Food is one area where we spend much money annually. With proper spending, the kitchen woes can be conquered rather easily. There are different ways how we spend so much on food, such as when we go to last minute trips to the grocery stores. When we are in a hurry, we may not choose the most appropriate ingredients or utensils. When we want save money at kitchen, we should have proper planning and take enough time. When we cook, we often start from scratch, so it means that we need all the ingredients and utensils required. Kitchen should become a mini supermarket, so we should make sure that space is managed well and ingredients are placed in proper places.

We should have proper meals that the whole family can enjoy in the morning, noon and at night. We should have a perfect setup, so we should be able to accommodate the right number of meals. We should be able to clean everything properly and all supplies should be properly organized. We will need to consider what kind of inventory that we have. Condiments, spices and ingredients will long shelf life should be available for about one month of use. It is better to purchase them at grocery stores at lower costs and we may need to buy them at larger quantity. This is better than going to store each week. It also means that we will be able to reduce the monthly gas costs, because we will go less frequently.

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If we go to grocery stores less often, we will be able to reduce impulse buying and we can also minimize overspending. It would be helpful if we have a list of ingredients and other things that we want to buy in the grocery stores. Bring just enough money to buy things in the list. Pay in cash only and leave credit cards at home, if possible. With this approach, we can be sure that we will spend much less and we will be able to save money. Even if there are new bargains in the grocery stores, we shouldn’t be tricked and we need to buy only what we have planned from home, such as sugar, pasta and other things. If we can keep ourselves organized, it should also be possible to immediately know whether are running out of a few items.

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After we have the kitchen well stocked and cleaned, it should be much easier to monitor. Maintaining a kitchen shouldn’t be very time consuming or difficult. We could simply open the cupboards and see things that are running out. We could plan our breakfast, lunch and dinner based on what we have planned. It should be quite easy to adjust ourselves with this kind of kitchen management. Creativity is a must and we should try to steer away from the normal meals, such as sandwiches. There are thousands of combinations that we can try in the kitchen, without making us buying exotic ingredients that cost so much money. As an example, rice and potatoes can be used as the basis for many dishes.