Stress is not a new thing in human civilization, but today, it has become a modern disease. Many people are feeling stressed out about the economic situation and their own situation. Even when the economy is booming, many people still have negative tone about it. If we keep bang our head on the wall until we bleed, we can’t blame the wall for our situation. It is important for us to stop the usual blaming mentality and it’s better if we are able to see things in a constructive manner. There are mind traps that can cause to perform rather poorly financially. Our mind trap could be caused by what we watch and hear. As an example, the television has turned into a huge “Fear Channel” that constantly project bad images into our conscious mind. Every time we watch the TV, it is more likely that we get negative messages than positive ones. Our mind tends to choose specific themes, words and images that have been repeated over and over again. Within nanoseconds after the news program begin, we already expect that another bad news will be said by the reporter. This will cause us to have accumulated mental impacts. It is important that we are able to save our mind from thinking continuously about swindlers, home foreclosure, bankruptcy and other bad things that can happen in our mind. The solution for this should be quite easy, that is to immediately channel the channel. There are TV channels that can provide us with laughter and once we turn it on, we will have a smile on our face.

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Our mind is the place where our dreams are born and in many cases, things can’t be planned. We should find our goal with our heart. It is important for us to put away childish things, including bad memory. As adults, we often have immense responsibilities and without having a proper mind, we won’t be able to pay our bills. Financial crisis can escalate and when it happens, we should be prepared to handle it with positive and constructive mind. If we have debt right now, we should look for ways to get ourselves out of bad debt situations and we will be more prepared. We shouldn’t think that we will always have financial problem, because that it would be a bad thing. We will be knocked down sometimes, but we should be convinced that we will eventually recover. A destructive spiral of negative thoughts won’t bring financial success. There’s always a solution to any of our problem and we should feel that we are being stuck. It is important to pay attention to any small detail and we never say never about the possibility of financial success. It’s true that life is probably not fair and many of us don’t have great start since our childhood. However, by being hard working, we should be able to ensure that we can gain plenty of financial opportunity. We shouldn’t ruminate about all the unfairness in life, because we won’t be able to get something good out of it. We need to use our brain properly and try to be completely constructive.