In the United States alone, billions dollars worth of gift cards are distributed each year. It is important to be aware that many of these gift cards remain unredeemed when they expired. Given the existing market size, the total value of these expired gift cards can be quite immense. Many of us have received such card and it is important for us to use any of these cards at the earliest possible opportunity. In fact, retail stores know that not all of these cards are redeemed, so they are confident about releasing more cards to the market. There’s a reason why stores tend to distribute gift cards, that is to increase the overall sales. It is quite unlikely that people will spend to the exact amount of the gift cards. It is possible that they will spend much more. Gift cards also bring people to the merchants and if people like the products offered, they may return in the future. If more and more people come after the distribution of the gift cards, we could say that these cards are really the merchant’s best ally in the marketing sense.

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However, it is better for consumers to consider that gift cards are supposed to be their best ally. It means that buyers should know how to use gift cards properly. When using gift cards, we should be aware of our expectations. The rules of using gift cards can depend on the merchants, so we may find that each gift card has a set of rules. So, it is important for us to read the fine prints to make sure that these cards could genuinely provide us with benefits. As an example, gift cards are not really gift cards, if we are required to spend an amount of money, before the cards can be used. In this situation, it should be called discount cards, instead of gift cards. We should make sure that we won’t be greeted rudely by all sorts of unexpected conditions and extra fees. It is important for consumers to know about their rights and what they should do to use their gift cards. In this case, we should do this at the earliest possible time, so we won’t forget that we have the card. We shouldn’t waste our opportunity whenever possible.

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Some people are blessed with so much gift cards throughout the year and it is important for them to log any gift card that they have. The logbook should include all the important information about the gift card. All cards should be placed in the safe spot to make sure that no one will obtain the information about the card. This will also make sure that we will not waste the gift card due to expiration and other factors. It is important that we don’t neglect the gift card, because it is the same with wasting money. In fact, the time when we should redeem the credit card can be considered as an appointment.