Canada is a country that opens new opportunities for students in the world of business. The most of foreigners pick Canadian universities to obtain their MBA degree. Why not? Business education here is cheap and high quality. There are many benefits to continue your education in Canada. The first and the main advantage is a variety of institutions. They all offer MBA educational programs in such spheres as free enterprises, marketing, finances, accounting, HR policy, strategy management. Every student has a right to pick the best program to fulfill their dreams.

Benefits of Canadian Education

Local education boasts the teaching staff and real support in a job search. Almost all Canadian institutions give the broad practice opportunities to their students. Of course, the payment isn’t so big, but the practice is worth much. It is admitted that after graduating, a student has a real opportunity to stay to work for one of Canadian companies for good salary.

Business education in Canada is very similar to American course. Theory course consists of learning the experience of all successful business people and business cases. In practice, you have an opportunity to make your own business project and cooperate with real business men. Canada is the best place to get MBA education not only because of good program and teachers. This is a country where students feel comfortable and grown up. They learn the material and learn the country also. There is much to learn! The practice of underage travelling is popular. Young drivers can use under 21 car rental British Columbia companies to make their study interesting in spite of their young age.

Victoria and Albert Museum Library

Pick Canada to Take MBA Course Because:

  1. Business education is cheap (the most of local institutions get financial support from a government . This helps to low the price for education, lower than in analogous American school);
  2. You can pick the best MBA program for you (main course);
  3. Practice (students have a chance to get good practice in Canadian companies while they are studying);
  4. Canadian business education is as good as European or American;
  5. Business education in Canada is not only life in the campus. It is important to know that students are offered to visit sport sections, literary groups. How about the road trip over the country? Student travel is popular.
Toronto: University College, University of Toronto

Centennial College

This is the oldest governmental university college in Toronto, Ontario. More than 15 000 students get their education here. Of course, the most of them are Canadians. Why is it called the university college? It’s because the college is able to give the governmental diplomas, certificates, bachelor degree to all students. The study courses are developed to pay much attention to practice by probation. The college is famous of its serious theory base in the spheres of humanities and natural sciences. Graduates are able to find a good job in 6 months.

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Thompson Rivers University

TRU is a governmental university that was founded in 1970. About 13 000 students get their education there. The foreign students are welcomed! The university offers about hundreds of study programs and specialties. You can pick any of them. The university campus is situated in British Columbia, Kamloops. The province is unique of its geographic position. This is the sunniest place in Canada. British Columbia car travel locations give a chic opportunity for student travel.

University of Manitoba

This institution was founded in 1877. That was the first university in the East Canada. It offers to meet fundamental study and research works. You can find lot of research centers on the territory. дение About 25 000 students live and study here. 10% of them are foreigners from about 90 world countries.

Academic Life

Alexander College

This Canadian College is helpful for everyone who has a plan to enter the university after graduation. College program gives an opportunity to foreign students to get a diploma and find a job in Canada. You can pick any local college you like and go to the 3rd course. The college campus in placed in Vancouver. The cruise port is near here. You can use a car as under 21-25 locations are popular for Canadian students. Anyway, the transport system consists of underground, water and above-ground transport. All historical attractions are near at hand.

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York University

York University is the 3rd big institution in Canada. It was founded in 1959. The university welcomes more than 54 000 students. Business faculties are the most prestigious. They take top positions in the world rate. Famous businessmen, politicians, and other celebrities are the graduates from here. The university is located in Toronto – the most international city in the country. The main university campus is Keele. It is huge! It takes about several square kilometers and situated to the North from the city center.

University of Alberta

Come to Canada for MBA! 5 Canadian business schools are in top of the world rate of the best of the best business institutions. What is the reason of it? Of course, the first and the main reason is high quality education, wise programs, cheap opportunities. The most of future students think of Canada as the backup version. If you are limited in budget, Canadian institutions are mostly attractive. You can find more than 30 business schools here. The most of them are located in Ontario. The leading positions are given to Schulich, Queens and McGill.