Running a startup is something which could be incredibly hard and stressful. In particular, if your business is working with the technological development sphere. On top of all the possible architectural problems, in fact, it’s important to consider how competitive the market is nowadays, with new applications being developed and released almost daily. Let’s analyse some actionable marketing strategies you can apply to your business development plan in 2019.


Brand Awareness: The Key To Success In The Tech Sphere

When it comes to having a technologically advanced product, chances are that your targeted audience won’t even be able to comprehend what the actual thing is. In order to surpass these initial doubts and gather interest (and subsequent investors) in your company, a proper brand awareness strategy should be taken into consideration straight from day one. Given the fact that the internet is a working funnelling channel, you can use many digital marketing strategies, ranging from SEO to Paid Social campaigns and digital PR in order to improve your brand’s name.

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Don’t Focus On Long Term Strategies

A major error that many startups are making is related to long term marketing strategies. “We will boost our organic traffic with this SEO strategy in 20 months”, is something that you can’t strictly depend onto. First of all, because you want actionable and scalable strategies which can be implemented anytime, almost on a daily basis and secondly because having short-term related strategies is something which can definitely be monitored easily, compared to long terms KPI.


Networking: The Underdog

When it comes to marketing for startups, many are just targeting passive strategies without actively looking into networking events, which could, in fact, be a major problem from both a growth plan point of view, given the fact that trade shows are the go-to way to build an audience within the startup sphere and also from a sales-ish one, because investors are definitely going to such events. With this in mind, it’s important to keep in mind how networking events can be the absolute game-changer for what concerns driving the overall growth of your startup.

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To Conclude

Many tech startups, especially the fintech ones (Bridging Loans, for example, an online open bridging loans startup) have recently seen considerable growth in applying digital marketing and long term based strategies to shorter development plans. Marketing for startups is definitely much more complex than bigger ones, given the fact that every small decision could be critical for your business and there’s no room for mistakes.