Fitbit is an American enterprise based in San Francisco, California known for products of the same name. The products include wireless-enabled wearable technology devices, activity trackers, which measure various data, like heart rate, steps climbed, quality of sleep and others. An Ionic app development company India provides services that use the Fitbit products.

Ionic development services in India satisfy the thirst of the market for cross platform mobile application development with all native mobile experiences. Fitbit dived into the world of applications with the Ionic, using the SDK. The first product released by Fitbit was the Fitbit Tracker, which helps in weight loss.


In India, one could find many software development companies that provide Ionic developer jobs. This is due to the rising demand for Fitbit applications. Fitbit, in a bid to take on Apple Watch, last year launched the Ionic smart watch. Unlike their other lineup, Ionic is a mishmash between a smart watch and a fitness tracker. It launched the Ionic line up in India, together with the Fitbit Aria 2 and WiFi smart scale as well as Fitbit Flyer. Fitbit Ionic will be available through major retailers all over India, which include Croma, Reliance Digital and Helios, beginning next month.

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Fitbit Ionic comes with all the features of a smart watch, such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, heart rate sensor, water resistance and a swim track feature. The company has for the first time introduced watch faces as well as roped in developers to create applications for services, such as Pandora, Starbucks, Strava and Accuweather. Fitbit Ionic is water resistant up to fifty meters and rated to provide up to five days battery life, even when automatic activity and sleep tracking is switched on.

As far as features are concerned, the app come with a rebranded Fitbit Coach feature that guide through different workouts. Aside from that, the smart watch could detect and commence a sessions automatically when one starts running. However, it uses a proprietary strap system, thus one has to spend a few bucks to have a new one. Moreover, it has also worked a heart rate monitoring system on Ionic. The accuracy has grown and now the smart watch offers a better calorie measure burn as well as display the time heart rate zones to optimize intensity. Another feature is the Sp02 sensor that helps track detailed indicators on one’s health. Also, Fitbit has baked in a smart phone-like notifications on the Ionic.

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The new app simplifies the setup process and boosts accuracy of the current Aria. It still connects to a Fitbit app on the phone to sync data as well as logging weight. The design was toned down for a sleeker aesthetic and now comes with a bright display to showcase the statistics and greetings when one needs motivation. Furthermore, Aria 2 could recognize up to eight various users and could sync data with individual smart wat5ches, fitness brands. The app now would also help in establishing goals through a step-by-step process, that’s based on one’s health and history.


It if Fitbit’s first wireless headphone. It features sweat proof design as well as offers a customizable fit. It employs Waves MaxxAudio technology that powers the Flyer’s Power Boost setting to amplify the bass. Furthermore, the headset has an AAC wireless codec and Passive Noise Isolation to block off any external noise. Also, FitBit Flyer could connect two Bluetooth devices and also allow switching between them via a three-button control box.


When it comes to reaching fitness goals, steps are only the beginning. Fitbit tracks a person’s every part of day, which include exercise, activity, weight, food and sleep, to help find the fit, keep motivate and see how small steps create a huge impact. Only Fitbit provides freedom for one to stay fit his or her way. Everyone’s fitness approach is different. One-size-fits-all does not all the time fit a person. Thus, Fitbit has created a family of products, which seamlessly work with one another, one’s budget, favorite applications and goals.

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Fitbit is the first in the category, the first one to introduce wireless, automatic syncing aS well as the first to offer an open API. The algorithms have been the benchmark. Even today, with the industry-leading battery lie and the lightest, thinnest GPS+ heart rate devices on the shelf, the company is just getting started.

Fitbit is accessible on more than 200 phones, which include iOS, Android and Windows—more than any other tracker. Now, one could connect, could share and compete whenever one wants, with just about anyone.

With the new Fitbit apps announced in India, expect to find more Ionic app development services across the country. As Fitbit makes use of the Ionic software development kits, there would be more Ionic services to cater to the market needs.