According to Global Coworking Census, there are about 14,000 coworking spaces in the world. Today, most of the “free offices” are concentrated in Europe, and also in the homeland of this development – in the USA.

For the first time, the idea of ​​coworking came to the mind of a young Californian programmer Brad Newberg. While getting lost in freelancing and office work, he decided to combine the best features of the two formats and in 2005 created the famous Hat Factory in San Francisco. As a result, the idea quickly spread around the world.

The goal of coworking is not just to provide a person with a workplace and high-speed Wi-Fi internet, but also to create a community that unites like-minded people who share experiences and ideas, work and relax together. The spaces, which at first were designed for young startups, eventually turned into meeting places for athletes, business moms, poets, and other “coworkers.”

So, here’re 5 coworking spaces in the USA featuring unique concept…

Paragraph: a business incubator for writers

  • Where: Manhattan, New York
  • Schedule: around the clock, seven days a week
  • Average cost: from $93 per month

A cozy coworking not far from Union Square is a project of graduates of the New York New School who were once united in love of words and an unsuccessful search for a quiet place to work. So, Lila Cecil and Joy Parisi founded the Paragraph – a creative refuge for authors of all genres, bloggers and journalists.

3birds Coworking Space

For membership, which can be issued for no less than a month, it’s not necessary to have published works. The main thing is to have the desire to write. The fireplace, the classic library, the open balcony and the kitchen contribute to creating an inspiring atmosphere. The direct process of writing takes place in a room with soundproof walls, designed for 38 workplaces.

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Literary coworking serves as a platform for poetic duels, public readings of the works of the participants themselves and famous authors, as well as lectures on the publishing business and new book formats, master classes on creative writing and meetings with famous writers and journalists.


Hera Hub: an oasis of female self-sufficiency in California

  • Where: San Diego
  • Schedule: 9am-5pm on weekdays
  • Average cost: from $129 per month

Scented candles and essential oils, fountains with the correct jet pressure and live Feng Shui plants, gentle music, chamomile tea and cookies – co-working created by women especially for women, is a hybrid of office and spa-center.

Coworking Spaces

(photo by LOFFICE Wien)

Its audience is businesswomen, who don’t forget about themselves and want to use their appearance where necessary.

Here a lot of attention is paid to philosophy – the idea of ​​the dominance of women in the business environment and the psychology of achieving their goals. Women support each other, arrange seminars, share the secrets of their achievements and discuss the pressing problems of the community.

The club was founded in 2011 by Felena Hanson, a marketer with a difficult life story, who is confident that America’s future prosperity will be provided by women.

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Citizen Space: pet-friendly office alternative

  • Where: South Park in San Francisco, California
  • Schedule: 10am-6pm on weekdays
  • Average cost: from $ 8per hour

Does your working ability fall without a pet cat at hand or a parrot on the shoulder? “Bring them with you” is the policy of Citizen Space. Visitors are asked only not to allow animals on tables, sofas and other furniture and immediately remove any garbage.

Citizen Space - San Francisco, CA

Of course, pets of small size are in priority, but if they are disciplined, then there is a place for several large dogs at once. The spacious loft includes 20 workplaces, 14 discussion tables, 3 conference rooms, a living room, a library, a cafe and a fully equipped kitchen.

However, you should take care of food and even water for your pet in advance. For violators of this and other rules the office dress code applies.


Link: coworking space with your own interns

  • Where: Austin, Texas
  • Schedule: 9am-6pm on weekdays
  • Average cost: from $200 per month

Unusually bright for the state capital of Texas, this coworking offers the services of its team of interns. As a rule, they study at a nearby university. If you wish, you can read the CV of the assistants. An hour of work of one intern will cost an additional $20.

Link Locale

(photo by Link Locale)

Link also promises massage chairs and multi-touch tables from the famous Turnstone, the best drinks from the Texas Coffee Traders Association, as well as a spacious outdoor lounge area where you can relax, listen to the birds singing or feed squirrels. Given the fact that the sun in Austin shines about 300 days a year, work there will turn into pleasure.

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Speaking of other Link’s facilities, the coworking features an underground parking garage. Therefore, all its members can safely use car rental service at Austin Airport from Enterprise for easy traveling around the city.


BKB Active Collaborative Workspace: office climbing wall

  • Where: New York and Somerville
  • Work schedule: 8am-12am daily
  • Average cost: $22 per day

The Arrowstreet + Chris Ryan studio took up the fight against a sedentary lifestyle in an office space isolated from people and entertainment. Being confident that physical activity and communication contribute to productivity and creativity more than privacy with a cup of coffee, the studio staff combined the workspace with a gym and a climbing center.


(photo by Brooklyn Boulders)

Each visitor is obliged to take a 15-minute recruit course, where he will be informed about safety engineering and behavior rules in the community. They are quite simple: every 30 minutes you need to do at least five squats and pull-ups and start a conversation with at least one unfamiliar colleague. During the day, you can leave coworking space and come back again.

Designed for interaction between people from different fields of activity, Brooklyn Boulders stimulates communication between businessmen and artists and seeks to consolidate established contacts by organizing team competitions.