Go green – this is what businesses today would like to achieve. It shows not the only concern for the environment, but it will also have a huge impact on profitability. Customers will love it when you love the environment, which can translate into a better business. From using energy-efficient laundry vending equipment, such as those from Continental Girbau to changing your lights, this post will quickly tackle some of the best things that you can do to make your laundry business eco-friendly.  

Look for Laundry Equipment with Tech-Advanced Features

On the top of the list is investing in the right equipment, which includes the commercial laundry machines you can find from Continental Girbau. Look for new technologies that can help in the reduction of your energy consumption. They have smart features, acting as if they have a mind of their own. They will automatically adjust based on the load of the machine. This means that you will be able to save on both water and electricity.  

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Invest in the Training of your Employees

Educating your employees will be critical in establishing a green laundry business. You should train them how to use the machines properly and how they can be an agent of change. Make sure that the employees take a proactive role in your green initiative. Otherwise, all your efforts will only go to waste.

Stock Up on the Right Detergent

Aside from your equipment, the detergents used in the laundry business will also have a huge impact on your sustainability goals. The best green laundry detergents are free of toxic chemicals that can be contributory to environmental degradation. They can keep the planet green while also making sure that the clothes are clean!

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Harness the Power of Alternative Energy

By alternative energy, what we mean is to use solar panels. Depending on the place where you live, you can even enjoy tax incentives by using solar energy to power your business. If the laundry is too big to run on solar energy, you can at least use the energy from the sun only for running the lights and other equipment that uses minimal energy.

Manage the Heating and Cooling Systems

The HVAC system is essential to ensure the comfort of your customers and employees. It will ensure the right temperature inside the laundromat. For instance, you should invest in lights that do not generate too much heat. Also, if possible, you can leave the doors open so that air will come in to keep the laundromat cool instead of relying on your air-conditioning.

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Change your Lights to LED

If your laundry business is not yet using LED lighting, you are most probably missing a lot. LED lights are also more durable compared to others, which means that it will take a long time before they will ask for a replacement. They last up to 25 times longer and use up to 75% less energy compared to other types of lights. The initial cost of switching to LED can be steep, but the long-term benefits are sure to be worth it.

By building a green laundromat, you are not only doing something good for the environment, but you are also doing something great to improve your profitability.