You’ve probably seen the headlines about a 20-year-old whiz kid making millions online from cryptocurrency and wondered if it could really be that easy. You also know that the crypto market has had a lot of volatility, and you don’t want to lose your life savings on a get-rich-quick scheme.

Cryptocurrency can be daunting and unfamiliar, but it’s actually similar to investing in the stock market. If you have the right information and a solid strategy, you can make money investing in crypto markets. Here are a few tips to follow if you’re looking to get into day trading crypto.

Invest in the right coin

The first aspect of making money day trading cryptocurrency is to pick a coin with high-volume trades and good returns. When it comes to picking the right coin, everyone will have a preference; but it’s hard to deny that Bitcoin is the most popular coin on the market. Because of this, day trading Bitcoin gives you the best potential returns, because you have the ability to tap into the hottest market.

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Trading Bitcoin also offers you a host of platforms to trade on, with exchanges ranging from websites like Coinbase to Binance and Robinhood, which has no trading fees. Having this flexibility is paramount to a successful job day trading, because you will need to be buying and selling frequently to get the kind of margins necessary to turn a profit. If you pick the right coin, your job as a day trader will be much simpler than if you’re trying to make money off of a less popular coin.

Stick to a strategy

Finding and sticking with a plan can be one of the hardest aspects of making it as a day trader. This is because the crypto market more than any other investment vehicle is inherently volatile. With volatility comes a lot of emotion, and it’s easy to find yourself wanting to make gut decisions in the heat of the moment. Remind yourself of this every opportunity you get the chance to, as you’ll regret every single decision that you make in a fit of passion. Logic and consistency is the way to success when it comes to making it as a crypto investor.

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Reading up on some of the latest bitcoin day trading strategies can be a good way to begin to formulate your plan of attack. As Sun Tzu writes in The Art of War, “opportunities multiply as they are seized.” Taking advantage of one type of strategy will set you up for success in the future, as your returns begin to compound and allow you to invest even more into further profits. Just like a roofing contractor might take advantage of roofing leads online when searching for new clients, you should always be reading up on the latest approaches to trading when you’re looking to make a profit investing in crypto.

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Many strategies use indicators to help you make informed decisions. This is vital, because the crypto market is much more volatile than other markets. By comparing an indicator such as Ethereum to Bitcoin, you’ll be able to see areas of resistance in the market and also identify potential breakout points in the market. From there, you can act against the trend, selling if you predict a spike and buying when the market is nearing a low point. These concepts are more fully fleshed out in day trading strategies from websites that provide trading strategy guides, but the concept remains the same.

If you read up on a methodology, make sure to implement it for a few weeks before you make a switch. Often, it takes this long to really understand the intricacies of a crypto market and get a feel for how to find success. With diligence and information, you’ll be able to profit from day trading Bitcoin.