Our forefathers believed in the healing properties of nature that’s why doctors prescribed vacations to the coast for a variety of health reasons or folk went for a stroll through the park for some air and exercise.

Fast-forward to the 21st Century, when over fifty percent of the population lives in cities. We’re spending less time outdoors, and are more stressed than ever.  It seems as though we’ve lost touch with nature.

Well here’s a crash course in why you should plan your next big escape into The Great Outdoors!

7 Reasons Why You Should Get Out Camping

1. Fresh Air: All that fresh air is good for you! Being surrounded by oxygenating trees improves immune functioning. From better digestion to lower blood pressure and for a sharper mind. Plus, you breathe easier. It seems as though our forefathers were onto something!

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2. Sunshine: Soak up those rays for a natural dose of Vitamin D. Better Vitamin D production helps your body absorb calcium for healthier bones! Being outdoors on a sunny day really can turn that frown upside-down!

3. Hello, Happiness: All that sunshine and fresh air makes for a happier you! Oxygen releases more serotonin (the happy drug) in our brain, while sunshine reduces melatonin (the depression drug). That’s likely the reason behind the idiom, happy camper, because camping can help cure stress!

4. Exercise: Whether you hike, bike, fish or swim, camping gets you moving. While the pristine air works to improve lung function. Either way just getting out of your routine and into nature will help you burn calories – no matter your intensity level.

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5. Sweet Dreams: All that fresh air and exercise is exhausting and leads to a deeper more restful sleep. And we all know beneficial a good night’s sleep is for your health. Not to mention sleeping under a starry sky, free of artificial light has been proven to reset your circadian rhythm – a camping takeaway that’ll have you sleeping better at home too!

6. Reconnect With What Matters: Turn off your screens, forget about your social media connections and reconnect with friends, family, yourself and nature – these connections are as vital as your followers on Instagram! Our reliance on cyberspace can lead to mental health issues, like burnout or anxiety – so turn to green space to recharge your batteries!

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7. Goodbye, Stress: Fresh air and sunshine champion the stress-free movement but so too does temporarily escaping from reality. It gives you a change to be free of financial worry, workplace stress and troublesome traffic. Stress-related diseases (cardiovascular issues, poor digestion) are running rampant so combat it by pencilling in some you-time and run for the tree-lined hills!

Our Prescription For Better Health: Make Plans For Your Next Camping Excursion Now!

Stressed? Anxious? Tired? Then take the age-old prescription and switch off cyberspace in favour of hitting up some green space in the best camper trailer around, to help mend whatever ails you! All that sunshine and fresh air will rejuvenate and reconnect you with the healthiest and happiest version of you!