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What Are Career Prospects For PhD Holders

What Are Career Prospects For PhD Holders

Obtaining a PhD is a great accomplishment for any individual. All the hard work and commitment finally paid off and you are ready to start earning some money. There has been a lot of debates about the worth of a PhD, but it all comes down to the goals someone has. Of course, you don’t want to do it if it is going to be a waste of your time.

The truth is, it really is worth the effort if you go about it the right way. A dissertation proposal is hard work and you want to make sure that you get the reward at the end of the day. Finding the career best suited to your qualification is where the money is at. Here are some options you want to consider after graduating with your PhD.


Even if you did not do your PhD in this field, there are still a lot of opportunities in finance. The business knowledge that you gain during your studies will come in handy for any company. Many companies seek out PhD holders and have them run a finance department. At the end of the day, it is the leadership skills they are after. Writing a research proposal did not come easy and employers recognize this.


One of the more obvious choices would be to apply at an educational institute. Many professors hold a PhD and depending on your area, you should find employment in this field. Here you can go into what you studied for and apply that knowledge to teaching others. There are also more options, as writing academic material.


It might not seem like the logical career choice, but it takes a lot of knowledge to be a writer. You can offer PhD thesis writing services to students struggling to get it done. A thesis takes a lot of work and many students are studying while working. This is a service that many would be happy to pay for.

Project Management

Doing your PhD is a project in itself and thus gives you the knowledge and skills to run any project successfully. Project management is not based on the field of the project, but rather the execution thereof. Having the drive to see it through is a skill that many don’t have. If you have made it through a tough programme as you have, this would not be a concern.


If you have the ability to work without supervision, this is a viable option. Many graduates start their own businesses and are very successful. It is important not to underplay what you have learned through the programme. A lot of people do their PhD not based on finding employment, but on gaining as much knowledge on a subject as possible.


These are just a few options, but your career is not limited to it. If you want to use your PhD to enter a specific field, it definitely is not beyond you.

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