There can be numerous reasons why you choose to move abroad. Your current job may provide perks to work in a different office they have based in another country, or perhaps there’s a chance of work experience at your current University as an Erasmus programme. Whatever the situation, the world is filled with brilliant cities and places to explore a different way of living and working, even if you’ve stumbled upon them on a sunny holiday. There also might be cities that you may not have thought were pleasant places to work or live. Here’s a run through of some of the best places to work in around the world.



Based in New Zealand, Auckland is seen as a city that offers a generally great way of living with places to visit and affordable prices in every aspect. It isn’t a heavily populated city and standards of living are relatively high as a result of this. There’s also a great tourist attraction to the country as a whole, which means there’s a diverse cultural population throughout. The only downfall to it is that public transport can be a pain because of the standards on there and cost to get around.

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For a city in the UK to be in the list many would expect that London would be the popular choice, however, despite having a great social aspect to it that’s rich in culture and history many tend to get put off by the cost of living there. This is why Manchester is seen as the ‘second city’ of the UK, seen as a good alternative to London due to a more affordable cost of living with just as much to do as the capital. Job prospects continue to grow in the city and there are several industries that have vacancies available. The announcement of Brexit could hinder the chances of workers from abroad though as UK visa application conditions are expected to be tightened. If you are moving to UK from US there are services that can help you also. 

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Large employment vacancies are more in the banking and financial institutions in Zurich. This is because it’s one of the wealthiest countries in Europe as well as the rest of the world. As it’s such a large tourist hub, the city is extremely clean and pleasant to those entering or visiting the country from abroad. One point to be wary of is that because it is in the centre of the country, the cost of living can be quite expensive which may be off-putting for some!



Canada, in general, is seen as very welcoming and friendly country and as the third largest city in the country, it’s been rated as one of the best in terms of the way of living and quality of life. Diversity is apparent throughout the city and employment opportunities lie mainly in the economic jobs such as mining, manufacturing, construction etc. Unfortunately, what can put people off is the high crime rates in the country.

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The Austrian capital is quite pleasing on the eye for those who have never visited before. It graves brilliant culture and has beautiful architecture surrounding the city. The weather is great in the Summer which highlights these points even further and you’d appreciate how easy it is to get around the city if you choose to stay there permanently. In order to integrate with the locals, you’d just need to make sure that you’re that you have basic knowledge of the German language so you can find it easier to get around.