The office serves as the second home of a lot of people. Given how many hours they devote to their work and the number of days they spend in the office, it’s important that the office is just as well taken care of as one’s own home.

Some businesses might not view the overall maintenance of the office as a high priority when it comes to growing the business, but it comes with a lot of risks.

If you’re still not convinced about the importance of keeping a clean workplace and the dangers of having a filthy office, then this article will tell you just what you should look out for:

1. Germs and Harmful Bacteria

First of all, having a dirty workplace attracts a lot of harmful bacteria and germs inside the office.

Since people come from all over the place, they can bring in all sorts of germs that they get from the outside into the office. The office has air circulation that is probably very closed off depending on where it is located.

Aside from that, there are a lot of very public parts of the office where people tend to interact with on a constant basis. For example, their own desk can be full of germs as well as the office pantry.

If you don’t clean your workplace, the germs and bacteria will propagate and can cause diseases among employees.

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2. Stench and Foul Odor

Another reason why you might want to have a cleaner workplace is that it can lead to funky odors spreading all over the office.

If you don’t throw away the trash on a regular basis then there is a big chance that your garbage will stink. In line with that, if you don’t throw away and clean the refrigerator in the office regularly then the products inside might expire.

A particularly foul-smelling object can have its stench cling to a room or the walls even if you’ve already thrown it away. As we always say at Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning, not only is it unappealing to have a stinky workplace, it will also be difficult for employees to focus on their work.

3. Stress and Inefficiency

If you have a filthy office, it can lead to higher levels of stress in your employees. Instead of your employees focusing on more important tasks relevant to the actual growth of the business, they will be distracted by how dirty and filthy the rest of the office is.

This will make their average workday involve a lot more work than it should have since their cleaning out things constantly.

Therefore it’s important that you have a regular cleaning session every once in a while and then a deep cleaning session at least every quarter.

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4. Sickness and Absenteeism

As mentioned before, having a filthy office can lead to a lot of germs and harmful bacteria growing inside your office. The negative effect of compromising the immune system of your employees due to a lack of cleanliness is that they’re going to be absent from work often.

Since the office is dirty, then sickness can easily be passed between one person to another. You might end up losing tons of people to sickness because of it.

If you want to decrease the case of absenteeism among your employees, you have to make sure that your office is a healthy environment in the first place.

5. Molds and Infection

Another health risk that you’re putting your employees through by keeping a filthy office is the chance of getting molds and infection inside your premises.

Having mold inside the office will bring respiratory issues to people especially those with asthma. Mold can grow from anywhere but keeping your office cleaned on a regular basis can help prevent this from happening.

6. Pests and Vermin

If you have a dirty office whether it from food waste or whatever clutter you have, you will likely attract a lot of pests and vermin into the office.

Harboring in furry fugitives into your office will create more mess for you and it will be harder to deal with an infestation that just having the office regularly cleaned.

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Having pests and vermin all around also means that they’re carrying a lot of viruses all over the office. Aside from that, they might chew on various office equipment and it can lead to unusable office equipment. Mind you, replace a malfunctioning equipment every now and then can be costly in the long run.

Don’t let it get to the point where you need pest control in your office. Clean your office and keep it tidy.

7. Mess and Clutter

Having mess and clutter all over the office does not communicate professionalism to your employees, as well as to your potential clients. It can make your employees feel less motivated and they will have a hard time providing quality work because of that.

Additionally having clutter all over the office can be a hazardous situation and can lead to unwanted accidents.

If you want to avoid having to pay for the hospital expenses of your employees because they got into an accident in the workplace, then you have to make sure you have a safe working environment in the first place.


There are many dangers associated with having a filthy office. Thus, it’s important that you keep your workplace clean.

This is more than just aesthetics. It’s also has something with the well-being of everyone in the office.