There have been a lot of stories in the news recently about cybercrime and hacking, and governments and big business falling foul of attacks on their systems. But you should not think that your business is too small or not important enough to be the target of this kind of behavior. Small businesses tend not to adequately protect themselves and they can definitely still get caught in this kind of online nightmare.

As nearly all businesses have some kind of online imprint these days it means that anyone can be attacked. You may not conduct all your business using this kind of technology, but it is very likely that the most important personal and financial data will be stored online – and that means that you can be susceptible to attack.

Rising problem

It is true that the work done to help defend businesses from cybercrime has become more and more complex and secure, but as with all kinds of crime the criminal always seems to be one step ahead. With more innovative and invasive hacking, phishing and malware techniques you need to make sure your defenses are strong enough to withstandthe challenge.

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Different problems

There are a whole host of issues that can arise when it comes to the online security of your business. With more and more industries relying on digital solutions it means that there is more chance for a hacker or any kind of cybercriminal to target you.

Hackers can have all kinds of motivations to attack your business – and it might not always depend on what area of business you are in. If your digital storage holds lots of personal and sensitive data there is obviously a very good reason why criminals will want to access it. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that your security is high enough to repel those kinds of attacks.

Most people would think that they would not fall for any phishing kind of scam – but they do work and that is why they are attempted over and over again. With weak passwords or employees that are not fully trained in cyber security there is a chance for these kinds of attacks to prosper. The criminals only need one phishing attack to work to make it all worthwhile.

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At the more extreme end of the cybercrime spectrum entire businesses can be closed down completely. Those kinds of ransomware attacks can cripple your business and it can be very hard to get back on track. There has even been an example of ransomware that turns into a pyramid scheme so the cyber criminals end up using you to continue the attack. By promising to ‘unlock’ your business if you pass the attack on the criminals don’t even have to work hard.

Fighting back

Although there is now more government efforts to fight against the threat of cybercrime there area lot of things that you and your business should be doing to ensure that it is less likely you are attacked.

Training is essential, and all employees need to know how serious the effects of cybercrime can be and how to make sure that they are not the weak link. Security is all very well but it needs to be a multi-layered approach rather than just a single wall of defense. With the connection of devices and the Internet of Things it is vitally important that a ‘way in’ to your digital information is not easy to find.

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A lot of businesses have become more data driven in the way they are run,andthat makes it vitally important that the data management is looked after properly. Some businesses might therefore find it beneficial to outsource their IT departments. In that way they can get the very best service and any staff issues can be solved by using companies to make sure everything gets sorted off site – including umbrella PAYE solutions. With a dedicated, yet remote, IT team on call your business can be safely defended from any potential cyber attacks.

Make security a priority

One thing that businesses should not do is to become complacent. If you start thinking that there is no way that you could get hit then you are already putting yourself in danger. All businesses should plan defense mechanisms assuming that they will be attacked. In that way there will be no corner cutting that might end up completely ruining the business.