How to find quality Commercial Contractors in Dallas

Finding commercial contractors is nothing short of a challenging task. There are multiple aspects to take into consideration when it comes to employing a commercial construction company. Searching online leaves one feeling overwhelmed because there is an extensive array of companies offering services. This makes the decision-making process ten times more difficult than it already is. A project can run smoothly or be in shambles depending on the choice you make. If communication between you and your contractor is inconsistent, and they are unable to interpret the exact nature of your demands, the workings of your project can go wrong in no time.

Opting for the lowest bid is not the way to go because it might not be of the best value. In fact, it might end up costing you more money in the long run because you might have to go back and fight the faults they made. With proper guidance, you can find the right person for the job. Following are some tips to consider when on the hunt for quality Dallas commercial contractors.

  • Do your research:

Online reviews are simply not enough. Just because a company has an outstanding review online cannot determine their credibility or the quality of their service. It is prudent to thoroughly research the company and its background by scraping the surface and looking underneath. To be better able to assess whether the company is a good fit for you and the vision of your project, don’t be afraid to ask relevant questions and looking into their staff to better assess their skill set. This is crucial to determine whether they will be able to handle a commercial project.

  • Find reputable candidates:

Finding someone with good professional experiences, extensive knowledge concerning the field, and a positive response is essential when searching for a commercial contractor. Good supervision is an attribute any general contractor must possess. Find reputable candidates but consulting relatives searching online or in the newspaper adverts.

  • Experience matters:

Experience is important because to be able to handle a commercial project, the company must know the trade down to the very smallest of details. During the screening process, make sure to look into their experience relevant to the field and completed projects. If they don’t have experience in the kind of space you want to work in, it is best to explore other options.

  • Search for references:

Ask for references from the company’s past completed projects and clients that are similar to yours, so you can better assess their work quality. Follow up with the provided references and ask for their feedback regarding the company’s performance. Customer satisfaction speaks volumes about a company’s work ethics and communication skills. Do not forget to check for a license and any other legal issues in the past that they have dealt with.

  • Interview the contractor

To instigate the communication process, the first step is the interview, so you are better able to assess how the supervision process will work. During the interview, the two parties can discuss the specifics like the tentative timelines and sort out any other issues such as documentation and paperwork. Discuss an update schedule, so you know about the frequency of postings about progress.

  • Look for good customer service:

Customer support always makes a world of a difference when it comes to the overall work experience. Since commercial construction projects are a long and tedious process, communication is essential especially with the staff on board. When opting for a contractor, find one that is very open with their communication and is responsive to any queries or concerns from the clients. This will ensure customer satisfaction and thus lead to a smooth sailing process for both parties.

If you want to Become a Landlord in Singapore here is a Guide to Manage the Number One Property

If you have the money to invest in multiple properties but you prefer to administer them yourself to get more profits instead of contracting a real estate agency you need to understand the logistics to keep your place at the top of its game so your tenant will be happy and pay the rent on time. As you get experience and learn how to deal with people, you will have a pretty clear idea of the type of tenant you want in your properties. Even if they are well behaved and keep a tidy pace at all times make sure to apply some of this advice for the sake of both parties and to avoid issues that could affect the business relationship with a good tenant.

·       Keep your Property Bright and Shiny for new Tenants

This is something you’ll pick up after renting out your first property. There is a common term related to setting up a property among real estate agents to show it to potential tenants. The new pad or apartment should have a “magazine-like setting” to get their attention. If you don’t have furniture, make it look bright and spacious. If you do have furniture make sure the place looks minimalist. Avoid overcharging the ambiance of the rooms with unnecessary accessories.

·       Make sure to inspect the Place Periodically

While landlords have the right to know the state of their Number One Property at all moments, the way to check them out is at least one time every six months. This should be carried over after making an appointment with the tenant. Not only is a common courtesy but it’s also a way to lend trust on them if they have proven to be able to keep the place in good condition. If any problems arise between visits make sure to let them know that you can be reached at any moment to deal with the issues of your property.

·       Keep a Stock of the Material Used to Equip the Place

If you get a place delivered on whites and greys and you fix it with a contractor to rent it out, be sure to keep a stock of the material used to fix any issues that present itself in the future. From painting to drywall or ceramics, anything of the original materials used to get your place up and running will help you keep your condo or apartment looking good after fixing any problem that requires reconstruction or removal of debris.

·       Make Sure to Keep an Open Line of Communication with your Tenant

We are not suggesting that you build a budding relationship with them, but you can be courteous about it. Make sure to know if they are employed and listen to their reasons for delaying payments, you can balance your communication skills to keep track of their situation. Also always make sure that they let you know at least two months ahead of the end of each contract if they are planning to renovate to be on the lookout for new tenants in case they move on. The last thing you want is to have your Number one property unproductive and fall behind on mortgage payments.

7 Signs it’s Time To Start Your MBA

MBA programs are definitely some of the most challenging you can throw yourself into and one needs to be ready before committing. It takes time and effort to succeed at and without any sense of passion for it, you might find it too much. You might find yourself at a point in your life where you are considering doing an MBA. It is completely normal for some doubt to set in, but these signs should be a guide.

If you are committed to taking on an MBA dissertation, you are already in the minority. Be positive about the process and you should find it less daunting. Here are 7 signs that tells you it’s time to start your MBA.

1. Possible Promotion

Sometimes you need to take drastic steps to advance at your company. If you have done all you can, but still cannot get that promotion, it might be a sign. Doing your MBA is not going to guarantee you getting promoted, but it does increase your chances. This is an opportunity to show that you are serious about advancing your career and allows you to stand out.

2. Business Skills

A lot of people do their MBA to start a business, but you can use business skills while working for an employer. Perhaps you have been thinking about adding some skills you can only learn in business school to your resume. Once you understand that this is an interest of yours, it can be a strong sign that you are going to gain the knowledge you crave.

3. Boredom

Being stuck in the same position in your career can drive anyone up a wall. It is unacceptable that anyone needs to be bored in their career, but it does happen. Perhaps a new challenge is just what you need. A statement of purpose mba is already going to start eliminating that boredom.

4. A Switch

Are you ready to switch up careers? It might be a sign to start your MBA. I know there’s a lot of uncertainty that comes with switching career paths, but it can actually be a very satisfying prospect. Doing your MBA will not open new career doors for you, but it also changes the way you look at life. You can find your passions moving towards something completely different and having an MBA in your pocket won’t be a bad idea.

5. Experience Galore

If you have picked up a lot of work experience throughout your career, you might be the perfect candidate to do an MBA program. These experiences and skills are not only going to help you while doing an MBA, but it is going to help you add value. Your MBA dissertation could include work experience and set you apart from the rest.

6. Over Achiever

We all have different personalities and there are those who just love to achieve the next goal. If that is you, it might be time to take on a bigger challenge. Being goal driven is a great personality trait and can help you reach success. It does not guarantee success, but it is an asset.

7. Under Achiever

If you have not achieved much in your career, it does not mean that you cannot do your MBA. Perhaps it is just what you need to excel. It can be the opportunity you have been waiting for to help you do well at something that is going to change the way you think. If you are an under achiever, it might be a sign to do your MBA.

The Best Home Improvement Projects On A Budget

As a homeowner, it is very important for you to keep your house presentable. Aside from cleaning the house, you also need to do some projects to make your home a better place to stay. You cannot always say that your house looks good, instead you should say that your house is the best. You can only do that by doing home improvement projects on a budget. This means that you do not really need to spend too much, especially if you have to think about all your monthly expenses at home.

Why don’t you inspect your home and list down what you would like to improve? You have to see first the ones that are too old and needs replacement. After that, add the ones that just need repairs. And then, you may also add the ones that you just want to modify or customize to make it look like a new one. You might not be an expert or a professional in carpentry as well as home improvement projects. But, those things that you can do on your own would be very helpful to lessen the expenses. The things that need an expert’s help must be left to the professionals to work on.

Anyway, we have here a few of the simple and budget-friendly home improvement ideas or suggestions that you might want to try at home.

1. Bathroom Makeover

One of the rooms that you would surely want to be presentable is the bathroom, especially when you have guests, who will use it. The very first thing that usually gets broken is the faucet and the sink because we often use it. Simply get the best bathroom faucet and ask a plumber for help, if you are not sure about how to do it. After he finished the task, you can do the rest.

Pretty sure that you can manage to paint the walls as well as the mirror’s edge. Make sure that the mirror would look stunning because your guests will surely look at the mirror to make sure that they look fresh. Now, let’s recycle the old stuffs at home. Get some empty bottles with different sizes and color. Mount it and use as a décor on the wall. You can do this job in just a day. You will not even spend $100 for this.

The Best Home Improvement Projects On A Budget

2. Living Room Wall

We all know that buying paintings for your living room would be very expensive. So, let us try to make a wall décor that will replace a painting. The first thing that you need to do is to buy a big size poster or the ones with different sizes. And then, you also need a firm board and a plastic cover. Make sure that the size of the poster will fit on the board.

Paste your poster on the board and cover it with plastic. Now, try to be artistic and act like an interior designer. Mount the posters on the wall depending on how would you like it to be, such as diagonal, V-shape or horizontal.

If you do not want to add posters, then you just need to change the wall cover or paint it with a color that would look the room bright. You may buy wall covers made of plastic or paper material. Just choose the one that is cheaper and affordable.

Living Room Wall

3. Lighting

Hallways must have lights. Actually, you do not need to buy floor lamps or replace them when they are broken. All you need is to ask help from an electrician to install new lights on the hallway. You may choose to mount the light on the walls or hang them like a chandelier. It would be best to also ask an electrician’s suggestion to know what materials are needed. It would be cheaper, if you would be the one to buy them.

4. Terrace

You do not need a really huge terrace. You do not also need to construct it. You can make an improvise terrace-garden. All you need to do is to get some pots with flowers. Arrange the pots according to the size that you want. You may go for a rectangular, oval or a semi-circular shape.

Make sure to have an opening for your entry. This point may be coming from the back or front of your doorstep. Add some rocks for the pathway. In the middle of your terrace-garden, must be a table with some chairs or stools. Do not forget to get an empty wine bottle and some flowers in it.

Those are just a few of the home improvement projects that you may try at home. Do not worry about your expenses because you will not surely spend much on these projects. Just be patient and give some time to do it. Pretty sure that it would be a success.

When Should You Buy Term Insurance?

We often think about the best time to buy term insurance and the security that it can bring to the future. To be very honest, whether you are planning to start a family or are working in a big firm, term insurance can provide financial security in terms of a large corpus at your disposal, only when you start early. The best part of term insurance is that it costs much lower than other life insurance products and you have to pay only a small percentage of your total annual income. The biggest benefit of term insurance is that it provides more coverage than your current yearly salary. Hence, when it comes to a term insurance, don’t wait until your late thirties to invest. Lock your premium amount with term insurance now and offer the best risk cover to your loved ones.

What Does Term Insurance Cover?

Term insurance is a life cover plan that grants coverage for a fixed period to secure the family during certain uncertainties. Within this period if the insured dies, a death benefit is provided to the family members, which means it offers pure life cover. However, if the insured survives during this tenure, no payout is made. It is a basic plan which does not involve profits or a saving component. The policyholder can easily opt for larger life cover at low premium rates. But this doesn’t imply that the only benefit you get is the sum assured on death; it also provides critical illness coverage which can be opted for or can be availed as a built-in feature. You can also choose accidental death benefit on top of the existing plan of term insurance. There are very few companies which have started providing it as a part of the policy. Apart from these, few insurance companies also offer permanent disability feature under the term insurance plan. It entirely depends on you – what type of add-ons you need in the term insurance and what type of term insurance you opt for.

What Is The Best Thing About Buying Term Insurance?

Do you really need to wait until the 40th birthday to buy a term insurance policy? Here is why you should go for a term plan right away. You will be glad to know that you can get the best financial protection through term insurance at a most affordable premium and it will keep the family secured even if something happens to you. Another great thing about it is that the earlier you invest in a term insurance the better is the saving on the premium. When the money is invested in the right plan, it also provides higher benefits than the total premium paid. Since it is pocket-friendly and affordable, you can go for higher cover without any potential risk. You can easily secure the family’s financial future by buying a term plan. In these low premium plans, the entire premium is used to meet risk coverage and administrative costs. Therefore you will not get anything in return on surviving the term, as there is no saving option in this premium. However, if in case of death within the term, the sum assured will be paid to the nominee. The premium of the term plan entirely depends on the age, the tenure of the plan and the sum assured under the term plan.

Get one as soon as possible, as it can be your best financial investment decision and can aid you and your family against various viable risks in the future. However, while buying a term plan, do not merely calculate the premium amount. Don’t just believe in the insurer’s high claim ratio, as it will not necessarily grant the payment of a claim. Also, do not fall into the pitfall of buying it for the longest tenure possible because you’ll need it only until retirement age. After all, we no longer remain a provider for our family at such an age. We hope you’ll no longer need to depend on the broker to translate the benefits of investment term policy while shopping for insurance. It will fit into both your long-term financial strategy and your present budget plan because of its affordability and viability.

Why It Is Important To Invest In Employees’ Education

It is refreshing to see employers investing in a good employee development program. This is not only going to benefit the employee, but the business as well. At first, it will seem as if all the benefits is going to the employee at the expense of the business. After the program, the employee then has a chance to switch things around and put that skills and knowledge back into the business.

Your company might not need resume editing services, but every skill is necessary to build a successful business. Investing in your employees is an investment that is going to pay you back with interest. If you need a little more convincing, here are some reasons why it is important.


Employees who are unhappy about the lack of training opportunities often leave work faster than those who aren’t. Companies lose a lot of money when employees start to leave work after a short period. Investing in your employees education will not only give them confidence in the work they are doing, but also pays back in a high quality of services rendered.

New Applicants

It can be an attractive offer when a company offers a good training program or offers educational support. This can get you those employees you want working in your business. People who are lazy aren’t excited about developing, so you are going to attract those who are willing to put in the work.

Competitive Advantage

There is always competition when it comes to running a business. If your competitors are offering a better package than you are, it is likely that the good candidates would rather work for the competitors. A study support benefit is going to set you apart from those who are not offering it. Those employees who would go through the resume editing process are the ones you want in your business.

Promotable Employees

Investing in your employees’ skills and knowledge opens a lot of doors of opportunity. You are able to retain the same employees and promote them into roles they are qualified for. Instead of starting over with a new employee in the promotable role, you can use the staff you already have. If someone has worked themselves to a certain point to be promoted, that means they already know the ground work and ethics of the business. It saves a lot of time spent on training a new employee.


An employee who feels valued is going to have some level of loyalty towards the business. You are showing these employees that you care about advancing them. Offering a cover letter writing service training program to those who work in that field is going to advance them for life. This says a lot about the company ethics and would almost guarantee that the employee will remain loyal.


A lot of small businesses overlook this important fact and it can be detrimental. Having to find new employees to replace the ones who leave is a nightmare. Understanding the benefit of investing in your employees is what sets you apart from the rest. Do not look at it as an expense, but rather an investment. It surely will pay you back in due time. This does not only apply to the business itself, but also your customers. Your employees can give a better service, which makes the customers happy. A happy customer always comes back for more.

5 Expert Tips For Throwing An Amazing Business Event

Even though we live in the age of websites and social media, business events are still one of the best way to promote your company. But the thing is, good business events don’t just happen. Organizing a business event takes a lot of planning. This is why having a few expert tips for throwing business events in mind might be a good idea. We came up with five of these that might just be what you were looking for.

Define your Goals

You don’t throw a business event without knowing why you’re doing so. Every business event has a clear agenda behind it and yours needs to have one as well. That said, you might want to start planning your event by coming up with a few goals for it. The best way to do this is to think about something measurable, like your attendance or the number of emails you want to collect. Once you know what your goals are, planning the entire event will be a lot easier.

5 Expert Tips For Throwing An Amazing Business Event

Think about your Budget

Not a single business event can be organized without money. The problem with small businesses is that there’s never too much money to work with when organizing an event. This is why you need to work out your budget before you start making any moves. Once you know how much money there is in your budget, you should be able to figure out how many invitees you can afford. Just make sure you don’t exceed your budget and always be prepared to deal with some unexpected costs.

5 Expert Tips For Throwing An Amazing Business Event

Choose the Right Location

Another important part of organizing a business event is choosing the right location for it. This is where you need to look for something that reflects you audience and the purpose of the entire event. Opting for a place everyone has heard of is always a good idea as it helps you attract more people to your event. Moreover, you need to make sure the venue you choose has enough parking spaces for your invitees. It’s also recommended that you check the acoustics before you make any final decisions regarding your venue.

5 Expert Tips For Throwing An Amazing Business Event

Include your Employees

Your employees are a key part of your business and including them in your event is an absolute must. You can include them in the event planning or have one of them host the entire thing. On top of this, you can use your event to reward the employees who have helped your business the most. You can even think about buying corporate awards and giving them out to your employees. Asking your employees to invite more people to your even can also turn out to be a good idea.

5 Expert Tips For Throwing An Amazing Business Event

Send out Invitations

The next thing you have to deal with when throwing a business event is send out invitations. However, before you do this, you might want to think about the demographic you want to target. If you want to attract all local people to your event, organizing an event that is open to all might be a good idea. In this case, all you need to do is start promoting your event online. On the other hand, if you want to plan a closed event, you’ll need to design invitations for your event and send them out.

With these five expert tips in mind, organizing a successful business event should be a piece of cake. Just make sure you plan everything through and you’ll be good to go.

Thrifty Ways to Keep Your Home Clean Year-Round

Keeping a clean house has lots of benefits. Living without clutter and grime can seriously improve our stress levels while doing household chores like vacuuming and dusting can also be counted as low impact exercise. Add to that the reduction in airborne allergens obtained by having a clean house and regular carpet cleaning and you’ll understand how health and cleanliness go hand in hand.

But many of us are strapped both for time and money so cleaning our houses often falls to the bottom of a very full list. If you can’t afford to hire a professional maid on a weekly basis, what can you do to make sure your place is kept spotless? Here are a few tips to help you create a clean living environment without breaking the bank.

Remove Your Shoes

Part of maintaining a clean home is respecting your house. In order to keep your floors and carpets cleaner for longer, make sure that you kick off your shoes when you enter your house. Teach your kids to do the same and try to keep on top of dirty pet paws by hanging a bath towel near the door to use when you lead Fido home after his springtime walk.

Tidy Everyday

Decluttering goes a long way towards feeling like your home is calm and contained. Even if you can’t get to the bigger jobs like window washing and dusting the ceiling fan, spend twenty minutes a day cleaning your space. Put items back where they belong, hang up clothes, or even wipe out your bathroom sinks. Done everyday, this kind of tidying will help you feel like you’re in control and you’ll have less to do during your longer weekend cleaning tasks.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

The cost of chemical cleaners can really add up – and there are a lot of natural products that are just as effective, cost much less money and leave less of an environmental impact. Try household vinegar – stronger than the culinary kind – to clean counters, glass, bathroom fixtures and a multitude of other surfaces. Add in baking soda for more bite, and you can even scent the mixture using essential oils.

Splurge Once a Month

If you are seriously strapped for time, consider bringing in a professional cleaner once a month. This way, your hired help can do the deep cleaning – floors, windows, bathrooms – while your 20-minute daily sessions will keep the worst of the grime at bay at much less than hiring a more regular cleaning service. Combine this service with a regular carpet cleaning and no one will ever know that you struggle to keep your house clean.

Follow these tips and you’ll be surprised by how much easier it is to keep your home sparkling clean for a whole lot less.


What Makes a Modern Granny Flat a Good Investment?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know about granny flats. You probably know they are attached or detached secondary residences that are added to an existing property. What you may not know is just how lucrative fronting the money for a granny flat investment can be for you, and your family. More specifically, you may not know how solid an investment a modern granny flat is for your family.

Aside from the obvious perk of being able to keep your loved ones close to you – a sign of the modern times thanks to the increase in intergenerational living – there are indisputably attractive economic reasons to seriously consider adding a secondary dwelling to your property.

Read on to find out more about how you can use a modern granny flat to enhance your household income.

Highly Flexible

Any reputable granny flat builder will give you tons of options in terms of design, so you can create them with your budget in mind. Most granny flats are around 60 m2, but you can make them a little larger or smaller depending on the needs of your family.

Housing Shortage

Thanks to a steadily increasing population in Australia and worldwide, there is a shortage of affordable housing. This makes granny flats ideal if you have a loved one who is having difficulty finding a home to suit their budget. It also makes building a modern granny flat a great opportunity if you want to bolster your monthly income, since you can rent out your flat. This will garner you around $20,000 a year, which means in a few years, the building of your granny flat will have paid for itself.

Increased Property Value

Modern granny flats can increase your property value by up to 30%  — if you build wisely. Some tips to keep the capital coming include making sure the design of your granny flat is in line with the stylistic feel of your primary dwelling, as well as the neighborhood, choosing green, energy efficient building materials and appliance options that will entice potential renters (should you choose to rent), and keep monthly bills down for your family member.

Financing is (Relatively) Easy

Compared to the hoops you have to jump through to get the financing to build a primary home, building a secondary dwelling is pretty easy. This is because it is a small investments, comparatively speaking, and because banks and lenders know the value a granny flat can add to your property. This makes lending you the money a sound and profitable investment for them.

Of course, you can’t just start building. Because municipalities, cities and counties don’t want granny flats crammed onto properties, depreciating their aesthetic value and driving down the real estate in the area, you have to make sure your jurisdiction allows you to build a granny flat. One of the best ways to do this is to talk to a professional granny flat builder in your area. They have the local expertise and building experience to guide you through the process. Otherwise, call up your city or town council and see what they have to say.

Go Long or Short: The Ups and Downs of Short-Term and Long-Term Investments

Investing your hard-earned money is not something that you can do in one stroke. It takes a lot of careful planning. It’s not just one click away. It’s a step by step process. It needs your full attention, it eats a lot of your time, and it requires patience and commitment.  

Furthermore, investing is not as stable as you think. That’s why before you invest, you need to know every single detail about how investment works. A good start for you to learn the essentials in investing is to know what is the advantages and disadvantages of short-term and long-term investments. Sites like Movablemark may your guide to in terms of finance matter.

You may have an idea of what short-term and long-term investments are, but do you know that much? If you’re quite unsure, let’s dig into it and widen our knowledge about its ups and downs.

But before anything else, let’s get to know first what short-term and long-term investments are?

Short-Term Investments

It is a type of investment that matures or held for just 12 months or less. It is also known as temporary investments. When you invest in short-term stock, you can have the ability to transfer its ownership quickly. Examples of short-term investments are a savings account, short-term bond funds, checking accounts, lending, etc.

Long-Term Investments

Go Long or Short: The Ups and Downs of Short-Term and Long-Term Investments

This kind of investment is held for several years. With the long-term investment, the probability of maximizing your returns for several years is high. Moreover, long-term investments may never be sold. Examples of long-term investments are land, agricultural products, and other properties that have a maturity date of over one year.


Both short-term and long-term investments have their different advantages. As for the short-term, you can have flexibility in your investment. You don’t have to bond your money for an extended period. Another thing is that in short-term investments, the returns you can get are substantial. You can get great returns in just a short period. 

On the other hand, long-term investment has a significant edge for anyone can do it. With this kind of investment, learning different trading styles or platforms is hassle-free because you’re not an active trader. You can also get a good night sleep in long-term investment as you don’t have to wake up early for opening bell every day.

Furthermore, investing long-term saves money, because as you hold your stocks longer than a year, you will pay fewer taxes. Another edge of long-term is that when you make mistakes, it’s easy for you to correct some or all of them because you have the time.


Go Long or Short: The Ups and Downs of Short-Term and Long-Term Investments

Learning about the cons of short and long-term investments is as necessary as its pros. The disadvantage of investing short-term is that you pay your regular federal income tax rate regardless of your earnings. Another con for short-term is that this investment has great potential for risks and it’s not always possible to earn profits in a short period.

For the long-term investment, the negative part of it is that the growth of returns is slow and needs a lot of time to mature. Moreover, in long-period investments you have less control of your money, you just have to wait until your investment matures.   


Investments are unstable. If it’s long-term or short-term, either way, the value of its stocks still fluctuates. So, when we decide to have our investments, it is essential that we know first all the pros and cons of what we are investing for. In this way, we can be ready for future fluctuation of the market, and avoid too much loss of money.

Thus, the information mentioned above is an excellent help for you when you start to have your investments. Also, visiting sites like Ashe Morgan also is a great help for you.

What The Heck Is An Estate Planner, and Why Do People Keep Telling Me I Need One?

Planning for death is widely considered unpleasant and even morbid, but let’s be real — ignoring it will only lead to problems for family and friends down the line. Having a detailed plan of what should happen to you, your possessions, and your estate is essential to reduce the stress of the people left behind.

When people talk with you about things like this, they might mention something called an “estate planner” from time to time. But what is an estate planner? Do you need to hire one? Let’s explore these topics to give you a better idea on how to plan for your future.

What is An Estate Planner?

An estate planner is a specialized lawyer trained in helping people figure out what they want to happen to their possessions after death. Closely related to elder law, they’re in charge of planning for and reducing the amount of uncertainties after their client has died.

How Can Estate Planners Help?

Duties vary depending on what a client requires, though estate planners are commonly hired to write or revise a will. In it, they will outline how to distribute a client’s property after death, as well as any other valuables or assets they own. Assigning guardianship for minors or other dependents is also possible, as it declaring power of attorney in the event the client is indisposed but otherwise alive.

They can also help a client find ways to minimize or eliminate estate taxes through strategic distribution of assets among loved ones, as well as provide general legal advice related to estate planning.

When Don’t You Need An Estate Planner?

Though having an estate planner help you with your end of life problems can be helpful, certain situations may mean you don’t need or don’t want to utilize the services of one. For example, if you plan to sell your life insurance (surrendering a policy for its cash value) to help with expenses or get some extra money, an estate planner’s services might come in a little redundant. Or perhaps you feel confident enough to write your own will with little assistance or the use of an automated program, or maybe you just lack the money to hire an estate planner.

It’s also possible you simply don’t have anything you feel is worth planning out in the event of your death, wishing for probate law to assign your possessions.


Hiring an estate planner can certainly help reduce the stress your loved ones feel after your death, but hiring one is not required, either. If you require professional help planning for your passing, you may wish to look into hiring one in the near future — ultimately the key is planning ahead.