The competitive nature of the current employment opportunities forces individuals to adopt top and new ways of applying for employment. Technology and digitalization ha thoroughly integrated itself into the business environment and shaping the future of business and people’s life.

Platforms such as LinkedIn exist to emphasize the essence of technology that is reducing the world into a technological community.

Nonetheless, no one should claim that everyone in the present world remains conversant with the methods and techniques applied in using platforms such as the latter mentioned. The various available websites that offer services related to employment include the resume editor service and the job opportunities services.

The process of uploading a resume to the LinkedIn website serves as the test for a person to decide on the use of technology in their endeavors.

How do you prepare to use LinkedIn?

• Connectivity

The linkedIn platform provides its services through a website based systems as such you require an internet connection to navigate the various categories of options on the platform. It remains critical to note that not just any signal for the internet would allow you to access the link in the website. Instead, you require a secure connection.

The strength of internet connection helps immensely in deciding whether you perform your scheduled tasks with efficiency or you relatively do functions without any hope of making use of the time you possess.

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• Storage location

Depending on the type of media you require to use, you always need a site from which you attach your files from on the machine used. Presently, their options of storing data remain vast with the flash and hard disks serving the majority of people. Also, the development of the cloud storage system has opened vat possibilities of having unlimited storage space form data.

The advantage of the cloud-based storage remains that its compatible with the modern machines and may be accessed offline and online.

How to upload your resume to LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn platform offers a wide range of services, that individual users take advantage of to get a niche in the flooded unemployment market. These services include; posting of job employment opportunities and uploading various media on certifications and qualifications. The following steps nee following when you plan to upload your resume to the platform;

Step 1: Sign up to the platform

The LinkedIn has some sophisticated systems to handle a large number of users, and one such precaution includes the mandatory sign up to acquire an account. The process of signing up applies to individuals who open their profiles for the first time and remain required to provide their details.

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For people already having accounts on the platform, you only need to log into your account and in case of any resume updates, seek the resume editing services from alternative sites and upload the changes.

Step 2: Navigate the profile

The profile provides the face of your true self as a qualified professional and as such the details you provide need to be true. Once you get logged in, access your profile which has features such as your updates you need to make and the previously created updates on your profile.

On the profile tab at the top of the page, access the drop-down menu with the option of editing your profile.

Step 3: Importing the files

Once you click the edit profile button, you have the opportunity to bring up new files such as documents through the expanded menu. Clicking the expanded menu will prompt a dialog box to appear from which you remain required to choose the file for upload.

Remember that the resume to upload has to either occur in the formats of word, text, HTML or pdf.

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Nonetheless, if you wish to add other files accompanying the resume such as the cover letter, seek cover letter writing service to ensure the correct format then upload.

Step 4: Reviewing

The one fact that technology recognizes remains regarding the human nature in that they remain prone to making mistakes. For this reason, the LinkedIn platform allows the user to review their work such as checking whether the right files upload to the servers. In case the data chosen for the resume occurs as the unintended file, the option of selecting another file avails itself.

Step 5: Finalize

The last step involves the verification that the file you uploaded remain within your choices and the document has the legibility for sharing with the public. To finalize the level, you have to ensure that you save the changes that you have made to your profile. Click on the save button, and your resume appears within your profile to your liking.


The LinkedIn platform provides an excellent experience for communicating with your colleagues and the same time offers an opportunity to find new employment opportunities. Uploading your resume on LinkedIn compares to the easy task of bilking.