Hypersensitive people are everywhere. You surely know a few examples in your private life, maybe you are even being touchy about yourself from time to time.

When it comes to business partners, you have less control over the situation than when it comes to your private life. You cannot simply just decide that you don’t want to deal with such person anymore.

You need to apply a few techniques to make the highly sensitive people feel comfortable and make sure your business runs smoothly. Here is how:

1. Appreciate their presence.

That person is in your life for a reason, so make sure you remind yourself of this important fact as often as you can. Also, know that by doing this you’re making their world much better. They can feel your inner state, and simply telling them positive things won’t do.

But if you truly are grateful to have them around, listen to and share things with them, make time for them but also give them some on their own, then the communication will be smooth and you’ll get to see all their great qualities.

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Observe carefully their body language, and what your acts make their bodies more open and leaning more towards you. These are both great signs of positive feedback about your acts.

2. Help them by taking some decisions yourself.

Decisions make highly sensitive people anxious and nervous. Having many options to choose from leads to overthinking and doubts, and that’s quite a negative experience for them. It can continue for hours or days, and they might still struggle to make a choice.

Whenever you can, do that yourself. Or just suggest something and let them decide to use it as the solution. What’s more, don’t ask them to take decisions for you as this will definitely make their day harder.

Keep in mind that what is a no-brainer for you, might be a deep and exhausting inner battle for them.

3. Be careful with the jokes.

There are some things you should be more mindful of what might upset sensitive people, even though that was never your intention.

I’m talking about seemingly innocent jokes, but which hurt their feelings, or get them thinking and analyzing about your reason for saying it. It could be negative feedback, but which is taken harshly.

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4. Make it meaningful.

Their inner world is often more important to them than what’s happening on the outside. That means they seek deep and meaningful relationships, not just random chats and meeting new people all the time.

You can allow them to have that with you by sharing what’s on your mind. Be sure they will listen, as that’s one of their best characteristics.

That itself can save a relationship, or even marriage, as highly sensitive people will only get bored of a partner if there’s no honest interaction and profound connection.

5. Set some boundaries.

Last but not least, to deal with high sensitivity, give them as much freedom as they crave so they can be calm at any moment of the day and can be at their best.

Don’t feel ignored if they aren’t really social when you’re spending time together. You might find a highly sensitive person observing around and just being in their own head. They need that time. In fact, it’s their sacred time and they enjoy every second of it. You can leave them alone, or just relax together in a quiet place.

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You might feel like not doing more things together is affecting your friendship or relationship negatively, but it’s not like that. When they are on their own, they return energized and ready for interaction and different activities. But be okay with letting go of things such as exercising together, going out a lot, being in a noisy environment for too long, or else.

Highly sensitive people can be awesome friends, loving partners and focused workers producing great results, but only if you let them be their true self. Following the tips above will help you understand such people more and interact with them easily.

Sarah Williams is an avid lifestyle blogger, passionate about human interactions. She believes that true fulfilment stems from constant improvement and expanding conscientiousness. You can check out her blog for men and get access to personal and professional advisory resources.