Every industry is required to follow safety standards which Health and Safety Executive, a UK Government agency has developed for all industries to diligently observe. Yet, some industries transgress the safety laws resulting in accidents and then lawsuits from workers. In order to ensure maximum safety standards in an industry, every business has to carry out routine maintenance, especially to check for any leaks and spills or machinery malfunction.

Failure to be proactive in this respect would only risk workers and invite potential injuries. On the other hand, it can also devastate the maximum output and hinder productivity. This is why it is a no-brainer not to invest in maintaining safety standards. There are certain requisites which abide all safety laws. The most common types of accidents lead to great complications and here is how they should be avoided:

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Short circuits: Proper insulation and utilization of materials made of the highest quality is a mandatory practice for the industrial sector. In this case, BICC Components Ltd. has developed an array of products that are dedicated to performing at the highest level. They are a part of the electrical system of industry and include industrial cable glands, copper terminal, and cable cleats. BICC Components are designed to withstanding hostile industrial environments and they help keep the risk of short circuits at bay.

Slips and falls: The floors should always be cleaned and wiped off any liquid that could result in an individual from slipping. Caution signs need to be placed and installed in areas which are prone to risks and anything wrong has happened, like a liquid spill. Announcements should be duly made for workers to avoid walking by the hazardous area and an imminent order to clear out the area should be made.

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Chemical and radiation exposure: All workers should be trained to practice safety standards. Frequent drills should also be performed to avoid any future hassle. Plus, the components where there is a high concentration of chemical use should be attended with maximum safety equipment to avoid harmful exposure if an accident occurs. Safety vests, goggles, and oxygen masks should be utilized by all means. In addition, the area should be immediately cleared if harmful radiation are observed and concerned authorities should be informed at once.

Falling objects: Every industry worker should know how to place objects so that they remain in a fixed place and not fall off from high altitudes increasing the risk of accidents. Machinery like cranes which are used to lift and store raw materials and objects on different storage levels need to be operated with care and maximum precautions. No person should be allowed to stay within 6 feet of the area where storage is taking place.