Accountability, self-awareness and empathy are three of the key features any human being who is on a path of bettering themselves for those around him or her would develop within themselves. A person would undoubtedly rather be remembered as a man or woman with a personality that could dominate a crowd yet not be over bearing, someone who could control a room whilst also engaging with the crowd and allowing all the attendees to voice their opinion without fear of being rebuked.

These three skills are some of the key skills anyone in a leadership requires. It isn’t merely about having the loudest voice which turns heads, if you’re loud enough to come with a bang people will undoubtedly turn around to look where the commotion is coming from because that’s general conditioning. However, if you only hold power in the frequency of your voice and not the words that come out of your mouth, everyone will go back to doing what they were doing.

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Our general perception of a boss or anyone in a leadership role is one where those working for him or her are generally fearful of them. This has to be one of the biggest drawbacks to productivity that any company can possibly face. The fear of being rebuked or demoted might be powerful enough to get your point across a room and have someone do something for you as hastily as you want. However, this instills nothing but resentment amongst the workforce. They shouldn’t fear you because you’ll fire them out of anger, they should want to avoid disappointing you because that would make them feel like they let you and themselves down.

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If you’re at a meeting with your boss and a topic comes up where you have valuable insight to contribute and you want nothing more than to get your point across, yet you fail to do so due to shyness or fear, then your effectiveness is naturally cut in half.  A good leader is one who recognizes that you have some internal blockages that are getting in your way.  Your workplace may not be someplace where people just desire to clock in at nine and clock out at five.  Maybe people need their jobs for sustainability and they also want to do a good job. Both of these are true, you can’t ignore the fact that they’re underlying factors to actually having a job. However, your workplace has to be a safe zone where you feel like you can engage with your peers and more importantly your leader.

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Lively Paradox is the brain child of Nicole Price. Nicole has been known and is renowned for her skills at engaging with a crowd to allow them to bring out the best in themselves. For Nicole, it isn’t merely about being a better leader for maximum productivity, it’s about creating a safe enough workplace for people to perform well. You have to bring about an innate sense of leadership within individuals and allow them to harness that skill into being better people to their employees. Nicole Price has since been nominated for various awards and has published numerous books on bringing out leadership skills.