RTOs (registered training organizations) are Australian privatized VET (vocational education and training) institutions, similar to government-ran TEFL. Due to the fact that they’re privately owned businesses, their owners see it in their best interest to meet the demands of the market. This means that they’re much quicker to adapt to educational trends in order to provide the highest quality of service. The best thing about RTO’s is the fact that they bring a series of benefits to RTO owners, attendees, the educational sector as a whole and a series of related industries. Here are several ways how.

Starting your own RTO

While, in theory, a lucrative business idea, getting the status of a registered training organization is not as easy as it may sound. You first need to be approved by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) or its local (state-based) equivalent. In order to get there, you need to structure your organization, pay initial fees, make a satisfactory curriculum, hire trained and experienced teachers, as well as deliver some results. Other than this, you need to prove that you’re properly resourced and that your motivation is to provide quality training to your attendees, not just make a profit. All of this is harder than it looks but it’s definitely worth your while.

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Benefits of RTOs for businesses

Perhaps the biggest advantage that RTOs provide is the one for businesses in forms of structuring organizations, providing consistent results and preparing people for highly specialized positions. As a business owner, you might have to groom some of your employees for different positions, unless you want to outsource all except your sales and production. This is why you need collaboration with an RTO or a number of them. The best thing about his is the fact that it allows you to make your grooming process systemic, thus making your organization impeccable.

Related industries

In the introduction, we talked about the fact that RTOs, as a phenomenon, seems to help a number of industries grow. The first thing we’ve mentioned is the educational sector. Due to the fact that almost 2 million people in Australia are currently enlisted in various RTOs, it’s more than obvious that there’s a growing demand for skilled and experienced teachers and tutors. Other than this, businesses like TotalVET Training Resources, that specialize in providing learning materials for people enlisted in various RTOs, also seem to be thriving. All of this contributes to a stronger education system and leaves one with a much greater number of opportunities.

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A chance for self-improvement

One advantage that RTOs have over traditional education is the fact that they provide specialized courses that revolve around applicable knowledge. They’re not there to grade you and certify you but teach you how to handle the task/field that you were interested in, to begin with. Also, they have a much more focused curriculum, which gives you an opportunity to get much more for your money’s worth. Keep in mind that this is not just an amazing opportunity for you to advance at your current job or become more skilled at it. It can also be used to prepare you for a lateral career shift, should you choose to look for a more lucrative, yet, somewhat unrelated job.

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In conclusion

As you can see, regardless of the role or position that you’re in, there’s always a way in which you can benefit from the RTO. This ability to benefit individual, organizations and economy as a whole is what makes them so unique in this field. For this reason alone, the future of ROT and related industries looks quite bright from this standpoint.