If we don’t feel completely worthy of receiving money, there’s no way we will be able to enhance our financial picture. It is important to think that we believe in our birthright to receive enough money. There are different ways we can do to. One of the easiest ways is to think money similar to oxygen. Air is our birthright and we will die in a few minutes without it. We should also think that we are entitled to receive a lot of money once we leave the womb. Just like oxygen, we should condition our mind to think that money is our birthright. We never think that the air that we breathe has to be earned. It’s ludicrous and we should think the same thing about earning money. If we think that we may or may not get enough money despite our effort, we have set ourselves up for big failure right from the start. The concept of “earning money” has been taught by since childhood.

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We earned money by mowing the lawn and cleaning the house. By treating their parents with respect, teens could also “earn” their gas money. Parents won’t say that children can’t inhale the air tomorrow because they don’t fold their laundry. If we find it challenging to think that money is our birthright just like the oxygen, then we really need to make changes to our mindset. It is important that we are able to experiment with the idea and we need to train our mind that money is our birthright, just like oxygen. Once we do this, we will know how to properly to create income based on our current situation and we will be able to draw money in different ways. Even if we manage to shape our mind about this matter, we will certainly face challenges along the way. As an example, we could find ourselves low on cash and we need to do something extra to cover for our financial needs.

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During this situation, we should believe that things will work in our favour and we shouldn’t worry about it. We need to be stubborn and insist about our future. We need to believe the whole thing will be better and miracles will unfold. If we need to change our focus to achieve better things then we need to do it. As an example, we could start taking a part time job. By staying positive, we could be hired as full time employee and in a few short years, we could get a number of promotions, as well as higher salary. We will be able to achieve this if we manage to put positive realization deep inside our heart that financial success is our birthright. We create our own reality and we should be acutely aware that good things are always attainable. There are many ways that we can do to enhance our prosperity. We should be patient and persistent, so things will get much better for our family.