It might feel a bit self-centred to write a biography about yourself, but if you do it in third person, it sounds more professional. When you write a bio for work, it needs to be professional and honest. You want to include the important facts about your skills and academic achievements. A lot of people hire biography writers, but it is not that complicated. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Who are you writing for?

If you are trying to get a job out of writing this bio, then you know who your audience will be. Cater your writing for your audience and try to be engaging. Even though this is a professional document, if your audience is free-spirited, adapt it accordingly. Not all companies are created equal and some positions are a little less formal than others. Do your research before you start and always have the readers in mind.

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Stick with important facts

We are often tempted to write about irrelevant information because it makes us feel good. Sitting in front of your promotion board biography be ruthless about what info makes the cut. You want to let the readers know that you are ready for the post, without taking them through the smallest achievements. Do not underestimate your level of writing, because faking anything is ever worse.

Show your personality

Professional documents have a way of demanding that we let go of who we are. By showing your personality in your writing, you actually have a better chance of connecting with your audience. This is 101 writing and it even applies to your promotion board bio. Your personality does not have to be goofy or interesting. It just needs to be an honest reflection of who you are.

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Recent projects

After you’ve stated who you are and what you achieved, end your bio with some recent projects. If you have not worked on something recently, you can include your latest accomplishments or jobs. This can quickly give an idea of where you are in life right now and can reflect that you are ready for the next step.

Contact information

Don’t be one of those people who write an amazing bio but forget to add contact details. We can get so caught up in the creative side of a bio that contact information can easily be forgotten. Without these important details, the employer is unable to get hold of you. Make sure that your contact information is current and correct.

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Any written work sent out to the world should be proofread and edited accordingly. A first draft is never perfect, so do not make the mistake of sending out a bio with typos and grammatical errors. This is easily avoidable with a quick proofreading and editing session.


A bio can only be about who you are and what you have achieved. This is not an essay about you how you once saved a dog and should always come across as professional. You do not have to add false information because you will be tested on your stated achievements. It is always better to be employed for who you are, rather than who you pretended to be. Writing a bio should be a fun process and let you know that you have come far.