Hotel Lighting at its Best – Tips Shared by the Stalwarts of the Industry

Would you ever want poor lighting to become the cause behind your poor hotel ratings? As per a research conducted in the year 2014, while giving a feedback on hotels, the guests usually criticize the quality of lighting to a great extent. For instance, the hotels in London were subject to around 10,000 reviews which were all based on lighting and there were several travelers who complained about bad, dim and sparse lighting in the hotel rooms.

When the guests book a room in your hotel, your ultimate wish is to make them feel comfortable in every possible way. While large-screen TVs, cozy beds and meaningful artwork certainly adds to the tough of luxury, you should also focus on providing them with the best lighting experience inside their rooms, at the corridors and also at the dining space. You may visit to know more on the best light sources for hotels.

Creating the perfect hotel lighting

  1. Hotel lights should remain adjustable

Don’t forget that your guests will require functioning within the hotel room in a way that is similar to what they do at home. Hence, the lights that you provide in a hotel room should be bright enough to let them feel comfortable during any activity like reading, working or even getting ready for dinner. Since bright light feels impersonal and cold, you would prefer keeping the design flexible. Keep a central overhead light near the door and lights around the bed should be accent lighting.

  1. Long-lasting bulbs should be used

You can’t deny the fact that LED bulbs are undoubtedly the most sustainable lights that are currently available in the market. Majority of these bulbs last for around 50,000 hours and you will also spend less money and time in replacing each of those burnt out bulbs. LEDs are there in different colors from bright white to yellow light. Regardless of the type of ambience which you prefer creating, you will definitely get an LED bulb for your purpose.

  1. Get in touch with a light planner

As per the experts when a hotel invests in appropriate lighting, you don’t actually notice it but when you don’t, they will certainly notice that. The layout of lighting and the design is sometimes better left to the hands of the electrical engineers. They have a certain style and design in mind due to which what they offer is usually the best.

  1. Keep it simple instead of making it complicated

Did you take ages to find out the switch for the bathroom light in a hotel room? Doesn’t that seem to be annoying? You need to understand that the lighting systems which aren’t intuitive for the guests should be avoided. Now that the smart lights have come into existence, people are using their smartphones to control every single service from outside. Focus on smart lights as this can save energy as well.

Therefore, if you’re a hotelier and you wish to know more on hotel lighting, take into account the above listed tips and strategies to install the best lighting systems for your hotel to receive the best review about your hotel.

Passion for Fashion: 5 Things to Know to Get Started in Your Online Clothing Store

Wherever you go online, you see people selling just about anything from foods, books, beauty products, cosmetics and clothing items. Probably, the most common stuff we encounter on the internet is different clothing items and fashion products.

The convenience of selling online, especially to social media channels already appeals to many. For as long as there are people who loves fashion and dressing up as much as you do, you can create your online clothing store. Setting up an online fashion business can be an enriching experience for someone with entrepreneurial and creative vision.

So whether you want to start a cut and sew fashion collections or you just want to launch your simple clothing line, this article will guide you how to get started in the online fashion business.

The Reason Behind

Ask yourself what the reason why you’re beginning this business is. Why would you like to know the ways of starting an internet fashion store? For what reason does it matter to you? You need to have motivations other than earning money.

These are critical inquiries to guide you as you go on with your business, so all your chance and venture won’t go to waste.

Set up Target Market

Who is your target client? Ask yourself first what you need to design according to with your style. Since this is an online fashion store, there’s a particular angle, to begin with, a specific age bracket. This analysis can be a useful method to discover your specialty, yet it doesn’t need to be your starting point.

Also, this will give you a wide range to work in styles such as old-fashioned to modern. Think of taking your exploration further and take a glance at the most remarkable styles at this moment.

Be With Friends

Some say that starting a business with your friends can be a little careless, but having someone that you can trust and ask assistance can help you start your business. Being with friends is important regardless of whether you want to go solo on this specific experience, accumulate information from partners, workmates, or colleagues.

Every successful business begins with an extraordinary concept. Gather all available information about online business practices and connect it with what you have, and you will eventually turn up with a general format and a more precise vision for setting up an online fashion business.

Product Options

You’ve got many options with regards to starting online fashion merchandise. If you’ve desired to start an online clothing business, you might have a concept of the specific products you want to create and promote.

For some, putting up a clothing line may represent an exciting and unique opportunity to outline a product that may represent their personality and style. However, they will be unsure of which products to sell.

Some products you may want to consider promoting are long or short sleeves shirts, pants or leggings, underwears, dresses or hoodies. Tese fashion merchandises present their challenges, opportunities, and available choices for starting a commercial fashion enterprise.

Marketing your Products


Running an online store will not make you enough money if people don’t an have an idea about your products. You have to be spending lots of time on the internet and social media to market your products. Take photographs and put up them on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and inspire your glad clients.

When customers visit your internet site, offer them reasons to give you their contact numbers or email addresses so that you can inform them up with new products and sales.

You can also try to visit the sites of your competitors for some ideas and study their clothing concepts and the way they promote their products.

Understand the Cash Flow

One of the stressful situations you will need to understand in starting an online business is that money circulates out for improvement and production of the product. From the start, you will need to determine where your investment is coming from and maintain your finances easy to manage.

Taking funding can mean losing a number of your control towards the business, so carefully decide and don’t too low or too high price points.


In starting your online fashion store, be prepared to work harder since the competition in this kind of industry is growing. Being the administrator of your website, you are in charge of marketing and selling your products, acquiring inventory, as well as tracking the deliveries.

So if you love fashion and you want to set up your online store like Women’s Tops Online, bear in mind to study your product, get in touch with people and market your product carefully to be successful in this kind of industry. In fact, you don’t need an extensive experience to recognize the way or to get started.

5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Get a Business Credit Card

One of the most forgotten rules in commerce industry is when an entrepreneur uses their personal credit card for business purposes. And we cannot deny how easy it is to use for immediate expenses needed in a business, but consequences are just waiting for the bill to be run by the bank.

Save your time and money by prioritizing your business expenditures using a business credit card, here are the 5 reasons why you should have one:

Protects Your Personal Credit

A business credit card is ideal for your success than your personal because your expenditures will be situated respectively. Separating your personal and business finances is really crucial but it’s worth the plan and effort.

A credit score is the reflection of our financial lifestyle, your business has its own credit and using a personal credit card for it will surely mess up not just your business but with yours alone! And a good resolution for this kind of nightmare is to have a business credit card that will sustain your commerce needs to optimize its resources and products for a doubled number of sales.


Way to Build Credit Reputation

image source:


Like what we tackled in the previous item, your business has its own credit score just like you, and building up your credibility is really tough but once you have a good score, success will surely follow. And subsequently, financiers will base their interests depending on the worth of your business credit history so whether you have a pleasing or not-so-good credit history, they won’t mind because they trust your business.

A big factor to garner sales is by the business name and brand, better to take care of it before if ruin itself down just before a disaster takeover and to avoid it to happen, prioritizing the needs of your business while making sure that bills and payments are regulated is a must.


Separates Expenses and Simplifies Accounting

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A good method to track down and dissolve the interrelating connection of a personal credit to business finances is to have a business credit card. There are entrepreneurs who had a hard time backing up the business debt it caused to their personal credit card and it almost ended their business career.

And to prevent such scenarios, having separate ledges and tables will make it possible for any entrepreneurs to be successful not just with business but with their own financial goals as well. Be one of these prosperous entrepreneurs by strategizing your outlays without sacrificing the funds of your business.

Make it Easier for Your Employees

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You are not just investing in your business alone but with your beloved staff as well. They also have business-related expenses that they are not always capable of giving in so it is way better to provide corporate credit cards to let them feel that they are valued enough to be trusted.

Sure there are rules provided before these cards are given but one should confident with their employees as much as they rely on whom they are working for and worry less since expenses in credit cards are too handy to track and any accumulation with the expenditures could be easily noticed. Nonetheless, certain guidelines will be followed and it’s going to be a good practice for them on how to be a responsible member of staff.

Earn Valuable Rewards

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Different business credit cards have different rewards depending on the promotions that financiers are giving based on your spending scheme. You can accumulate points and in return, you can have merchandise, gift cards, travel packages and you can even earn a cash back rewards however, you should be cautious of promotions that will bait you to spend more just to receive these rewards. Other rewards have annual fees as well and it won’t make sense to have it if there’s a charge! Hence, you should verify the card you’re getting to avoid these scenarios and to make the most out of its privilege.

Nonetheless, never be ashamed to maximize your valuable rewards this because technically, you also helped their business as much as they helped yours to grow.

There are expenses that needed an urgent payment and sometimes we would need to earn first before we can afford for the specific expenditure but we don’t want to sacrifice the productive time because we can’t provide. This is the use of credit card in a business, aside from helping you settle your finances it’s also a big help for unpredicted expenditures, you just need to make sure that business credit card will be used efficiently to avoid penalties and overspending.

Go Long or Short: The Ups and Downs of Short-Term and Long-Term Investments

Investing your hard-earned money is not something that you can do in one stroke. It takes a lot of careful planning. It’s not just one click away. It’s a step by step process. It needs your full attention, it eats a lot of your time, and it requires patience and commitment.  

Furthermore, investing is not as stable as you think. That’s why before you invest, you need to know every single detail about how investment works. A good start for you to learn the essentials in investing is to know what is the advantages and disadvantages of short-term and long-term investments.

You may have an idea of what short-term and long-term investments are, but do you know that much? If you’re quite unsure, let’s dig into it and widen our knowledge about its ups and downs.

But before anything else, let’s get to know first what short-term and long-term investments are?

Short-Term Investments

It is a type of investment that matures or held for just 12 months or less. It is also known as temporary investments. When you invest in short-term stock, you can have the ability to transfer its ownership quickly. Examples of short-term investments are a savings account, short-term bond funds, checking accounts, lending, etc.

Long-Term Investments

Go Long or Short: The Ups and Downs of Short-Term and Long-Term Investments

This kind of investment is held for several years. With the long-term investment, the probability of maximizing your returns for several years is high. Moreover, long-term investments may never be sold. Examples of long-term investments are land, agricultural products, and other properties that have a maturity date of over one year.


Both short-term and long-term investments have their different advantages. As for the short-term, you can have flexibility in your investment. You don’t have to bond your money for an extended period. Another thing is that in short-term investments, the returns you can get are substantial. You can get great returns in just a short period. 

On the other hand, long-term investment has a significant edge for anyone can do it. With this kind of investment, learning different trading styles or platforms is hassle-free because you’re not an active trader. You can also get a good night sleep in long-term investment as you don’t have to wake up early for opening bell every day.

Furthermore, investing long-term saves money, because as you hold your stocks longer than a year, you will pay fewer taxes. Another edge of long-term is that when you make mistakes, it’s easy for you to correct some or all of them because you have the time.


Go Long or Short: The Ups and Downs of Short-Term and Long-Term Investments

Learning about the cons of short and long-term investments is as necessary as its pros. The disadvantage of investing short-term is that you pay your regular federal income tax rate regardless of your earnings. Another con for short-term is that this investment has great potential for risks and it’s not always possible to earn profits in a short period.

For the long-term investment, the negative part of it is that the growth of returns is slow and needs a lot of time to mature. Moreover, in long-period investments you have less control of your money, you just have to wait until your investment matures.   


Investments are unstable. If it’s long-term or short-term, either way, the value of its stocks still fluctuates. So, when we decide to have our investments, it is essential that we know first all the pros and cons of what we are investing for. In this way, we can be ready for future fluctuation of the market, and avoid too much loss of money.

Thus, the information mentioned above is an excellent help for you when you start to have your investments. Also, visiting sites like Ashe Morgan also is a great help for you.

Preparing Your Business to Sell? Avoid Those 6 Costly Mistakes

Preparing your business to sell is an intensive process. It requires a lot of time and thought. It involves complex legalities and negotiations. And there are a number of pitfalls to avoid along the way.

If you’re looking to sell your business, here are six costly mistakes you should aim to avoid:

Starting Preparations Too Late

Selling a business for the best possible price is all in the preparation. You need to be ready to move when your business accounts and prospects look particularly impressive. This means getting all of the paperwork in order well in advance of a sale. Draw up financial reports, create a thoroughly researched business profile, determine how you will explain any periods of reduced profit (if there are any) and address any niggles in your company operations. Brokers recommend making preparations two years before you intend to sell.

Lack of Discretion

When you’re putting your business up for sale and trying to attract a buyer, discretion is paramount. If word gets out about the sale, you could begin to lose employees, customers and contractors who feel uncertain about what the future holds. As a result, your company will start to decrease in value just at the time when you want it to be worth the most. Only shout word from the LinkedIn rooftops when all invested parties – employees, clients, contractors and customers – have been reassuringly briefed on what is happening.

Failure to Attract the Right Buyers

When it comes to selling your business, it’s not just about finding a buyer. It’s about finding the right buyer. You’ll want someone with the knowledge to continue with what you’ve started, a responsible approach to your employees and customers, and the financial security to see the sale through to its conclusion. This means spreading the net far and wide. Do some research on where to advertise your business and get the kind of buyers you’re looking for.

Inaccurate Valuation

When you’ve invested blood, sweat and tears into a company you’re likely to place a high value on it. But you need to separate the reality from the emotion. Likewise, if things with your business haven’t been going so well lately, you may fail to recognise the potential it still has for success. Get an impartial expert to value your company. That way you can be confident that you’re not over or under pricing.

Spreading Yourself Too Thinly

Selling your business is likely to take up a considerable part of your working life. But it’s important that you don’t neglect the day to day running of your business in the process. Without your involvement, things could take a turn for the worse, ruining prospects of a great sale price. Enlist the services of a business broker or delegate work responsibilities to a trusted deputy. Just don’t try to do everything all by yourself.

Misrepresenting Your Business

Whilst you want to paint your business to potential buyers in the best possible light, it’s best to be 100% up front. If a buyer discovers that you’ve misrepresented a few figures here and there or just exaggerated an upcoming deal that turns out to be a dud, they’ll question your integrity and your judgement. This makes it much less likely that they’ll have the confidence in you and your company required to make a sale. Always be totally honest about your company to avoid wasting time and money on a sale that doesn’t go through.

As with many big tasks in life, when it comes to selling your business preparation is key. Don’t rush into advertising your business until you have covered all of the preparatory bases. Putting in the initial effort will help to make the sale process simpler and speedier.

Author’s bio:

Audrey Robinson is a business and careers writer, always interested in learning more about unique ways CEOs might use to expand and grow their businesses. At the moment, she is writing on behalf of Datastical, an online knowledge library. Feel free to reach out to her on her Twitter – @AudreyyRobinson.

Reasons for Hiring a Contract Cleaning Service Over a Full-Time Employee

You may find yourself too busy to deal with all the cleaning at home, or at the office. It maybe time to consider a contract office cleaning service to do the job for you, all you need to is call the cleaning company and ask for their service. There are also those who would rather hire cleaners as a full-time employee, so they can do the job anytime. They are usually hired as freelancers or through recommendations made by other people.

Between these two options, which one is better? Which is more practical? Whom can you trust more to provide a better service?

Hiring full-time employees

When you have a full-time cleaner working for you, expect this person to be there for all cleaning needs. The only problem is that you need to pay this person on a monthly basis and provide other benefits. If you are not that wealthy or if you are just running a small business, it is impractical. There is assurance that the place is clean at all times, but it comes with a hefty price. They may or may not be part of an agency, but they are obviously pricier to hire because you need to pay regularly. For business owners who wish to employ full-time cleaners, this could work. For families and small businesses, it might be too excessive. The services are not necessarily maximised so it does not make sense to hire them.

Contacting cleaning agencies

On the other hand, if you hire an agency to send cleaners to you, this person will be tied to the agency. You will have someone who has undergone training and has the experience to do the job well. You only hire based on your needs. If you think the place is still clean and manageable, you don’t have to hire someone to do the job. You will not pay the employee’s taxes, as the agency will do it.

Another benefit of hiring contract cleaners is that in the event that something goes wrong, be it property damage or theft, you can complain to the agency. They will find a way to fix the problem or at least have insurance to cover the cost of the damage.

It’s your choice

In the end, it is really up to you who you will trust to do the job. The goal is to make sure that you have someone who can provide quality services. Whether you are hiring freelancers or those who work for agencies, you need to get someone who can make you feel satisfied. You might also consider changing later if you are not happy with the service you get.

You are hiring someone to do this job for practical and economic reasons. If you are left with an unsatisfactory service, you can ask the cleaning service agency to change the cleaner, or look for other options.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Trucking Company?

Creating your own company and being entitled as your own boss is the best reward you could ever have. Considering the fact that you prefer getting down on the trucking industry, it simply signifies that you are on your first step of becoming a successful entrepreneur in no time. There are millions of commercialized truck drivers that runs heavy-duty vehicles all over the United States which demanded more truck drivers at a hasty speed.

A trucking company complements the necessity for commercial goods and products to be delivered at a certain place to another. So, the need for a business to hire a truck is very high. If you consider all the initial and ongoing costs, your achievement of making your way on top is highly attainable even if the market serves as the arena of the enormous amount of trucking companies of the nation.

To give you a head start, there are only two main types of expenses, fixed and variable. Fixed expenses are stagnant and paid regularly. However, variable expenses are the exact opposite of fixed, there’s no specific time and manner when will it change.

Let me give you a better picture of it by checking the comparison below.

Fixed Costs

In order for you to benefit from your own trucking company, you should set the expected expenses including insurance coverage, the mortgage on the truck, permits, licenses, and accounting services before rolling out the vehicles on the road. Fix the schedule and give it time to rest, make sure that client order is inclined to your profitable action plan. Figure out your business daily budget and exclude it right away from other prominent expenditures.

Setting an expectation from stagnant expenses will help you categorized your strategy very well. If you will allow one of your truck to travel for an amount that could only pay the truck’s expenditure for that day, then you should rethink and be more decisive to your business. We are talking about monetary terms and not just promised words you can always rely on your clients. You want everything to compromise to each other’s need and want but you won’t reach your own target with this kind of overview. Break out from your walls and expand your opportunities by weighing risks one by one. It’s a matter of will and determination to accomplish your goal slowly but surely.

Variable Costs

This is the type of cost where truck maintenance and repairs, meals, lodging, and expenses like fuel falls under. The crucial part about it is you will never know when is the exact day it will change and you can never prepare for this, but at least create your own analysis on the changes of product items by placing everything up in a spreadsheet to make it easier for you to understand and comprehend.

  • Fuel: Let’s say that a common fuel tank on Class 7 truck holds 140 gallons. Usually, trucks need to be refilled for about 11 times per month. Calculating the math given, approximately this truck spends 18,480 gallons per year which will cost you $46,200 (let’s assume that the fuel is priced $2.50/gallon). But with the swinging fuel prices, it’s better to cut off 25-40% of your operating expenses for your planned fuel accounting to avoid a surprising surge of returned money because of it.
  • Maintenance/Repair Costs: According to a research conducted for Operational Costs of Trucking, there’s a certain formula that is easy to learn and follow. For example, an average cost per mile for maintenance and repair for a single Class 8 truck is $0.158. If this truck travels 105,000 miles a year, its annual repair and maintenance will cost you around $16,590. But that doesn’t include some extra charges we are yet to be certain, and placing a good rule thumb on spending 10% of the overall expenses on repairs and maintenance is a good thing to do.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have a clearer picture of how expenditures work in handling a trucking company, it will be easier for you to rearrange or strengthen up your strategy on your business plan. Being financially wise in this matter is a must, and if you any problem in establishing your business just because of the lack of funds, always consider applying for a capital loan.

Nonetheless, great tactic and well-planned strategies will help you earn more profit rather than losing all the capital you invested in.

The Availability of Fitbit Ionic, Aria 2 and Flyer Nowadays, Announced in India

Fitbit is an American enterprise based in San Francisco, California known for products of the same name. The products include wireless-enabled wearable technology devices, activity trackers, which measure various data, like heart rate, steps climbed, quality of sleep and others. An Ionic app development company India provides services that use the Fitbit products.

Ionic development services in India satisfy the thirst of the market for cross platform mobile application development with all native mobile experiences. Fitbit dived into the world of applications with the Ionic, using the SDK. The first product released by Fitbit was the Fitbit Tracker, which helps in weight loss.


In India, one could find many software development companies that provide Ionic developer jobs. This is due to the rising demand for Fitbit applications. Fitbit, in a bid to take on Apple Watch, last year launched the Ionic smart watch. Unlike their other lineup, Ionic is a mishmash between a smart watch and a fitness tracker. It launched the Ionic line up in India, together with the Fitbit Aria 2 and WiFi smart scale as well as Fitbit Flyer. Fitbit Ionic will be available through major retailers all over India, which include Croma, Reliance Digital and Helios, beginning next month.


Fitbit Ionic comes with all the features of a smart watch, such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, heart rate sensor, water resistance and a swim track feature. The company has for the first time introduced watch faces as well as roped in developers to create applications for services, such as Pandora, Starbucks, Strava and Accuweather. Fitbit Ionic is water resistant up to fifty meters and rated to provide up to five days battery life, even when automatic activity and sleep tracking is switched on.

As far as features are concerned, the app come with a rebranded Fitbit Coach feature that guide through different workouts. Aside from that, the smart watch could detect and commence a sessions automatically when one starts running. However, it uses a proprietary strap system, thus one has to spend a few bucks to have a new one. Moreover, it has also worked a heart rate monitoring system on Ionic. The accuracy has grown and now the smart watch offers a better calorie measure burn as well as display the time heart rate zones to optimize intensity. Another feature is the Sp02 sensor that helps track detailed indicators on one’s health. Also, Fitbit has baked in a smart phone-like notifications on the Ionic.


The new app simplifies the setup process and boosts accuracy of the current Aria. It still connects to a Fitbit app on the phone to sync data as well as logging weight. The design was toned down for a sleeker aesthetic and now comes with a bright display to showcase the statistics and greetings when one needs motivation. Furthermore, Aria 2 could recognize up to eight various users and could sync data with individual smart wat5ches, fitness brands. The app now would also help in establishing goals through a step-by-step process, that’s based on one’s health and history.


It if Fitbit’s first wireless headphone. It features sweat proof design as well as offers a customizable fit. It employs Waves MaxxAudio technology that powers the Flyer’s Power Boost setting to amplify the bass. Furthermore, the headset has an AAC wireless codec and Passive Noise Isolation to block off any external noise. Also, FitBit Flyer could connect two Bluetooth devices and also allow switching between them via a three-button control box.


When it comes to reaching fitness goals, steps are only the beginning. Fitbit tracks a person’s every part of day, which include exercise, activity, weight, food and sleep, to help find the fit, keep motivate and see how small steps create a huge impact. Only Fitbit provides freedom for one to stay fit his or her way. Everyone’s fitness approach is different. One-size-fits-all does not all the time fit a person. Thus, Fitbit has created a family of products, which seamlessly work with one another, one’s budget, favorite applications and goals.

Fitbit is the first in the category, the first one to introduce wireless, automatic syncing aS well as the first to offer an open API. The algorithms have been the benchmark. Even today, with the industry-leading battery lie and the lightest, thinnest GPS+ heart rate devices on the shelf, the company is just getting started.

Fitbit is accessible on more than 200 phones, which include iOS, Android and Windows—more than any other tracker. Now, one could connect, could share and compete whenever one wants, with just about anyone.

With the new Fitbit apps announced in India, expect to find more Ionic app development services across the country. As Fitbit makes use of the Ionic software development kits, there would be more Ionic services to cater to the market needs.

What Is Voice Commerce and How Is it Rising in the Market?

Most of us are pretty familiar with the term, “eCommerce” but how many of us are actually aware of what “Voice Commerce” stands for? Actually, there are not many but interestingly, most of us have been using it in one way or the other for the past some time or even years. Voice Commerce can be seen as an extension of eCommerce or in other words, the new face of eCommerce. As a matter of fact, there’s a lot of speculation going on over the concept. While some think, this is the next best thing that can happen to eCommerce, there are others, who seem to be unsure and skeptical about it. However, most of the eCommerce businesses are pretty much optimistic about the concept and some of them have already begun to experiment with it.

Did You Just Say Voice Commerce?

Voice Commerce deals with commercial transactions on commercial websites but unlike eCommerce, it emphasizes on interaction using voice recognition technology wherein the user inputs one’s voice commands over the microphone and the artificial intelligence bot process the user’s requests or orders somewhat as asking Alexa to place an order on Amazon. Also, there’s a constant emphasis laid on the development of native language recognition in AI. The concept is believed to bring about a stunning improvement in the business world. From the customers’ perspective, it’s going to be far more convenient than the click method. Also, it will help the customers save a lot of time.

The Journey So Far

It’s certainly amazing about the way Voice Commerce is continuing to find its way all the way up towards massive success all over the globe and it is pretty apparent from our increasing comfort level with chatbots, digital voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Home and more. In fact, if we take a look back into last year’s performance of Amazon Echo Dot Smart Home Assistant, it’s simply outstanding and it happened to be the highest selling product on Amazon Prime Day Sales.

How Far can it Help Business?

The fact that people from all over the world have already begun to use Smart Home Devices that run with voice-controlled personal assistants is a clear indication of a massive transformation in eCommerce and a major development in the field of voice recognition technology. As anticipated by many, it’s going to benefit both consumers and sellers to a very large extent. Things will get exceptionally simple and convenient for the customers that will consequently, elevate the sales and ROI for many businesses to an unimaginable extent.

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However, many businesses have already begun to realize as to how powerful it can be for their growth and they have already begun to look for the ways to integrate this technology with their e-commerce websites to capitalize most of it and they have already contacted Alexa skill development companies for this work. However, some believe it’s too early for business to start experimenting with this technology as it may instead have some adverse effects on the business performance. They believe it still needs a lot of improvement.

How Is the New Face of Online Business Going to Be Like with Voice Commerce?

As voice search and voice recognition gets even better, this will certainly lead to a seamless Voice Commerce which will be characterized by detailed product information using rich and structure data. Keyword-based content could possibly get replaced by the voice-based search which is three times more likely to be local in nature. Also, there will be a lot of emphases laid on the development of NLP or Natural Language Processing technology as well as natural language conversion into textual content which is believed to bring about a huge improvement in customers’ engagement.

Machine Learning and AI have already been put to use by many leading companies like eBay to make excellent predictions as well as display the most relevant results to the customers. It’s certainly time for eCommerce retailers to work on their site searches and make it friendly enough for voice-based searches. What we are likely to see in a year time is certainly going to be an extremely powerful way of handling online customers. Of course, the customers will find it far more convenient too. Another possible change is the changes in the outlook towards website optimization for high local search results which will be comprise adding NLP or Natural Language Processing from product titles to product descriptions, voice friendly long tail keywords and adding a Q&A page with conversation based keywords.

Some Practical Examples of Voice Commerce

Try to visualize visiting a website and speaking over the microphone connected to your browser to look for the best grocery items and finally, placing an order using the microphone once again. Doesn’t it seem like some kind of a magic? It certainly won’t take much long as it usually takes as buying grocery items from a physical market for sure and as you get the items delivered, you will be too tempted to say a big “wow.”

This can hold true for booking bus tickets as well. How about booking a bus ticket either by using your voice assistant or your phone-microphone? Isn’t it an unimaginably brilliant idea? Of course, it is and you know what.. you can simply speak out the booking dates and tickets would be booked accordingly. Thereafter, using your voice again, you can complete the checkout process. Imagine, how much time you are going to save with voice commerce being integrated with e-commerce.

What we are seeing or experiencing now in the form of smart home assistants like Google Home, Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod is actually the beginning of something as huge as Voice Commerce that’s coming our way at a pretty fast speed. However, if there’s one thing for sure, it’s the fact that you can’t really afford to not be a part of this massive movement. In fact, the true power of this concept actually lies in its ability to encompass everyone in it.

Author Bio: James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.

Why Your Retail Outlet Business Needs A Mobile App? Here’s Why (and How to do it)

The penetrations of mobile devices are high and nearly 60% U.S. consumers use mobiles for shopping. Mobiles can access mobile-friendly websites, but nearly 40% of total eCommerce visitors leave the web page if it takes more than 3 seconds in loading.

Thus, retailers looking at mobile application development to get an elegant, functional, and advanced mobile app to grab a big audience available on mobiles.

Retailers Always Strive To Drive User Engagement

Mobile users are spending their 10% of the mobile time on browsing the Internet and 10% on eCommerce app. It indicates that the chances of the mobile app are high to grab users and engage them.

However, such engagement through a website on mobile may prove a nightmare.

Retailers Need Apps to Enhance UX

Native mobile apps are always superior in delivering the excellent user experiences through native mobile experiences.

An App Boost SEO Retailer’s Website

Now, search engines can index mobile apps and associate it with the websites of the businesses to give them ranking if the mobile content is better and relevant.

Types of Mobile Applications for Retailers

The various types of apps for retailers existing in the market like Grocery Shopping Apps, Supermarket Shopping Apps, Fashion Outlet Shopping Apps, and Warehouse Management Apps.

All categories of apps have some peculiarities according to niche requirements, and mobile app developers have to address it.

Does your retail business strive for such high-end features, functionality, and through it ROI?

We invite you to read our full-text copy on our “Why Your Retail Outlet Needs Mobile Commerce App Development” blog or discuss your project with our mobile app development team.

Now go make some money…

Yes!! Definitely, need a mobile app as a retailer! Contact SysBunny Today. It’s reasonable to work with best mobile application developers who have an expertise, to pick the best options for your business. We’ll provide turn your store into a beautiful mobile shopping app, we’ll be all ready to start developing a reference for developing your solution and it right away for you!

How To Successfully Organize Office Move

No matter how big or small your business is, successfully organizing an office move can be quite a challenge. Every aspect of the move should be planned in details. As a result, your company’s budget, as well as its time, will be saved. Not to mention that a well-organized office move will take the pressure off at work, thus, enabling your team to be efficient and productive, even in inconvenient situations. With a good organization, you can keep your team members happy, your customers satisfied and say goodbye to your old office regrets free.

Here are a few tips to organize office move:

Arrange your moving schedule

First of all, you have to take the size of the office into consideration. Usually, for a smaller office, you may require approximately 3 months to get you settled down. On the other hand, if you are planning to relocate to a large space, you will be facing from 6 to 8 months of work. Every day counts, so it would be wise to meticulously arrange a schedule for every day of the move. Before making any major decisions, get an office layout plan that you can apply to your new space and make adjustments on time.

Get your team involved

When it comes to bigger offices, especially if there are many employees in the company, assigning a couple of volunteers, who will gladly supervise the move of each department, is a must. However, for a small office, it’s best to engage the whole team and choose two or three people to coordinate the office move. Thus, every team member can contribute and keep everybody updated on the progress. With joined forces, your team won’t lose precious time trying to solve trivial issues like packing. Moreover, they can contribute to the new design with their own ideas and suggestions.

Get down to work

After getting the team involved, it’s time to do some work. First things first, collect all the paperwork, files or sheets and sort them out carefully. Dispose of any items that no longer serve its purpose e.g. a broken chair, dated cables, and misplaced items in the office. When it comes to old functional furniture that doesn’t quite fit with the new office, feel free to give it away. Another tip for moving is to start packing on time. If you have many file drawers, set aside half an hour every day as to finish the packing on time.

Clean up and label

When packing your office items, make sure that they are clean. There is nothing worse than packing dusty paperwork or computer equipment. Clean the office items before packing as to save time when setting up in a new office. Label every box according to its content. By doing so, your team won’t lose its precious time going through the boxes for a specific item. Write the name of the person to whom the box belongs. Include its content and its location in the new space. Naturally, start packing the least essential items and finish with the most important ones.

Leave it to the pros

Although there are many tasks your team and you can handle, there are also other tasks that you should really leave to the pros e.g. heavy-lifting. Therefore, leave the move itself to the professional movers. Hiring the right company for the job can be tricky, therefore check out the companies and their offers online. Certain companies include moving and storing offers, for example, a storage company can come in handy if the designers and workers are falling behind with the renovation of the new office. Thus, your equipment will be safe and sound in storage.

Box it up

There is no need to waste money on boxes when relocating your business. All you need to do is to collect the ones that your team and you already have in possession. The whole team can help with gathering the material for packing. For example, some old cartons could be of use. Reuse old newspaper as a covering to secure the transported objects. Even somebody’s dish pack boxes may come in handy for office supplies. Moreover, try collecting from team members some plastic bubble wrapping, mattress cartons and old computer’s boxes, which you will later return to its owner.

Keep the clients posted!

During the office relocation, some companies, amid the commotion and stress, neglect to attend to their client’s needs and demands. This is considered as extremely unprofessional behavior and can result in losing some valuable customers. It’s crucial to keep them posted about the office move and continue running the business as normally as possible. For example, employees can help by notifying their clients. The same goes for your business associates. Make sure to give them your new contact and information the moment you settle down in the new office. Thus, you shall save time and keep the clients.

Time is money

The more time you spend in moving the office, the less time your company will have for its clients. Avoid this by arranging your moving schedule on time. Organizing the office move is a great team-building activity, so get the whole team involved. Thus, you shall get a better insight of your colleagues. Don’t be afraid to get down to work. Clean it up. Box it up. Leave the move itself to the pros. Keep the clients posted and say goodbye to your old office.

5 Timeless Marketing Books That Every Entrepreneur Should Read

You cannot run a successful business without a great set of marketing skills. In fact, one of the main objectives when it comes to business is to build the brand. Marketing will get you to your end goal and get your brand name out there. If you are a new entrepreneur or have been in the game a while, but want to expand your business, you might want to start reading more.

Entrepreneurs might focus on books that covers business in general, but breaking it down to what you are trying to achieve, is going to keep you focused. Split your business into a few sections and focus on each one individually. If finance is your downfall, then you might want to learn as much as you can on the subject. Marketing ties in well with all of this as it is the corner stone of generating more income and brand building.

If you are business with an mba personal statement, you know where your focus should be. The same goes in business. Seeing as marketing is crucial for the growth of your business, you want to spend a lot of your time on the subject. There is a lot of anxiety around business at the moment with the economy taking a dive every now and then. In order for you to have peace of mind, you want to cover every aspect of your growing business. This applies to online business, walk in offices or an at-home business. At the end of the day, business is business and we can all learn something from those who have perfected it.

With the amount of books out there, you want to make sure that you choose those ones that have been providing great advice to entrepreneurs for a long time. These timeless marketing books have been around for a while and will not stop to inspire new business enthusiasts.

1. The Boron Letters – Gary Halbert

While serving time in prison, Gary Halbert wrote a set of letters to his son to help him through the challenges of life. In his prime, Gary was one of the best copywriters out there. Today, he focuses more on marketing and it is this book where most of his secrets are captured. Even though these letters were purely written by a father to his son, many entrepreneurs have found it so valuable to build their own lives. Yes, this book is not just going to improve your business, but the overall quality of your life.

It is one thing to have a successful business, but struggle in every other facet. A great deal of this book focuses on direct marketing, but then goes on to health, wealth and general success. Many entrepreneurs are trying to find balance in their lives and this is definitely one of those key pieces you want in your collection. Think about it this way. A father will teach his child to stand up for themselves in times of trouble. Your father will teach you how to deal with different individuals. You might even get some advice on success if you are lucky. This is one of those books that teaches you great business tactics, but also tips on how to grow to be the well-balanced person you so dearly want to be.

2. Dotcom Secrets – Russell Brunson

Many entrepreneurs are going for online business ideas. The start-up costs are lower and the success rate higher. With that being said, the competition is just as touch. It might take time before an online business gains a great following and generate a large amount of sales. Many have done so successfully, but is there a secret to their success? If you take some time to listen to some of the biggest names in the world, they all seem to be repeating the same tips and information. Perhaps, we need to learn from these success stories.

When you know you have a great business plan and strategy, but the traffic is not converting to sales, you might have a problem on hand. Even if you are a lazy marketer or just someone who does not enjoy marking, there is still issues that can be fixed. This book is going to give you great ideas and will help your creative juices flow again. This book is focused on running an online business, but you will be able to use this advice even if you work from home. Gone are the days of the 9-5 hustle. Many people are opting for earning their own income online. This gives you a greater opportunity because your hard work will determine your income;

3. The 10 x Rule – Grant Cardone

Even if this book does not give you any marketing advice, you would still not regret reading it. This book is all about achieving goals higher than you ever imagined. Think about something you want, but it seems impossible to achieve. Now set your goal 10 times higher than what you initially thought was impossible. This is all about challenging yourself and going beyond your limits. You can use this advice in your business and your personal life. No matter what you want to achieve, you can go even higher if you really push yourself.

Think about personal statements for mba and the stress that potentially comes with that. You are so overwhelmed that you just give up half-way through. If you set your goals even higher than completing this project, you are more likely to push a bit harder. Do not be scared to set your goals too high. There is no such thing and you are probably just holding yourself back because your actions are based on your mediocre goals. You can have an average lifestyle with goals that do not push you too much, or you can go the distance and live the life you always imagined.

4. Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

We constantly hear that success starts in the mind, but how many of us actually let that lead us to our own success? Looking at some of the most successful people, you often find that they do not work that hard at all. In fact, they might work much less than the average 9-5 worker. This is because they figured out that success is a mind-set. There are no shortcuts and sometimes you have to burn the midnight oil as an entrepreneur. However, in this book you will learn how to market yourself without sweat dripping down your face.

How much are you investing in your mind? It is one thing to work hard physically, but if you have a poor mentality, then all the hard work won’t get you to your goals. It all starts with believing and consciously accepting the success that you are. Whatever you send out to the universe will come back to you, so be careful and only put out what you want in your life. Even though this might seem a bit whimsical to some professionals, if it works, there is not much to argument left.

5. Anything You Want – Derek Sivers

Your customers are very important when it comes to business. When you do a personal statement mba, you only have to focus on yourself and getting this project done. In business however, you are not in it alone and there are a host of other people you have to consider. This is your business and you can make the rules yourself, but once you made those rules, you want to stick to it.

The author spent around 10 years evolving his business. After that time past and the business was a success, he sold it. Derek Sivers speaks about doing what makes you happy and not wasting time on the things that don’t. This is good advice beyond business and will serve as a great guide going forward. The book speaks of knowing when you find something that you truly love. When you find that magical moment, you will know that this is it.


In business, you have to be mindful of what your goals are and how you plan to get there. It might take some time, but with the help and knowledge in these books, you have a wealth of knowledge. Sure, some success stories happen overnight, but it is definitely not the norm. Some of the most successful people you admire, had to start at ground zero. You have to look at the entire journey before you start doubting your own efforts.

Give yourself time before you decide that enough is enough. Have you really done everything you can to make your business as successful as you hope it would be? It is never too late to put some new strategies in place and start with the basics all over again. Along the line, you learn some valuable lessons that might just make round 2 a better one. One day, you will be one of those people new entrepreneurs look up to and wonder how they would ever be that successful.