30 years. He regularly invests Rs. 50,000 each year till he is 65 years old. Just like Nihar, Alpesh also gets a return of 10% per year. Now at the age of 65, he gets a maturity amount of just Rs. 82.24 lakh.


Yes, even though Alpesh invested 20 years more and Rs.12 lacs more than Nihar.Niharinvested regularly for only 10 years but Alpesh invested regularly for 30 years. However, Alpesh gets Rs. 1.41 crore less than Nihar. This is almost 63% less.

Therefore, it is important to invest early to get the benefit of compounding.
When we invest early in our lives, the amount keeps growing at a specific interest rate. At the time of maturity, it becomes a big chunk. This is because the growth in amount in later years is lot more, compared to the initial years.

Now we know early investment is very important to build huge money but the other important thing to build huge wealth is returns in long run. Even a difference of single % has huge affect on your wealth in long run.

We suggest to invest early and that too in best returns providing assets for long term. Invest in best stocks to buy as stock market gives highest returns. Stock Market can give returns ranging from 15–25% CARG depending on the product you selected. Now you will think what is the need to invest in stock market as in long term all assets gives fabulous returns because of compounding.

Then my dear let me clarify you one thing even a difference of single % returns in such long period makes huge difference lets understand this also with the help of example.

Now again assume Nihar and Alpesh started together and both invested together 1,00,000 for next 45 years. But now here there is slight difference in returns they are getting. Nihar invested in the 10% returns providing asset and Alpesh invested money in 9% returns providing investment i.e. difference of only 1%.

Now at the end of 45 years here Alpesh will get 57 crores andNihar will get 90 crores. Yes Just the gap of 1% in returns and difference of 36% in final amount.

Now after reading all this you must be thinking to invest as early as possible and as discussed above, stock market is the best returns providing investment option and one more thing in long run Stock market not only provides highest returns but that returns are with lower risk as risk reduces over the long term horizon.

Now which stock to buy in the jungle of so many stocks ??? You can invest in Indian Multibagger Stocks (stocks of the companies with small market share in their industry and which are expected to grow at abnormal rates) and you can also invest even in Value Stocks (Beaten down Stock of the companies that are market leaders in their industry).

Now as this investment is a deep subject so the new question comes is Multibagger Stocks or Value Pick Stocks ? It is not like which is better among both , as both are good but selection is made according to your risk return profile. If you have high risk return profile then go for Multibagger Stocks as these are high momentum Stocks and such companies looks bright initially but may fail even but Value Stocks are very safe kind of stocks for investors with low risk return Profile.

If you have good investment capacity then make investment in both the types of stocks, ratio depends on your risk return Profile and this will give you best investment plan i.e. (Multibagger Stocks + Value Stocks) more the risk taking capacity more proportion of Multibagger stocks and Vice Versa.