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What Barriers Might Await You On The Way To Your Career In Medicine

What Barriers Might Await You On The Way To Your Career In Medicine

The world-renowned educationists always state that education remains to be the key to success even though the journey itself doesn’t lie smoothly. Society at its best during these times, your wealth and fame get determined by the level of education achieved, except for a few exceptional cases a who thrive through hard work.

Nonetheless, despite the obstacles in the road for prospective students, you should not despair but instead, journey on studying since you won’t be the first to cross that bridge.

The obstacles that occur in the journey and life of a physician start form the onset on deciding to follow the path of medicine and its applications up to the employment periods.

Listing the barriers related to a career in medicine would not suffice the load of unknown and unseen challenges that occur in the medicine sector unless you ask the aggrieved parties. The best technique that helps to relate to the setbacks endured by participants in the medical industry would be to study the same persons.

The thorough analysis of pharmacy residency personal statement and related documents would shade light on the plight of the health industry. Evaluation of the barriers creates a pattern in the obstacles into pre-medical school, inter-medical school barriers and the post medical school challenges.  

One astonishing fact entails that all the difficulties relate to each other and grow extensively affecting the lives of the individuals.

Pre-Medical School Barriers

The pre-medical school barrier includes all the challenges that individuals undergo before they even start to venture into medicine career and practice. The obstacles in this stage include;

a) Tests

The medicine career requires that an individual or prospective student has to attain high marks to get acceptance into institutions to study. Science marks and a GPA of 3.0 and above would be necessary to get accepted into a medical school. Individuals who do not like science have an uphill task if they would love to study medicine which is full of science.

Prospective students who pass their GPA score still face a lot of competition from another student with brilliant minds who will attend the same medical school. Moreover, if you desire to become a pharmacist, you would need to develop strong pharmacy school personal statements different from other applicants.

b) Relationships

Relationships tend to grow stronger when different people either spouses or children spend time together often. The decision to join a medical school has a significant impact on relationships since the career itself requires a lot of commitment. Prospective medicine students need to take a lot of time thinking and planning their lives with their jobs and the relationships shape the decision to undertake the occupation. 

Inter- Medical School Barriers

The second category of barriers determines profoundly whether a probable student in medicine will finish their studies in the field. In my opinion, this section provides more of the challenge since it’s the determinant whether one becomes a doctor or fails to finish. The barriers include at this stage include;

a) Finances

It remains widely known that medicine is a reputable and respectable career and not everyone in the society can be a doctor. Students who get scholarships study with ease since most of the tuition expenses are covered by their sponsors while the self-sponsored students don’t have it easy.

Due to the high-status medicine receives from the world, it remains an expensive course for students to undertake.

b) Low MCAT

The medicine curriculum is designed to accommodate all aspects of the study of student both practical and theoretical simultaneously. The setback for a student arises when failure becomes repetitive in the process of undertaking the continuous assessment tests. For a student who commits cats repetitively and still attains low marks, it would be important to think twice about taking a career in medicine or face discontinuity shortly.

c) Volunteer experience

Volunteering remains a necessary aspect of the life of a medical student to build on the pharmacy personal statements, and for those not fond of it, they have to undertake it still. The experience works to enhance your skills in human relations, and you cannot finish the course without volunteering.

Post-Medical school

The post medical barriers include setbacks after completing the medical college, and they include:

The stress faced by medicine professional arises from the early years of study and advances on to their career life. The mental Remains an unseen obstacle in the presence of a doctor and occurs as a result of their work in handling human suffering.


The medicine career requires fully dedicated and strong-hearted individuals to undertake it entirely and get the best out of the program despite the constant setbacks and barriers in the field.

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