Arriving in the US it is not necessary to start with a dishwasher or a waiter. It is only necessary to look around a bit and understand that sometimes small capital investments are enough to be closer to your dream profession. After all, the main thing is to do what you like and then you will certainly achieve success, whatever you do.

We will tell you about eight professions that you can acquire without spending years and tens of thousands of dollars for training. Renting a car at Rentalcars24h can be very supportive at the dizzy pace of life in the USA.

  1. Specialist for the software quality control

This is the shortest path to the IT world, after which many people seek. In addition, now is a perfect time to master this direction. The procedure of obtaining H1B working visa for IT workers became more complicated, which means that employers will look for employees among those who are already in America. In a short time, you can master a profession that will bring you $ 55-60 thousand a year from the start.

In New York, specialists are trained for manual and more advanced – automated quality control. To become a specialist in manual control, no special training is needed. If a person is familiar with a computer at a household level – he or she can already master this profession. If you do a study on the Internet, you can see that in the field of automated testing in the New York area, there are currently around 800 offers.

The specialists of manual testing are trained in three weeks. In addition, teachers help to write a summary at the end of the course and prepare for an interview with future employers.

The cost of a short manual testing course is approximately $ 1000. The full course of automatic testing will cost about $ 2000.

  1. Specialist in medical billing and coding

As you know, you cannot do without an insurance in the USA. The patient, the insurance company and any institution that provides medical services, are all connected with a so-called ‘biller’. To become such a specialist, you need to know the types of insurance, as well as to master the special coding of various medical services and to master the maintenance of professional medical records. You can learn this kind of office work in courses. This profession is becoming more in demand. The fact is that large hospitals buy up small medical offices and recruit a large number of such specialists. In other words- in a short time you get a necessary profession.

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Anyone can master the specialty of the biller. Moreover, you can get a specialty, even if you do not speak English fluently. At many of the courses, the teacher conducts the lessons in two languages. At the end of the course, students take the exam and receive a certificate. The average salary of a biller is 15-18 dollars per hour at the start. Such specialists are needed at hospitals, private medical offices, nursing homes, various laboratories and insurance companies.

  1. Florist

In America, the flower business is a huge industry. For mastering the basics of this profession not more than a month is needed. In a short time you will learn the names of hundreds of plants, learn how to combine different flowers and herbs, understand the subtleties of the profession. Of course, if you want to go further, you will have to invest a lot more money and efforts (on average, full-fledged courses of florists in the United States cost from 2 to 7 thousand). The average annual salary of a flower designer is about 49 thousand, while in large cities it can reach 60 thousand per year.

  1. Confectioner

This is another profession, which does not require much money and time for its development. In addition, here it is not necessary to master the language perfectly – after all, the pronunciation you have does not affect the quality of the muffins you bake.

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Basic courses can be completed in a few months, investing about 2-3 thousand. However, in order to become a sensible confectioner, you will have to study further. There are many courses in the US, which improve sweet artisanship. Starting from one-day classes for baking macaroons and making marzipans for $ 50-100, ending with long courses on decorating cakes and even going to a school of chocolate.

  1. First aid worker

The courses for obtaining such a profession cost from $ 650, and the medical diploma is not needed at all. The fact is that the task of the first aid workers is not to urgently treat, but only to take the patient to the hospital safely. Therefore, to get this work in many states, it is enough to have a diploma of a secondary school, a certificate of passing the curriculum and a document, showing that a person is able to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The basic program can be mastered in just 150 hours – during this time you will be taught to use a defibrillator, to assist in delivery, apply tourniquets and bandages and make injections.

If you want to go deeper into the profession – you can go further and get the specialty of the EMT Paramedic. However, this can take a year and a half or two.

  1. Wedding Planner

The preparation for the celebration in the United States begins at least a year before the wedding, money for the wedding is not spared and most often, the trained specialist is entrusted with its organization. It is not difficult to get such a profession as the proper courses are offered by wedding agencies, colleges and private companies.

Usually the Certified Wedding Planner program lasts about 3 months. The cost of it may be different, but on average, it is $ 600-1000.

  1. Permanent make up and microblading artist

The profession of a permanent make-up artist can be mastered in less than 2 weeks. Practically anyone can learn the art of filling the spaces between the eyelashes, drawing permanent eyeliners and making lip tattooing. Neither medical education nor the ability to draw are necessary, although their availability is useful. This takes 100 hours, divided between classes with the teacher and home preparation. Students learn the theory, are acquainted with the structure of the skin, with contraindications to certain types of procedures, learn to apply a local anesthetic, learn to use a tattoo machine. After completing the course, a certificate is given, which is required to obtain a license to work in a particular state. The artists who wish to develop and raise incomes, master microblading – the course together with the device costs about $ 2,500.

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  1. Clinical Medical Assistant

One of the most popular professions is the medical assistant in the medical offices.

The program of preparation for the CMA specialty includes theoretical studies and practice in medical offices at the end of the course. Graduates of the program receive a certificate, after which they pass the National Exam with the receipt of the national CMA certificate – it allows you to work in this specialty in any state.

The CMA is a specialist who performs both medical and administrative functions. He or she must have knowledge of anatomy and physiology, take an electrocardiogram, take blood for analysis and collect other tests for laboratory testing. It is also necessary to answer calls, set the time of reception, collect information for the patient’s medical history and manage accounts and insurance.

Salaries that are offered to such professionals range from $ 30 to $ 40,000 per year, and the demand for certified CMAs is growing.

Many of the new immigrants discover that they will not be able to work on their former specialty and need to find another job in a short time. The main thing is not to give up and keep on searching for the right options, which are suitable for you personally.