Many companies are opting for hiring digital staff. There are so many benefits to it, but there are also some challenges that comes with it. Within most organizations, you can find a marketing department, finance department and an admin department. It usually only comes to the attention of the hiring managers that there is a shortage in digital talent when a crisis occurs or the last is becoming impossible to manage. Using digital technology does not only comprise of someone being able to use social media platforms. There are individuals who can go beyond what the rest of us can do.

When looking for this type of talented individuals, you might have to go through a lot of people to get to the gold. These individuals have to be up to date with all the latest developments in the area. Even though there is a gap in the market, it can be a challenging process. Personality and understanding of the company’s needs comes first. If there is not a good relationship, the entire process is useless. I need people who can reword my paper and manage everything the company sends out online. There is a process to hiring a good digital talent.

1. Write down your expectations

Before you hire anyone, make sure you know exactly what the company needs and how you see this process going forward. Many hiring managers just go in knowing that they need a digital talent, but not much beyond that. You would not know which person is a perfect fit if you don’t know what they are there for. Like I said, personality is important and finding someone who gels with the company environment is important.

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2. Be flexible

Even if you do not find someone who can do it all, you need to be flexible in your decision. If you have seen 10 potential candidates and one knows more than the other 9, consider it. Some companies are lucky and find someone who can do it all, but this is not always the case. If there is time to train the person in one skill that they might be lacking, then you do get the full package at the end of the day.

3. Act fast

There is a gap in the market for digital talent and if you find someone capable, you should not sleep on it. Before you know it, this individual could be grabbed up by another company who understands the important of acting quickly. Like I said, if the individual can reword my paragraph without too many mistakes, I hire, but everyone has different needs.

4. Good job posting

In order for you to attract the right candidate, make sure that your job posting is clear and valid. Do not use too much of jargon and talk about the company changing the economy. Instead, mention what you are looking for specifically. If you are not digitally inclined yourself, consider allowing someone with more digital savvy to help. If you explain the company goals, a truly intelligent person would understand that a changing economy is within your plans.

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5. Don’t be over creative

When you do post a job online, you do not have to use this as an art project. Simple terms that is understood by the right people is all you need to do. When you try to be too funny or creative with your listing, it is sometimes confusing to a lot of people. Be modest and just say what needs to be said and understood.

6. Offer good remuneration

Like the saying goes “you get what you pay for” and when it comes to this type of position, you want to pay well. This also shows that your company is serious about hiring the best candidates and it is generally a good reflection on the company. If you are just looking for someone to reword essay then you can consider getting a freelance writer, but this individual is going to support your company in a way that can add growth.

7. Add benefits

People are looking for jobs that offer benefits and if this is an important position, you want to throw that in to sweeten the deal. It can be retirement funds or health funds, but there needs to be something other than the pay you offer. You want to build a relationship with this person and try and keep them at your company for as long as possible. It’s easy for these talented individuals to job hop because of the demand.

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8. Be realistic

There are no unicorns out there and you are definitely not going to find one working at your company. Be realistic about what you are looking for. If you are unrealistic in your approach, the right candidate might be put off by the endless demands. If you are only hiring one person and your organization is big, that person probably can’t do it all. Even if your company is the best in the industry, no one wants to be burnt out before they even star working, so be careful with this one.

9. Uncomplicated application process

Don’t put every applicant through a process that was designed for Albert Einstein. I see this happening all the time and someone may be put by simply the long application process. If your process consists of sending in a resume, doing a test and then answering 100 questions, you might only get a handful of applications.

10. Patience

If you do not find the right candidate after your first job listing, do not give up just yet. It’s worth waiting or posting another listing. As mentioned, there is a gap in the market for these skills and it might take a little longer than anticipated. Network with other companies who have a strong digital team and ask about their hiring process. Never be afraid to ask for help if you want the best.