My friend Piyush Tyagi, a 25-year old marketing executive, applied for ICICI Credit Card a few years back. Seeing his income and repayment capability, the bank nods to his application instantly. He used to shop galore with a credit card, which earned him a lot of reward points on his spends. Besides, he was an avid traveler and so came discounts and cashback his way, saving that extra buck which would have gone out otherwise. Paying the bill was never an issue for him. But, since he was tied up with so much of work, he could not pay bills on time.

Just a few months back, he applied for a personal loan and much to his disappointment, the application got rejected on the grounds of a poor credit history marred by late payments of the bills. Had Piyush activated Auto Payment on his credit card, he won’t have faced the rejection. But you people can choose that mode as well as others to make ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment on time. And, if you are seeking details, the article is here to know the same.

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Activate Auto Pay on Your ICICI Credit Card

While filling ICICI Credit Card Application Form, you could find standing instructions of ‘Auto Pay’. Tick that option and fill the bank account details to get the auto payment activated on your credit card. So, all your card bills will get paid automatically on or before the due date. You would, however, receive an SMS regarding your credit card bill much before the due date, giving you that extra time to keep the balance on your account for a smooth payment.

How Can You Make ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Using Net Banking?

Doesn’t matter whether you have Internet Banking of either ICICI Bank or any other, the bills can be paid conveniently from any of those. In the case of ICICI net banking, the card details and tab of payment would be there to let you pay your bills. On the other hand, you can use other bank’s internet banking credentials (User ID & Password) to pay.

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ICICI Credit Card Payment Through NEFT

You can even add your ICICI Credit Card as a beneficiary while using the Internet banking of other banks. You can activate the card for payment via National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT).

ICICI Credit Card Payment Through Debit Card

There is no dearth of payment gateways that enable credit card payment. Just go online to find one of them. Type ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment to see many links emerging in your search. Click one of them and choose ‘Debit Card’ from the list of payment modes. You also need to Click on the bank whose debit card you would be using to pay the bills. Afterward, you need to enter the debit card number, your name, expiry date, etc. After filling these, you should click on One-Time Password (OTP). Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number to process the transaction further. Upon a successful transaction, you would receive an SMS on your mobile number regarding the payment.