People won’t like to talk about their money problem, but this is something that they need to do, if they start to be affected with financial woes. There are some people that we can trust with our financial issues, such as parents, spouse and financial advisor. We need to talk openly with them and even if they can’t help, we often feel better and we will be able to find solutions more easily. Just like all life burdens, we should share our financial issues, but it doesn’t mean that we need to announce that in social media. If it’s our mistake and the situation has affected the loved ones, we should apologize to them and promise them we will get things right. Forgiveness will make things easier for us and people will be able to support us. Another way to be honest about our financial issue is by writing it down. We should write down every single detail related to the financial problem and often, we can have a fresh bird’s eye view over our situation.

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Regardless of what we do, when we have money spending problem, we need to have a conscious mental realization. We shouldn’t be gotten caught in the situation, especially if we can actually solve the problem. Peer pressure can be quite significant and it is often the real cause of our huge, unnecessary spending. Bad purchases can be indicated by buyer’s remorse that follows them closely. Our mind should become quickly rationalized and we need to be fully logical about our situation. We need to become fully accountable to ourselves. This is not a simple matter and with that kind of mind medication, something “magical” can happen, that is we will spend much less and we will have some money to spare. Obviously, our problem will not be solved overnight, but we are getting closer of solving it. Again, it is important for us to be honest to ourselves and our loved ones.

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It is important to make mental connections with things that we do in the past, so we won’t repeat the same kind of mistake. When the problem is severe enough, people feel guilty when they are buying essential items like bread, eggs and milk. This could happen when they no longer have cash and need to depend on credit cards. The best way of having guilt-free spending is by not spending so much. We need to have a proper budgeting system and this will help us to have proper financial recovery. For married couples, spouses need to talk each day and discuss new things related to financial recovery. Any progress and setback will need to be discussed. Every small expenditure will need to be examined and this is the only way of getting a good idea of our own situation. When emergencies situation is happening, we should have the proper financial backup to deal with the crisis. But when it happens to people that already have financial problems, the mental pressure will be quite immense.