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Why People Seek Wealth?

There are many motivations that people have when they attempt to gain wealth. Two of the most common are to gain pleasure and avoid discomfort or pain. They want to have the lifestyle that is considered as pleasurable. With wealth, they can also eliminate or at least reduce discomfort. As an example, without enough money people will need to rely on public transportation, which is less convenient than having a nice car to travel to different places with enough flexibility. When trying to gain wealth, people want to achieve their dreams through lucrative businesses and other purposes. Unfortunately, in their effort of gaining pleasure, people often suffer from a degree of discomfort, such as hitting the traffic during commuting or being inflicted by work-related stress. This doesn’t sound great, but many people prefer to trade convenience with having pain temporarily. This should come down to a proper decision making process and we should make sure that we can really gain pleasure with the least pain.

When we spend money, we often want to gain the biggest amount of pleasure from it. The insecurity and pain of renting something could encourage someone to purchase something. By being able to obtain wealth, people are also able to gain pleasure of having pride and great achievement. This is especially true for people who value high lifestyle and great freedom. It is important for them to gain freedom and convenience in a legal way that won’t cause big problem in the long run. In general, it is all about having fun with family members and best friends. Scarcity mentality can be associated with the feeling of insecurity and an overall pain. In this case, we may need to change our belief and mindset. Our earliest money belief often comes from our parents and it is not always a positive thing. It is important that during our formative year we get proper concepts about money. If we realize that we don’t have good concepts during our early years, we should instil proper money beliefs to our young children.

It may be important to look back at our financial history and how we have modelled our core belief on money. There are some works that need to be done if our parents have a scarcity mentality. It means that we need to improve ourselves and get rid ourselves from that scarcity demon. Bad belief can have an effect on our current financial status. Our current life can be an effect of our previous thoughts during our younger times. Although we shouldn’t blame our parents for this condition, it is important for us to improve our condition. We are still accountable of things that we do in our own lives. Awareness is important if we want to make a huge change in our lives. Some bad beliefs that we get from our surrounding can be dispelled with proper introduction of positive thoughts and concepts. We should have a proper belief that we are financially successful and wealthy.

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