With the help of the Dynamics learning portal, it is easy to expand your knowledge and skills in Microsoft dynamics. It was a long time back when it was required to purchase from Microsoft the Dynamics CRM manual or you need to get it through the training sessions at a good price. And to the user, it used to cost very high but now thankfully to Dynamics learning portal through which you can get easily qualified in Dynamics and along with that you get a trial version of the software for your practice.

The Dynamics learning portal has become much popular because of its new features and design. With the revolution of the software industry to video training you can get all the video material on a platform that helps the Microsoft Dynamics Partners to stay on the top in the basic requirement of the certification.

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What is Microsoft Dynamics?

It is the line of software applications for customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) . It is an application through which you can manage all the different tasks of your business and you don’t need to struggle and waste your time on multiple apps to get your work done.

Microsoft Dynamics covers all the required aspects of a business from sales to customer services and that too in one application which is easy to manage. With the dynamics learning portal, you can easily get certified through the training courses covering various modules of the dynamics.

The Components of Microsoft Dynamics

The Microsoft dynamics comprises mainly of the given components:

  • Dynamics 365 Enterprise
  • Dynamics 365 Business
  • AX
  • CRM (for older versions)
  • GP
  • NAV
  • SL
  • Other
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In the Dynamics learning portal with the help of AX, GP, NAV, and SL you can get to know about the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. GP, NAV, and SL are best featured for the medium enterprise and Microsoft Dynamics AX is the best solution for the large enterprise. But it is not that the dynamics AX can’t be used for small enterprise or GP and the other two are not suitable for big enterprise as they are designed for all types and sizes of organization.

The contents of the dynamics learning portal in broke down in the following categories of the above components and consist of various tools to manage the plethora of videos. You can easily learn to manage your business with the help of the courses available in the dynamics learning portal

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Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics

The dynamics learning portal is a learning portal that adds value to the Microsoft Dynamics partners. The different features of this platform are designed to increase competency levels and accelerate the growth of the partner business.

With this portal, they can get on-demand training content from different important training sites, performing hand-on labs, find guides for exam preparation, find course materials, and also links to different external resources. It is a very useful portal that provides an agile learning experience.