Andy Sandoz, Paddy Griffith, Lisa De Bonis, Ben Mooge and Martin Brooks join Havas Chairman & CEO Yannick Bolloré and Havas UK Group Chairman Kate Robertson.

Work Club has joined Havas.
Or Havas has joined the Club.

We’ll get to that.

To fully understand, take a moment and let us share who we are.

Since founding in 2007 we’ve believed in Digital Business Ideas.

Ideas that can communicate in new ways.
The possibility of inventing new services, innovating new products, introducing new revenue streams.
New ways to solve the problems that keep our clients up at night.

Like Airbnb is to Hotels. Or Spotify to Music. Hailo to Taxis. We believe that if you approach the business problem from a digital mindset, you get a better solution.

Work Club was our first Digital Business Idea.

A digitally cultured business. Able to realise the full innovative potential of digital creativity upon not just marketing, but business itself.

Our core belief was, is now and always will be successful collaboration.

A fit business is a more open business, with a clear and purposeful culture capable of attracting the best talent.

That’s why we created our business as a Club.

A collaborative organisation, with diverse skills and inputs working together to solve today’s complex problems.


Collaboration is at the heart of how we work.

The Loop is a strategic model to build better relationships between Brands and Consumers.

Led by the meaningful action and storytelling of a Brand and driven by the need and engagement of Consumer interaction. At its intersection through insight, data and technology we create innovative ideas that make it flow.
Brand-Led, Consumer Driven, Co-Created.

The Loop has proven fertile for ground breaking ideas.

A real time website powered by the data from a McLaren F1 car giving fans a special connection to their team. Launched 4 years ago in 2010.

In 2011 an RFID enabled Strongbow bottle cap triggered events in the bar giving a fresh start to a night out.

Brain scanning the emotions of people watching live football to ascertain how we really watch the beautiful game to make more beautiful Sharp televisions.

An Algorithm for Ballantine’s that reads Instagrams and turns them into Soundclouds to co-create music anthems with major artists from your photography. A full 2 years before The Onion saw fit to lampoon it.

And wearable tech for Ballantine’s with our tshirtOS now in its third year of ever more sophisticated iteration. Washable Screen! Mass market beckons.

Campaign called us ‘The Dark Horse Of Digital’ in 2011 and ‘Digital Agency Of The Year’ in 2012. Ad Age included us in their Global A-List with the strapline ‘Welcome to the Science Fair’.



Digital Agency of the Year




Digital Agency of the Year



Top 10





Digital Agency of the Year


So it makes sense that, with collaboration core to our DNA and our work, it is at the heart of our growth.

We’ve always been very ambitious about what digital can do. About what we can do with it. But as you can probably now tell it’s also obvious to us that we can’t do it alone.

We’re very proud of our work so far. But it can be better. Bigger. Go further. Do more.
To do that, we need help.

We’ve been looking for the right partner for some time. It had to be someone that shared our values. That had the right attitude and ability to make things happen. That had the openness to collaborate. The desire to create innovative work that changed marketing and business for the better. The ability to make it happen fast. Everywhere.

In Havas we have joined a network that also prides itself on collaboration. On the convergence of creativity, media and data to create more meaningful, innovative work.

Everyone we have met is open, talented and enthusiastic about the future. We’re already working together. We’ve already won our first pitch.

They are a network small enough and far sighted enough to quickly build the first true global full-service agency approach.

We want to be part of that. Together we believe we can achieve our goal of ideas with real digital influence on business and beyond.

A humble thank you to every amazing Clubber, our brave Clients and every Partner and Collaborator that got us this far.
It’s been, and will continue to be, emotional.

Hello, Worldwide!

Hello, Havas Work Club.

Andy, Ben, Jon, Lisa, Martin, Paddy.

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